AMC Update Monday 10/13/03

All My Children Update Monday 10/13/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Outside of S.O.S. (the Fusion party), Juan Pablo tells Greenlee that he's not mad at her about going to see Ryan. She asks him to run off to Milan with her. He says he can't because he has urgent business. He is very cold to her and tells her good night.

Reporters continue to interview Timothy, the winner of the Sexiest Man contest, at the Fusion party. Simone hangs over him and drools. Aidan tells Mia he needs her, but it is her turn to hang out with Timothy and talk to reporters. Later, Mia looks for Aidan. She tells Liza that he needs her so maybe her dream is coming true. Mia finds Aidan and asks him if he believes in dreams. She tells him hers but it doesn't really come out right so he doesn't know what she's really talking about. It's Greenlee's turn to be photographed with Timothy and answer reporters' questions. But she is upset about Juan Pablo so she ducks out early.

Kendall is defensive and sarcastic to Ryan, who claims he's not trying to pin Michael's murder on her. He apologizes for fighting with her over the money. She is upset from Justin's trying to grill her about the murder, so Ryan offers to help her. He tells her that she's not alone. Ryan urges her to tell Derek everything she knows and stop protecting whomever it is. She says she's not protecting anyone. She thinks he's just using her to get her arrested so he can take the inheritance. Kendall dredges up their past. She is annoyed when she figures out that Aidan has been talking to Ryan. He says they are both just trying to keep her out of jail.

Jamie is envious when J.R. tells him and Tad that he has a girl that he met that he's serious about. J.R. tells him that he'll find a girl eventually; perhaps he'll meet her on the beach tonight (there's some sort of school party).

Bianca has found an apartment to move into. Maggie is helping her move her stuff out of Erica's; she is sort of acting like Bianca is an invalid, since she's pregnant. Maggie tells Bianca that she will go with her when she leaves town to have her baby. Bianca thinks that's too much of a sacrifice, but Maggie insists.

Mia is hopeful that she has a chance with Aidan, especially when he compliments her about how she helped him out before with Michael. But her face falls when he asks her to help him get through to Kendall. Kendall comes up as Aidan is talking about her, so she starts yelling at him for trying to be her self-appointed savior. She accuses him of just wanting to make her fall in love with him.

Mia complains to Simone about Aidan and concludes that men are jerks. Simone is just interested in finding Tad.

Aidan is hurt by Kendall's comments but says he's just trying to help her dig herself out of the mess she's in. He yells at her to wake up. He can't believe that she is willing to risk her life for Erica. She says her mother is off-limits. She tries to leave but Aidan takes her aside and says it's not her fault that her mother and sister were raped, and her going to jail is not going to help them or make up for it. She gets very upset and starts flipping out in front of the reporters. Simone tries to calm her down. Mia tells Aidan that she will help him with Kendall any way she can.

Tad shares with Liza how fast Jamie is growing up. Meanwhile, Jamie is at the beach party and meets a cute blonde woman who is sitting by herself. She flirts with him and they share a bottle that she brought. She doesn't know any of the people at the party; she just was walking on the beach and heard the music, so she came over. She jokes about how men like to fight over her. They introduce themselves; her name is Babe. They decide to leave the party and do something wild. Tad gets worried so he goes to phone Brooke, but Liza hangs it up for him and accuses him of being like Adam. Liza convinces him to dance. Justin introduces himself to Simone and they chat for a moment. He can tell that she's been staring at Tad so he offers to help her make Tad jealous. She agrees and they dance together in a provacative way.

Jack and Erica share an intimate moment in the boathouse after dancing. They are sorry for the time they have wasted. He wishes they could put aside the problems they were having, and she agrees. But then he asks her about the night of Michael's murder, and what she was doing with David. She gets defensive again and accuses him of using her. He insists he just wants to protect her. He wants to know about David and what he was doing, whether he fired his gun at Michael or not. Erica yells at him and says she won't betray herself or her friend. She suggests that he run to his daughter for comfort. Just then, Greenlee walks up, with bad timing. Erica leaves in a huff, leaving father and daughter to wonder why they always make things worse when they try to fix them. Jack tries to help Greenlee with her problems about Juan Pablo and Ryan. She tells him what happened with them. Jack says that JP has a reputation of not having lasting relationships, so he thinks it's a good thing if their relationship is over. Greenlee says he's a good dad.

Ryan introduces himself to Timothy as the new owner of Fusion. Timothy wants to know whether any of the Fusion women are available.

Liza goes to help out with Kendall so Tad cuts in on Simone and Justin's dance. Simone is happy to be dancing with the hunky D.A. but lets Tad have the dance.

Erica comes home to find Bianca moving out; she's not happy about it at all. Maggie announces that she and Bianca are moving in together. Erica is not sure how to take that. They assure her that they have everything covered and tell her that they have a really big studio apartment. Jack arrives, wondering why Erica ran out on him. Bianca and Maggie excuse themselves. Erica tries to throw Jack out but he refuses to leave until she hears him out.

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