AMC Update Monday 11/03/03

All My Children Update Monday 11/3/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Adam walks in on J.R. and Babe half-naked on the floor of his living room. J.R. is obviously trying to push his buttons and Babe, whether she is trying or not, her talking about her life and family grates on Adam's nerves as he tries to conceal it. Adam asks them to get their clothes on so he can talk to them. They go upstairs; Mary comes in as they are leaving. Adam and Mary trade some insults. She says she has some information about J.R. and Babe. She says she caught a jealous look from Jamie so she thinks there's something there. He suggests that she go find out what's going on.

Upstairs, J.R. and Babe take their time getting dressed, kissing, etc. Eventually they go downstairs and Adam sits them down. He says he wants to have them there for Thanksgiving, plus all of Babe's family. She is thrilled at having a real Thanksgiving but J.R. thinks it's a ploy. Adam swears it's not. Babe says her mother's name is Krystal Carrington, just like in "Dynasty". Her real name is Hazel but she goes by Krystal. She says her mother took off with this's a long story right out of Jerry Springer that has Adam cringing. She doubts Adam will be able to find any of her family but he promises to try. He phones someone later to have them look for Krystal and they think he's joking about the name, which angers Adam. Meanwhile, Babe tells J.R. that most of she told Adam about her family was made up. He asks if there is anything she has to hide, but she says there isn't.

Jamie walks into his house, headphones blasting, so he doesn't hear Brooke asking him where he was all day. She questions him about stealing the cow, and the girl she was with, but he pushes her questions aside. She even shows him the necklace she found that he bought for her but he ignores her questions. He claims he found a professor to hook her up with. She is not easily distracted from the subject, as much as he tries.

Jack enters Ryan's hospital room as Justin and Derek are trying to get the truth out of him about Kendall's poisoning the pills. Jack says that Reggie told him that even though Derek tried to question him, he didn't say anything incriminating. Ryan tells them to get Aidan in there. Ryan then says that Kendall was all over him, trying to prove that she was over him so she could go with Aidan (which is partly the truth). But he maintains that Kendall left and she wasn't the one to touch his pills. Derek knows he's lying because her prints were on top of Ryan's, but Ryan won't change his story. Derek says an old lady across the street tells the story differently. Ryan still won't fess up so Derek says he's not going to give him the time of Michael's death (so Ryan can claim his estate). The cops leave and Aidan shakes his head. Ryan says Aidan must know he was wrong about him after all. Aidan admits he was wrong about him. Ryan asks him for a favor. He says he was going to go out of town for a couple of days but now he can't, so he asks him to go tell his pilot he doesn't need him, hinting that the plane is just sitting there. Aidan gives him a knowing look and says he'll take care of it.

Jack and Derek argue about why Derek is pursuing Kendall so hard. Ryan gets Maria to bring them back in when she says that they sound like they are about to arrest someone. Ryan tells them that he knows who killed Michael.

Kendall prepares Erica for the worst. Bianca tries to stop her from spilling the beans about her pregnancy, not realizing that Kendall is trying to cover up for her. Finally Kendall says that she wanted Bianca to help her go after Ryan for Michael's inheritance. Her plan is to have Bianca say she wants to sue Michael's estate for distress, in order to tie things up legally for Ryan, so he will give up his claim. Erica, naturally, is appalled that Kendall wants to exploit Bianca that way. Kendall offers to give her back Enchantment, but Erica tells her to keep it. Kendall pretends it's no big deal and she was just thinking about herself. Erica doesn't know how she could be so wrong about Kendall. Bianca shuts up and then goes along with it, pretending to be mad at Kendall for her suggestions. They argue so Kendall storms out. Aidan grabs her outside and throws her over his shoulder. They go on Ryan's jet and he tells her that they are taking off before she is arrested.

Erica rants about Kendall and how it's a good thing Bianca terminated her pregnancy. Bianca blurts out that she's wrong about everything so Erica asks her what's so wrong about.

Maria and Tad talk about Carlos' condition and about the thugs after him and Juan Pablo. The police lost the bad guys' trail so they could be in danger. Tad makes her promise she will be very careful. She tries to brush it off but he says he couldn't stand the thought of one more person he cares about getting hurt. She is touched. Maria reminds Tad about the Crystal Ball that Edmund used to throw in her honor. She feels bad that last year they didn't have it because the money went to children. She asks if they can hold it in Dixie's memory. He says of course. She suggests there is hope for him in the future but he can't really think that way right now. Brooke finds Tad and asks him if he knows what's going on with Jamie. After a short discussion, Tad basically tells her that she's getting worked up over nothing. He advises her to let their son make his own mistakes.

Jamie orders pizza but it is shanghaied by Mary, who not only delivers the pizza but sits down with Jamie on the couch and practically jumps his bones. She kisses him and he leans back, caught by surprise.

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