AMC Update Friday 10/3/03

All My Children Update Friday 10/3/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee yells at Ryan at his hotel room, but she also flirts with him. When he jokingly compares himself to Michael, she urges him not to compare himself to such a scumbag. She says Michael was a sociopath and pervert who deserved what he got, but Ryan is more like a horrible rash that won't go away. He feels the same way about her. They argue, but there is an overtone of sexual tension. She gets very close to Ryan, turning him on. She proposes that she convince Kendall to take his buyout offer, and in return he will give her controlling interest in Fusion. Ryan seems agreeable to the idea but never actually tells her that he will do it. In a quiet moment, Ryan expresses his sympathy about Leo. He knows what it's like to lose someone you love. He explains that he couldn't come to Leo's memorial service because he was in jail for doing a con. He had hit bottom and resorted to his old ways. He was in jail for 60 days and that set him straight again. She forgives him for not being there, since he had a good excuse. He asks her about how she dealt with Leo's death, but she changes the subject back to business. Greenlee leaves, thinking that Ryan has agreed to her deal. She kisses him as she leaves, which Kendall sees.

Maggie can't believe that Bianca wants to keep Michael's baby. Bianca tells her why she decided to do it. It had to do with what Kendall said. She felt like if she had the abortion, it would be like erasing Kendall. She felt Kendall's love and it made her realize that her baby needs love, too, and that it is her child, not Michael's. She talks about how she felt. Maggie says that everyone is going to freak, but Bianca doesn't plan to tell anyone else. She asks Maggie to help her keep the secret. Bianca plans to hide her pregnancy the first few months by wearing baggy clothes and eating a lot so everyone thinks she's just being healthy. She'll continue counseling so everything will know she's fine. Then she will leave town and tell everyone that she is doing charity work in another country. David is going to help her fake an adoption so she will have the legal papers. Maggie is doubtful but Bianca says it doesn't matter if Maggie agrees or not because Bianca is going ahead with her plan. She warns Maggie that if she tells anyone, Bianca will leave town and never come back. Maggie says she will stand by Bianca. It was just a lot of information for her to process at once. She asks Bianca to tell her what she wants her to do. Bianca smiles and thanks her.

Aidan makes Kendall feel better about Ryan's return. Jack asks to speak to Kendall privately, but Aidan insists on sticking around. Jack says he's there as family, not as the D.A. Jack says he doesn't want any witnesses to this conversation. Kendall convinces Aidan to leave. Kendall wonders why they are talking at the Valley Inn, but Jack points out that it's not suspicious for the D.A. to be questioning a possible suspect. He tells her that whatever she did, he knows she did it for Erica and Bianca because she loves them. They blame each other for the things Michael did. Jack promises Kendall that he will do all he can to keep her from going to jail. She swears that she didn't murder Michael. Jack recommends a good lawyer. Jack suggests that she be nice to Ryan, too, so he doesn't pressure the police to figure out the time of Michael's death. She doesn't want to take his advice, but he asks her if fighting Ryan is worth going to prison. Jack gets annoyed when Kendall keeps rejecting his advice. Jack sees Derek coming so he starts acting like he thinks Kendall is guilty and he is trying to get her to confess. She doesn't get it at first but then figures it out and plays along. Jack tells Derek that he doesn't think Kendall murdered Michael. He thinks they should look at other suspects.

Meanwhile, Aidan breaks into David's house to look for evidence; he finds a gun hidden in David's fireplace. He hears a car approaching and goes out the back way. David comes home and finds Aidan coming up to his front door. Aidan claims he's there because he heard from Anna. David invites him in and Aidan says that Anna was worried about him. She asked Aidan to check up on David. David doesn't buy his story. He thinks Aidan is trying to get him sent to jail for Michael's murder. David thinks Aidan just wants revenge for everything he did to Anna and Leora. Aidan says they all said things they didn't mean. David tells him to look into his eyes; he lost everything when he lost Leora and Anna. Aidan can't make him suffer. Later, Aidan looks at the gun he found.

Tad and Adam stop fighting and try to pretend they weren't really, while J.R. makes fun of them lightly. Tad and Adam greet him. They all question each other about what they're doing in the bar. J.R. came in for a drink. Tad and Adam avoid the question. Instead, Adam worries about J.R. drinking, since he had a drug problem at one time. Later, J.R. tells a sea story to Adam and Tad. He assures Adam that he has better things to do than get drunk. He mentions that he got a tattoo. Adam asks Tad to leave in an unsubtle way so he can spend more time with J.R., but J.R. says he can whatever he wants in front of Tad. Adam says it's great to see him again and he's so independent. He apologizes for starting off on the wrong foot. J.R. says it's okay because he doesn't let that kind of stuff get to him any more. Adam hopes he'll stay for a while, but J.R. isn't sure yet. He's trying to figure out what to do next. Tad offers a room for him to crash, but he says he'd like to stay with his dad. That makes Adam very happy. J.R. laughs and asks to redecorate. Adam swears that things will be different now. They wonder why J.R. keeps grinning like he's up to something. Tad can tell there's more to his story.

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