AMC Update Tuesday 11/04/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/4/03

By Suzanne

Pictures by Juanita

Upstairs at the Chandler mansion, as they are getting ready for bed, Babe tells J.R. that the reporter from the Exposer offered her a "private photo shoot". She tells him she just wants to be a good wife, even though she wasn't happy before about him calling the reporters. They chuckle about Adam trying to dig up dirt on her. They lounge around on the bed half-naked. He gives her a gift; she is happy but says he doesn't have to get her anything expensive. She opens it-- a platinum credit card with no spending limit. He suggests they go spend on it but she says that she can't keep it. Everyone thinks that she married him for his money, she says, so he shouldn't give it to her. He assures her that it doesn't matter what Adam or anyone else thinks and urges her to sign the card. She does and he goes to get something else for her. She puts on a robe and leans against the wall, but it opens and she falls back. J.R. comes back and wonders where she is; she calls through the wall. He laughs and pushes a button to let her out. She pops out and tells her that there are secret passageways in the house. She thinks they are really cool and they could use them for something. She challenges him to spy on Adam, since he is spying on her, so J.R. agrees. They go into the walls again.

Adam tries to get a PI to dig up dirt on Babe but Tad arrives and unplugs his phone. He tells Adam again that if he tries to wreck J.R.'s marriage, it will only make him more protective of her. Adam says he should be concerned about his own son's involvement. Tad says Adam won't drag Jamie into this. Adam says he thinks something is odd going on with Jamie and the other two but he won't tell Tad exactly what. Winifred brings in a picture of a cow to hang up, on Babe's request, but Adam won't have it. Tad laughs at Adam's notes with the name "Krystal Carrington". Tad guesses that Mary must be helping Adam to go after Jamie; he is appalled. J.R. and Babe are on the other side of the wall while they are arguing. J.R. lights some candles as Tad threatens Adam to stay out of J.R. and Babe's life. He says Adam should be busy covering up his tracks with Palmer. Tad demands to see Mary. Adam says that's not possible, she's running an errand. Tad rushes out, saying that it's too bad Palmer didn't kill him. They hear Adam telling someone on the phone to get any juicy secrets that Babe has. Adam goes upstairs. Babe tells J.R. that there's one secret that Adam might dig up. She says hesitatingly that she cheated on the 4th grade spelling bee. He laughs and they kiss. The cow painting, on the other side of the wall, falls over.

At home, Jamie tells Mary that this must be a mistake. She keeps kissing him. Jamie jumps up and tries to gracefully ease out of having sex with her. Jamie is suspicious of her motives and she claims she is just interested in him as a man. Jamie says they should get to know each other first. Mary notices the cow bracelet; Jamie won't tell her whose it is. She says he must have a girlfriend. He says that's not true. Tad arrives so Mary makes excuses hurriedly. Tad shows her out by grabbing her by the elbow and dragging her out the door. Then he warns her again to stay away from his son. She asks haughtily if she can get her shoes, so he lets her go in and get them. She blows Jamie a quick kiss as she pulls on her shoes and rushes out. Outside, we see that she has the bracelet.

In the hospital, Ryan keeps delaying Derek from arresting Kendall. Ryan tells Derek that he phones Michael to talk to him before his death. He makes a deal with Derek to tell him the time of death in return for what he knows. Derek is doubtful but Jack's comments make him go ahead and take Ryan's deal. Derek tells Ryan that the medical examiner says that Michael died during a 24-hour period starting after the hearing but ending after Alexander died, so they don't know a definite time yet. Ryan is annoyed that they can't narrow it down yet. Ryan says he swears that Michael killed himself while he was on the phone with him. Derek and Jack are disgusted, thinking he is just playing with them. Derek says he is under arrest for obstruction of justice. Jack protests and Maria says he has to be monitored at the hospital for 24 hours. Derek gives in but says that Kendall is his, as he walks out the door.

On the Cambias jet, Aidan fills Kendall in on what happened with Ryan and how the police are about to arrest her. She doesn't believe Aidan when he tells her how Ryan has helped her and gave them the plane. Kendall doesn't want to go on the run, possibly forever, and risk both of their lives. She says he doesn't know what she did with Ryan; he says he knows everything. She is awed that he knows about her throwing himself at Ryan and still wants to leave with her. He reminds her that things have been very stressful for her lately. She agrees and is clearly tempted. She tells him how tired she is and how hard it's been. Aidan promises to make her feel loved every day if she runs off with him. Kendall says that Bianca also told her that she loved her today. Aidan reminds her that he really does love her. She says she believes Aidan loves her and they kiss. She then picks up the phone and tells the pilot to go ahead and take off. They buckle themselves in and Kendall promises him that they will have a whole new life. As they take off, Kendall says so long to Pine Valley.

Erica and Bianca argue about Kendall, and whether she's evil or not, at Bianca's place. Bianca gets upset and tells Erica that she shouldn't blame Kendall's conception (the rape) on how Kendall is. Erica denies she's doing that but Bianca says that maybe they (Bianca and Erica) are to blame for Kendall being how she is. Erica refuses to take the blame for that. They keep arguing about that. Bianca has been thinking about all this because of her baby, which she doesn't tell Erica. She thinks that Kendall's finding out about the rape is why she started being twisted. She goes on about how they treated Kendall and how that must have affected her. Erica is hurt so Bianca says it's not her fault; she was trying to bury the pain of her rape. Erica mentions how she felt with her rapist's baby growing inside her and says she is so grateful that Bianca won't have to go through that. Bianca looks guilty. Lena arrives; she sees Erica and says it's a bad time; she'll come back. Erica asks her to wait. She tells Lena that she would like to understand Lena and her point of view. Lena says thank you but says that she and Bianca are just friends now. Erica goes to leave so Bianca hugs her, apologizing for anything she said that hurt her. Bianca says their situations are very different. Erica tells her that they are both strong enough to conquer anything and they hug again. Lena is amazed at Erica's change in attitude. She tells Bianca that she may have to go out of town for a while; she asks if they can be friends. Bianca asks if she can trust her. Lena says of course she can. Bianca says she can't tell anyone what she is going to tell her now. Bianca asks Lena to thank Kendall for her for trying to protect her. She knows what it cost her and she loves her. Lena is amazed at how forgiving Bianca is. Bianca tells Lena that she doesn't blame anyone but Michael for what he did to her. Lena thanks her and leaves.

Erica runs into Jack at the hospital; he fills her in on what's happened with Kendall and how she's about to be arrested. Erica doesn't want to believe that Kendall would poison someone. She fills Jack in on what Kendall told her that she planned to do with Bianca. Jack is suspicious that both Ryan and Bianca are defending Kendall. Erica invites Jack back to her penthouse. He tells them that as long as as she's pretending to be with David, he can't be any more then friends with her. She says there's no reason an old friend can't go to her penthouse. Jack says he is going to take a raincheck; he has to go help Kendall. Lena comes by looking for Kendall so Erica fills her in. Lena is shocked.

Ryan gets dressed to leave; Maria comes in and tells him to get back into bed. He jokes around but tells her that he feels fine. She tells him that he has to be monitored. He tells her that he just needs half an hour; he promises to come back after a quick trip to the airport. Maria wants to know why. Ryan says he has to go see Kendall.

Later, Mary shows Adam the cow bracelet. (Miraculously, the cow painting is now upright! Oops!) Tad tries to get answers from Jamie about what's been bothering him and what it has to do with the cow bracelet. Tad remembers Babe's love for cows and puts two and two together. Babe and J.R. are in bed later. She wonders if Adam is really in trouble. J.R. is not really surprised. The cops stop Kendall and Aidan's plane from leaving. Derek arrests Kendall. She protests vehemently as they arrest her and take her away.

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