AMC Update Tuesday 10/14/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/14/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan finds Greenlee at the boathouse still. She says she wants to take Leo's ring off, but she can't: it's too swollen now from when she tried to punch him. He wonders if it's just that she doesn't think that Juan Pablo is a good enough reason to take it off. She says no, it's because she doesn't want to take off the ring and face the fact that Leo is gone forever. He is sympathetic and tries to help. She missed having him to talk to. He gets to think about what Leo would say, so she agrees Leo would want her to take it off and move on with her life. She realizes she messed things up with Juan Pablo by looking at everything with him as if it were a trap. Ryan says he's not the best person to talk about moving on, but she reminds him that he moved on with half of the women in town. He laughs that he really screwed that up, too. They talk about when they were together, and about Gillian. Ryan helps her take off the ring, even though it is difficult and hurts a lot. He puts the ring in her hand and kisses it, then she cries, so he holds her.

Juan Pablo goes to see Edmund at Wildwind but finds Maria instead. Edmund is not home yet but she knows all about what is up with JP and Carlos. JP is surprised that Edmund would risk her knowing, so she explains about her sister Julia being in the witness protection program. They talk about his problems with Carlos. Edmund comes home and says that the Calatravas family members that landed in the states have moved north to Virginia, which isn't very far from there. There was an overheard telephone call that indicates they are coming after Carlos. JP realizes he doesn't have much time to get Carlos out of danger. Edmund happens to mention that the reason he keeps tabs on organized crime is because of Julia; he hopes to bring her and her husband home one day. After JP leaves, Maria expresses her concern about Edmund putting himself in possible danger.

Jack and Erica keep arguing at her place about what she knows about the night Michael disappeared, and what David's involvement was. David arrives and starts arguing with Jack. He accuses Jack of wanting to put him in jail. He tells Erica how Jack punched him in the park. When Jack raises questions about David, Erica points out all of the things he's done lately to help her and Bianca. Erica and Jack argue more about their relationship and bring up some ugly accusations. Erica insists that Jack marry her tomorrow if he's so loyal, but he says he won't marry her just to prove he's better than David. Jack pleads with her to trust him and his love, but Erica won't budge, so he leaves. Back inside her place, Erica says she couldn't risk telling Jack the truth because then he would become an accessory. Erica worries about Derek, who keeps phoning her. David tells her to relax and stop worrying, but she wonders if there is another witness or more evidence. He tells her there is nothing to worry about and says if it came down to it, he would take the rap for both of them. She is concerned about why he would do this; he tells her that he has nothing left to lose. She doesn't want to let him do that but he insists that Bianca needs her mother.

J.R. arrives home early from the Fusion party; he tells Adam that he had some business to take care of. J.R. says he has a favor to ask when Adam returns. Adam runs into Stuart, who is happy to hear his nephew is back. He can't believe how time has flown; he and Adam chat about J.R. When Adam makes some comment, Stuart points out that Adam has to let J.R. make his own choices and decisions. Adam plans to do just that and give J.R. all the time he needs. Stuart and J.R. greet each other warmly. Stuart thanks him for the postcards from around the world that he sent. J.R. asks Adam if he can have a big family dinner tomorrow night to talk about his future plans. Adam is happy to do it. J.R. warns him that Palmer and Opal will be invited, but Adam understand that they are family on Dixie's side. While Adam gets some wine to celebrate, J.R. comments to Stuart that his dad seems to have mellowed out. Stuart says he's just really happy that J.R. is home. Stuart can tell that there must a girl, so J.R. tells him that he's right, and goes on about how wonderful she is, without any real specifics.

Jamie picked up a girl on the beach named "Babe". They went for a ride and stole a big ceramic cow from Benny's barbecue. She has a thing for cows and shows him a cow t-shirt she has. They are back at her motel room. She gets a short call from someone; the person asks if she's okay and she says she is fine. She says she's going to bed. Jamie notices that she seems a little bothered by the call, so he offers his support. Jamie is crazy about this girl but she just wants to have fun. She undresses him and they are soon kissing. He pulls out a condom so he makes a comment that of course it's not his first time, but then she realizes that it is and she's touched. They proceed to make love.

Maggie and Bianca walk on the beach and talk about the future. Bianca doesn't want Maggie to give up school and everything to leave with her in a few months. Maggie says she wants to be there for Bianca and be her Lamaze coach and make sure she takes her vitamins. Bianca worries that people, especially men who might be interested in Maggie, will think they are a couple, but Maggie is not worried about that. They joke around and Maggie talks to the baby in Bianca's stomach. She says they're going to have a crazy adventure.

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