AMC Update Monday 10/6/03

All My Children Update Monday 10/6/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

The Fusion women are at their office, griping about Ryan. They have just had an all-nighter, except for Greenlee, who marches in with coffee and breakfast for everyone. She is in a chipper mood. Simone is surprised that Greenlee remembered what everyone like. She says she learned that from Ryan. Business is about giving people what they want. Kendall agrees, which is why she plans to beat Ryan. Greenlee disagrees and suggests she give up and sell the company to Ryan. They argue, along with Mia and Simone. Greenlee suggests that they start a whole new company. Kendall is suspicious because she knows than Greenlee was at Ryan's room late last night; she tells her so. Greenlee says she just went there to cut a deal with Ryan. Kendall and Greenlee are bickering about Ryan when he walks in and yells "Excuse me!", then offers his help. Kendall asks him what really went on between him and Greenlee. Greenlee says she didn't sell them out, but it doesn't matter because Kendall plans to fight. Ryan tells Greenlee that their side deal is off, so now the Fusion women want to know what that's about. Greenlee glares at him. They yell at Greenlee after Ryan reveals their Fusion deal. Greenlee tries to defend herself but they don't want to hear it. Ryan says that with Fusion as his, they are all free to keep working there because he likes the job they've been doing. They are not happy with his compliments. Greenlee points out that Ryan is trying to destroy their friendship, but they say she's already done that. Then they walk out. Greenlee smacks Ryan on the head and asks him what the Hell is wrong with him. He has to leave but she follows him into the elevator. Kendall rushes up and starts fighting with Greenlee. They push buttons on the elevator until it gets stuck. Now the two women are stuck with Ryan in the elevator.

Ryan runs into Juan Pablo at the Valley Inn; they sit down together but things are not that friendly. Ryan is in a good mood but JP reminds him that his fortune is based on when Michael died, and that is in doubt. Ryan is not daunted. JP says that Ryan is about to lose Fusion's most valuable asset so that would be a mistake. He tells Ryan that he has already offered to invest in a whole new company for her. Ryan drops the bomb that Greenlee was in his room last night and then excuses himself. Edmund runs into JP and asks him to sit down. JP thinks he has questions about Michael Cambias, but Edmund wants to talk about the Argentinian Calatravas crime family. He says he knows that a young man killed one of them when he was defending a young woman, but JP denies knowing anything about that. Edmund tells him that members of the Calatravas family have just landed in Miami, but the feds don't know why or where they're headed. He wishes JP a good day as JP rushes off.

Aidan brings David's gun to Derek and Jack, telling them to test it against Michael's murder. David comes in and says that Aidan stole the gun from him. They argue while Jack and Derek try to figure out what's going on. Jack says that they can't take the gun as evidence because they didn't have probably cause. Aidan tells Derek that he saw David at Michael's condo the night, pouring something from a decanter into a potted plant. He told Anna but she didn't tell anyone else, apparently. David says they can't test his gun without his cooperation. Aidan asks him what he's hiding. David admits he hated Michael and wanted him dead, but so did half the town. David gives Derek a listening device that he found outside on his balcony that Aidan planted. Aidan doesn't say anything but David says he didn't hear anything, just a private conversation between him and Erica about Anna leaving him. Jack and Erica yell at Aidan for interfering with their investigation. Derek charges Aidan with theft and breaking and entering. Jack thinks that's too much trouble. Derek and David are shocked that Jack wants to sweep a crime under the rug. Aidan is arrested and taken away. However, Derek tells David that now that this is a crime, the gun is evidence and it will be tested by their lab after all. Aidan is smug about it. David is not happy. After they leave, David tells Jack that he better stop this or someone close to Bianca will be in serious trouble. Jack asks him what he means and says he'd better hope that he didn't kill Michael or get Erica involved with that. Derek returns, saying the ballistics report on the bullet that killed Michael is back.

Lena runs into Bianca and Maggie at the college. Bianca is looking at the bulletin board to find a good roommate, since she plans to move out of Erica's place. Lena is there to recruit graduates for Kendall's company. Bianca and Lena have a sweet conversation but then part company. Maggie can't believe that Bianca is just going to leave it at that. Bianca says too much has happened between them but admits that the love is still there. She says they could be happy together but she's pregnant now, so how could she possibly expect Lena to understand or expect that? Also, Lena once told her she didn't want kids. Maggie says she's freaking out and making a lot of assumptions. She suggests to Bianca that she go ask Lena what she thinks. After more urging, Bianca talks to Lena. Lena suggests coffee so Bianca says they should get it now. Maggie says there's coffee in her room and asks them to feed her fish for her, so they leave. Maggie watches them go but looks like she's not sure about it or not. Bianca and Lena look at Maggie's fish and chat. Lena is happy to hear that Bianca is beginning to be happy. Bianca says she has so many people in her life that love her. Lena says that includes her because she loves her more than ever. Bianca looks surprised, so Lena says she's sorry, she shouldn't have said that. Bianca says, no, that's fine. Lena knows that Bianca has something to tell her but Bianca is having trouble getting it out.

At the Chandler mansion, Mary comes in from horse riding. Adam tells her that she's going to be having breakfast at the Valley Inn. He shows her that he has packed her bags and gives her money for a suite for a few weeks. He doesn't want anything to unsettle J.R. while he's there. Mary swears she will be discreet, but Adam doesn't want to talk about it. Mary hints that she's learned so much about him already. She heard when Opal was visiting, something about Palmer and doing something nefarious, the night Michael Cambias died. Tad comes in and says he told Adam he couldn't keep that a secret, so what is he going to do with her? Tad jokes that Adam could kill her, but Adam says he doesn't have to because Mary is already socially dead. Adam tells Mary that if she ever threatens him again, he will make sure that she is more than penniless. Adam wonders why Tad is there. Tad says that J.R. invited him to breakfast. Tad notices how Mary works and says that Adam better watch her because last week she tried to offer herself to him. Adam says Tad is welcome to her, but then Jamie and Brooke come in. Jamie says that Mary can't move in because they need room for Simone. Brooke is surprised to hear about Simone, but Liza walks in and says she thought everyone knew about them. They give Adam and Tad a hard time about their choice in women. Mary reminds Adam that he promised that he'd set her up in a studio. Adam says okay, and he will set her up in a studio in town. J.R. arrives and is not happy to hear that Mary's leaving. He insists she stay, much to Adam's annoyance. Mary takes her bags back upstairs and says to start without her while she gets dressed. Everyone hugs J.R., including Joe and Ruth, who have arrived in the meantime. J.R. chats to them some about food and cooking that he learned on his trip. J.R. hints that he might have done some other exciting things as well. J.R. gets a phone call. Liza and Brooke agree that J.R. reminds them of Adam. J.R. takes his call upstairs. Meanwhile, Adam goes to listen in on the line, but they all turn around to look at him, so he has to hang up. They scold him, particularly Tad and Liza. J.R. returns; Adam asks him to lunch at the club but he has plans to hang out with Jamie. Adam mentions the phone call but Liza and Brooke give him the eye so he drops the subject. They all go into breakfast, but Adam tries to do *69 to find out who called Jamie. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

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