AMC Update Friday 10/10/03

All My Children Update Friday 10/10/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

The Fusion women get ready for the big party for the Sexiest Man contest. They are wearing similar styles, sort of retro-sixties. Greenlee is concerned about why she hasn't heard back from Juan Pablo. Greenlee and Kendall bicker in private but are all smiles for the press. As they argue more, Simone has to threaten them to shut up. Mia and Simone work hard to keep Kendall and Greenlee from fighting. They point out that they are supposed to be working together to keep Fusion from Ryan. Mia wonders if they are fighting about a company or over a man, Ryan. Kendall and Greenlee declare that it's about business only. Simone tells them to put their differences aside and face the press united. Liza comes in and wonders why they're all hiding in a room, so they call come out, smiles and arm-in-arm.

Aidan finds Erica at the boathouse on his way to the Fusion party. He is dressed up handsomely in a tux. He asks Erica how she feels about what Kendall's done. Erica talks about how she married her sister's rapist and stole Enchantment. She says everything Kendall's done has been to get back at her. Aidan counters that on the contrary, everything she has done is FOR Erica. Erica doesn't believe it. Aidan says that Kendall did it for love. She is covering for someone, and Aidan thinks it might be Erica. Erica is defensive, particularly when Aidan wonders if she hates Kendall. Jack arrives, to the rescue, and tells Aidan to back off. They argue. Aidan tells them that he's not going to see the woman he loves go to prison, so they'd better not be covering up for the real murderer. He leaves. Jack apologizes to Erica because it was his idea to meet there. Erica wants to run to Kendall and explain that she doesn't hate her, but Jack stops her. He explains that she has to stay away from Kendall and act hostile to her. He says that if Erica buddies up to her, it makes Kendall's story about marrying Michael look weak and makes her look more guilty of murder. Erica is a little defensive, wondering if he thinks she killed Michael. He assures her that he's on her side. He complains about having to do his job, so she wonders why he doesn't recuse himself. He wants to fight to protect the people he loves. He tells her how much he's missed her. Inside, the boathouse is decorated and has lots of lights. Erica is impressed. Jack says it's decorated for an event tomorrow, to honor the Man of the Year (him). She is proud of him. They put on music and dance to it. They hug and kiss.

Ryan finds Derek and his cops searching his room, turning it upside down. Ryan is nonchalant about it. Derek is looking for whatever evidence Ryan has. Ryan says he has to get ready for the Fusion party.

Adam is curious about who J.R. is talking to on the cell phone. Mary is with him and says she thinks it's a woman. Adam goes to stop the call but Tad enters and duct-tapes Adam to a chair. He plans to stop Adam from interfering with J.R.'s love life. Tad yells at Adam, who is blustery as usual. They are fighting when J.R. walks in. Jamie comes in; he and J.R. are going to the Fusion party. Adam wanted to have dinner with J.R, but he promises to get together with him tomorrow. After the kids leave, Mary observes that Adam is smothering J.R. and could be a little more subtle. She thinks that maybe J.R. would be more comfortable talking to someone like her (she is offering to spy on him for Adam). But Adam knows about her history and doesn't want her anywhere near his son. Opal comes in and demands to know what Mary's doing there. She warns her never to hurt Erica again. Adam is dismissive with Opal and leaves the room. Opal gets into a physical, knock-down, drag-out fight with Mary, with furniture and hair flying all over the room. Opal warns her away from Erica and J.R. Adam is flabbergasted when he returns to find them brawling. He throws Opal out and insists that Mary work off the damages by helping him find out everything about the girl that J.R. is involved with. She agrees.

Mia shares with Liza that she had a romantic dream about Aidan.

Aidan tries to talk to Ryan outside the Fusion party, but Ryan blows him off. Juan Pablo finds Tad outside, too, and says he needs to talk to him. Tad promised Simone he'd be there for the announcement, so JP agrees to wait for him outside.

Ryan greets the women of Fusion but they tell him that this is their moment and he's not going to steal it. He says he knows that; everyone is there to see them, not him. He is supporting them and the company because it means more money for him. They go up on stage and greet everyone. They bring up all of the finalists in the contest and describe them. The winner is Timothy Heinrich, from Saratoga, California. The Fusion women are very enthusiastic. Reporters interview Timothy.

Assistant D.A. Justin chats to Kendall, who doesn't want to talk to him. He suggests she make a plea so they will go easy on her.

Aidan finds Ryan again and takes him aside to a room. He tells Ryan to lay off Kendall; she doesn't deserve to go to jail for a crime she didn't commit. He wants Ryan to stop asking for the time of death. Ryan is surprised he doesn't realize that he only cares about the billions of dollars at stake. Aidan mentions that he thinks Kendall is covering for someone, so Ryan wonders who that is. Aidan says he heard Ryan has some evidence, so he wants to know what it is, if it can clear Kendall. Later, Aidan asks Mia for help. We can tell she's thinking about her dream where she chose him.

A little later, Tad and Juan Pablo meet up. JP wants Tad's help. He explains the problems with Carlos and the Calatravas family being in the states. Carlos wants to face them, which they both agreed is a stupid idea. They both know that being around the women of Fusion could endanger them. Tad suggests that JP grab Carlos and get him out of town ASAP. Greenlee comes out right then to talk to JP, so Tad goes back inside. JP asks how she is. She wonders where he's been. He says he had an urgent business matter that couldn't be helped. She is glad to see him and wanted to apologize.

Jamie flirts with Simone, but she is only looking for Tad. Jamie chats with J.R., who feels out of place at the shindig and doesn't seem interested in any of the "hot" women. J.R. gets a phone call from his girlfriend and mentions "tomorrow night".

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