AMC Update Thursday 10/02/03

All My Children Update Thursday 10/02/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

In Juan Pablo's room, Greenlee can't believe it when Juan Pablo suggests that she walk away from Fusion. He says why deal with the aggravation when she can just take the offer to sell her shares and walk away. She says it's what she loves. He wonders if she means Fusion or Ryan. She says she is talking about business. He teases her a little about saying that her company is the most important thing to her. He says she could create another amazing company just like she did with Fusion. He even offers to provide the capital. She is overwhelmed by his generosity. Greenlee is not sure that she can trust him to be there for her. He disagrees but she has been burned too many times. He offers to give her as much money as she needs for the new company, with no strings attached. She is totally floored by the offer.

Bianca is really nervous about returning to classes, but Maggie gives her lots of support. Bianca is worried that people will stare at her like she's a freak, so Maggie tells her to just stare back. They agree that if anyone asks her about what happened to her, she should tell them to just read it on the internet. Bianca is surprised to find that people seem to be acting normal. Some classmates chat with her and things seem very ordinary, which she enjoys. Maggie notices that Bianca has prenatal vitamins and wonders why. Bianca pretends that she accidentally picked up the wrong vitamins at the pharmacy. Maggie doesn't buy it and gets on Bianca's case for not trusting her. Bianca follows Maggie back to her dorm room. Maggie knows the truth--Bianca is still pregnant. Bianca apologizes and just didn't to burden her with anything else. She says she just couldn't go through with the abortion. Maggie is very understanding.

Adam and Palmer meet up at a bar that's a real dive (probably the same one Bianca got drunk in). They are both dressed down in workman's clothes and baseball caps to hide their faces. Adam tells Palmer that Opal is shooting off her big mouth and is going to get them in trouble. Tad pops up behind them and asks what trouble they are talking about. Tad grills them about what they're doing together in a dive like this one. He guesses it has to do with why Adam was on Palmer's jet. He theorizes that they might have killed Michael. Adam and Palmer start arguing and blaming each other for Tad being there. They tell Tad they don't have any motive for the murder, but he points out two: Erica and Bianca. They swear that they didn't kill Michael, but Tad is not sure whether to believe them or not. Palmer decides he's had enough and leaves. Tad goads Adam, even bringing up his sex life, so Adam is about to punch him. They struggle and fight but are interrupted by J.R., who has been sitting at the bar with a knit cap on. He laughs and says that nothing ever changes around here. They are both stunned to see him.

Ryan wants to know why Kendall said she still loves him but she tries to change the subject. They argue about the Cambias fortune but end up kissing. Kendall points out that they are so good together, why can't they just share the fortune? Aidan arrives so Ryan realizes that last time, he caught her with Aidan, so now their roles are reversed. Kendall gets angry and they fight again and declare they will see each other in court. Aidan knows that Kendall was just trying to play on Ryan's feelings, but he saw through her the same way that Aidan did. Kendall swears that she's not using him to get back at Ryan. He is the only one in the whole town who has stood by her. They hug and kiss.

Bill, the lawyer, asks Ryan if there's any chance that Kendall slept with Michael before he died. Ryan is disgusted by the very idea. Bill says he just wants to make sure there is not going to be any Cambias heir running around because there is a codicil in Alexander's will that says that Michael's heir would inherit everything.

Greenlee stops by Ryan's room, asking if he has a minute for an old friend.

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