AMC Update Wednesday 10/8/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/8/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Jack continues to grill David about what he and Erica were up to the night Michael disappeared. David admits he fired his gun that night. They argue with each other; David says that Jack is afraid that he might lose Erica to David. Their argument becomes more heated until Jack socks David. David ends up on the ground. Tad comes up and stops them. Tad tries to cheer up Jack, who is upset that he lost his temper. Tad reminds him of all the shocks that he's had lately and it's no wonder that he's being emotional. Jack feels somewhat better. Tad asks him what he's going to do about fixing up his life. Jack blames himself for what happened to Michael and also keeps remembering how the reporters questioned him about whether he could stay unbiased as D.A. or not. Jack agonizes over the fact that he has to put Michael's murderer away, even though he agrees with Tad that he got what he deserved. Jack thanks Tad for listening and leaves.

A couple of Bianca's friends greet her at S.O.S.; she is still with Aidan and Maggie. Aidan questions Bianca and Maggie about who they thought shot Michael because he knows Bianca doesn't want Kendall to go to jail. Bianca wants him to stay out of it and let the police handle it. Aidan points out that the police might not look at any other suspects, and he thinks David is involved. She doesn't want him to point the finger at her buddy David, either, so Aidan drops it. Aidan tells Maggie, away from Bianca, that he knows she's a really good friend to Bianca. He says he won't tell anyone that she knows something about the murder. Maggie tells him that he's wrong. He keeps trying to get her to tell him what she saw but she won't. Aidan leaves. Maggie tells Bianca that she got a gun and went after Michael the night he disappeared. Bianca is shocked. Maggie describes how angry she was feeling and how she went to Michael's condo. But she couldn't go in; she just stood in the courtyard. But she saw someone else there, perhaps the real murderer. Bianca stops her; she doesn't want to know what or who she saw because it could be someone she loves. Bianca rushes off.

Lena tells Kendall she has a plan that will keep the Chandler, Enchantment, and Fusion away from Michael, but it will take about six months. Kendall likes the idea. They need to bring the companies to the brink of bankruptcy, which will cause many layoffs and cutbacks. Then Ryan will sign it over to Kendall so he won't have to take the blame for it. Lena assures her that she will be able to get the companies back in the black after they are back in her ownership. Kendall changes her mind; she doesn't want to destroy Fusion since it will hurt her good friends. She tells Lena to come up with another idea. They are talking about an idea when Boyd visits. Lena leaves them alone. Boyd has been running some sort of devious errand for Kendall (I think Lena listened in on what they were saying). He assures her that no one saw him. Then Aidan visits, so Boyd leaves. He tells Kendall that he thinks Maggie saw something to do with Michael's murder. Kendall doesn't want him to go to the police. He says he won't let her go to jail for whomever she is covering up for. Kendall points out that perhaps Maggie saw her. He doesn't think she killed Michael. They go round and round some more about it. He says it could be David, Jack, or Erica that killed Michael. Kendall wonders why he still cares about her. He says that he loves her. She asks if he means like a friend or something more. He isn't sure yet but he doesn't want her to go to jail while he's still figuring it out. He asks her again who she's protecting, but she won't tell. She asks him to understand.

Greenlee visits Ryan in his suite and punches him, but she hurts herself more than him. He gets her some ice and suggests that she take off her ring before the finger swells up. She blames him for all of her problems, including her problems with Juan Pablo. He says JP wasn't right for her, but it's also obvious why he left. After some more discussion, he tells her that JP left because she's till wearing Leo's ring, which is like a big sign that says "back off". They are chatting more like old friends now and being vulnerable. She wants to know what he's doing there. He says he only gives her and Kendall a hard time because he knows they can take it. She asks him to give back Fusion, but he refuses again. He tells her that he was at his lowest point when he found Alexander. He saw something in Ryan that he didn't know he had. So Ryan doesn't want to let him down. Greenlee cynically thinks that Alexander was just looking for a convenient way to stick it to his son. That doesn't matter to Ryan. He still plans on keeping what's his and doing what he can with it. Greenlee knows that she and Kendall will be in his way. He hopes they can all just get along, but she knows that won't work out.

Jack goes home. Reggie tells him that he keeps seeing him on T.V. He thinks that Jack is just putting up a big show for the media. He thinks that if Jack just looks like he's really serious about finding Michael's murder, than he won't have to really investigate it. Jack assures him that he has to find the murderer.

David phones Erica and says they really need to talk.

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