AMC Update Thursday 10/9/03

All My Children Update Thursday 10/9/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Things are hectic for the Fusion women as they prepare for their "Sexiest Man" party, where they will announce the big winner. There are all sorts of last-minute disasters that they have to contend with. They are all so involved in their own problems that they are not helping each other with the Fusion problems. They are all at home and trying to get to sleep, but instead their problems are keeping them awake. Mia tries to get help but no one will talk to her. Simone phones Tad but gets his machine. She berates herself for phoning him and acting needy. Greenlee phones Juan Pablo and leaves another apology on his machine. Kendall tries to phone Aidan but gets his machine, too. She's wondering where he is and is worried about him. Mia rants and raves about the letter that Jake sent her. They all try to sleep but their problems affect their dreams.

Each of them has a different dream. Mia dreams that she's in a boxing ring and everyone is urging her to choose. Different men come up and she has to fight them and choose her winner. She doesn't even want a man, she claims. First up is Ryan. He talks about beautiful she is, but he knows that she is after Kendall and Greenlee. She punches him (and misses) and he goes away. Next is Edmund, but he is being really nice. She punches him (and misses) and he goes away. Next is Jake, but instead we see Carolyn, his fiancÚ, which upsets Mia, so she punches her (and misses). Then next is Tad. She punches him and actually lands the punch. The "Tad the Cad" music plays in the background. Juan Pablo appears and tells her that if she gives up the fight, she can have any man she wants. She says she doesn't want to fight any more. When she gives up, Aidan appears. She wakes up and wonders what that meant.

Kendall's is the next dream. She is in a board room and in charge of everything. The other women are dressed up in suits. They point out all the trouble she's in, like being suspected of murder. They keep referring to her as "Mrs. Cambias". They say she has to choose her rescuer, but she doesn't want to be rescued. Her first appointment is Boyd. He uses charts and graphs to explain how she just wants attention from her mother. He knows she craves attention, so he can give it to her. He reminds her all of the things he's done for her. Ryan rides in on his motorcycle. He bosses her around and says that everything she has is his. She just has to admit that he's won. He knows she still loves him. While she is still stammering, Aidan comes in looking very cool and rugged in a spy sort of way. He tells her that she needs protection and he's the one to give it to her. She protests again that she doesn't need a white knight. She just wants a man who will love her. They all plead with her to choose, but she can't. Michael shows up, looking all dead and frozen, and says that he is taking Kendall to hell with him. She wakes up abruptly from her nightmare.

Next is Simone's dream and it's straight out of Wizard of Oz. She's dressed up like Dorothy. Tad appears and tells her that she's lucky; not every girl gets to see the Wizard. She just wants directions to the Face of Fusion contest. He seems to be telling her something important about their relationship, but it's a little confusing. Liza interrupts them (as the Wicked Witch). She tells Simone that she wants a serious relationship now and for some reason, she wants it with Tad. He kisses Simone to shut her up. Later, she has become part of the Martin family, with Ruth and Joe. It is all too homey for her. But then Tad has disappeared. Jamie tells her that he heard the word wedding and left. As she wakes up, Simone worries that she has to keep their relationship casual or she will lose Tad.

Greenlee has her dream. She dreams it's the contest night, but she's up on stage by herself. Then things change and Juan Pablo comes by on a white horse and carries her off. It's a very dreamy, romantic atmosphere. She thinks it's heaven, but he tells her it's Milan. She tries to apologize but he tells her that he will put the pieces of her heart back together. She says no one else has her heart. But Ryan lurks nearby. Then Juan Pablo turns into Ryan, which confuses her. Greenlee awakens, confused by her dream.

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