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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/7/03

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Greenlee and Kendall fight with each other, and Ryan, since they are all trapped in the Fusion elevator. Ryan causes more trouble by telling Greenlee that Kendall told him that she still loves him, and that she wanted to divvy up the Cambias estate and take Fusion. So now Greenlee knows that Kendall tried to double-cross her, too. They argue, then Ryan starts to take off his shirt because of the heat in the elevator. He urges them to strip, too. Ryan encourages the two women to keep fighting, but Kendall gets wise to his tactics. They realize they should be fighting him, not each other. He chuckles that he really missed them.

Simone and Mia listen as Greenlee and Kendall yell for help. They are more interested in listening to what's going on in the elevator than rescuing them, but they did call for someone to come fix the elevator. Mia wonders if Greenlee and Kendall really tried to steal the company for themselves. Simone thinks that if they side with Ryan, they could be running the business instead of Kendall and Greenlee. Mia is too loyal for that and blasts Simone for jumping into bed with Tad without thinking of how it might hurt Liza. Simone is unrepentant.

Derek brings Aidan back into his office, where Jack and David are, and informs them that David's gun is a match to the one that killed Michael. Jack wants to read the report carefully before making any decisions about arrests. Derek concedes that it's incomplete because they haven't matched the second set of fingerprints on the gun yet. David hints that the prints on the gun belong to Erica. Jack looks over the report and says they don't really have a connection to David because the bullet was damaged. All they know is that it came out of a 38 (not necessarily David's 38). Derek has to let David go but tells him that he's not a suspect. David says he will drop the charges against Aidan, too, but that makes Aidan more suspicious. Derek demands to know why Jack let David get away. Aidan thinks Jack is covering up for someone else. Aidan makes more accusations and then leaves. Then Derek starts saying the same thing to Jack. They keep arguing. Derek begs Jack to be straight with him but Jack threatens him to leave him alone. Derek is hurt that their friendship means nothing to Jack. Derek realizes it must be Erica that he's protecting and says that she is going to be questioned next.

Juan Pablo tells Carlos that two of the Calatravas family have entered the states. Carlos doesn't think they will find him after all this time, but JP is very worried. Carlos shows him the gun he has, to defend himself. It is a 38, the same kind that killed Michael. JP is concerned about Carlos and his temper. Carlos tells him again that he didn't kill Michael. They both know that anyone close to Carlos or JP is in danger now, too.

Juan Pablo fixes the elevator. The doors open just as Greenlee is declaring that the company is everything to her and she will not give it up for anyone or anything. Ryan points to JP and says, "Even him?" Ryan not only mentions again that Greenlee was in his room, but he tells her that JP went to him and told him that he had offered Greenlee money to start a new company. JP and Greenlee look a little put out that they are not communicating well, and Ryan points it out to them, just to make things worse. Juan Pablo is disappointed that Greenlee has chosen to fight for Fusion rather than start her own company. Greenlee tries to explain what led up to her comments but he just stares at her disapprovingly. Greenlee is unnerved by this so she goes on the attack instead. She asks him what he was doing talking to Ryan and accuses him of trying to control her life. He is saddened that she thinks this way and that someone hurt her so much. He says that if she just sees a trap, there is nothing more he can say. He walks away from her.

Bianca tries to tell Lena about the baby. First she tells her that Michael got her pregnant. Lena tells her that she already knows because she heard her and Maggie talking about it one night at the boathouse. Bianca is a little freaked out that Lena was there skulking around and that she didn't let on that she knew. Lena says she has taken to going there to be close to her, and she didn't want to disturb them. She didn't mention the baby because she was afraid Bianca might blame her more for what happened. Bianca is surprised that Lena left before she said that she didn't blame her for it. Lena says she blames herself. Bianca is still having trouble discussing it so Lena says she doesn't have to tell her about it and bring up bad memories. Bianca says it was a big day for her and Lena asks if Bianca didn't want to tell her because she was afraid she'd disapprove of the abortion. Lena blurts out that Michael was a sick, twisted monster and there's no way Bianca could have his baby. Bianca tries to hide her disappointed at Lena's words but it's obvious she's upset. Lena suggests they go out to dinner but Bianca turns her down. Bianca asks Lena not to put pressure on her right now, so Lena backs off.

Aidan drops by the college to question Maggie about what she thinks about Michael's murder. Bianca returns to the student center and notices some people pointing at her, so she asks them what they're staring at. A woman says they are just wondering about what "supposedly" happened to her and what really happened. Bianca gets on a table and yells for everyone's attention. Maggie and Aidan watch her, shocked, as does everyone else. Bianca gives a speech about her rape, what she went through, how she is surviving thanks to her family, and how she is glad Michael is dead. Regina and other friends clap and say they believe her. Bianca gets down, upset; Maggie goes to her. Bianca tells her what happened with Lena and says she couldn't tell her about the baby after that. Maggie wonders if Bianca is having second thoughts about keeping the baby. Bianca says she isn't. Maggie offers her sympathy about Lena. Aidan comes up and compliments Bianca on her speech.

Kendall goes to her offices at Cambias Industries and yells for Lena. She tells her they have work to do. Kendall wants ideas from her on how to stop Ryan. Lena won't sleep with anyone, she declares, but Kendall assures her that she just wants dirty business ideas and that's it. Lena is agreeable to that. She has an idea, she says, but it's risky.

Ryan goes to see Derek, who thinks that Ryan has come to give him information. Ryan still wants to bargain with him to find out the time of death so he can get all of the Cambias fortune. Ryan hints that David was seen at Michael's condo at the time of his disappearance. Jack finds David and demands to know what he and Erica were doing together. David says, okay, but you'll be sorry you asked....

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