AMC Update Wednesday 10/01/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/1/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone reacts to Ryan's unexpected appearance at the Valley Inn. He goes around greeting everyone. Kendall protests that this must be a joke; Ryan couldn't have known Alexander. Greenlee points out that Ryan has been there for weeks, spying on them, so he confirms that this is true. He has Bill the lawyer play the rest of the tape. Alexander talks about what a fine man Ryan is and how he saved his life in the desert. He tells them that he is of sound mind and he has tons of proof with the lawyer that Ryan did not con him and he is not crazy. He leaves his son what he deserves-absolutely nothing. He hopes they one day meet in Hell.

Ryan mentions the meat locker and says that he thinks someone in that room killed Michael. He looks at Kendall as he says that. Ryan asks Derek again about Michael's time of death. Kendall says she can prove that she married Michael after Alexander's death, so Michael was still alive. Ryan is way ahead of her. He brings in some fake marriage certificates for him and all of the women in the room, and also clergy witnesses that swear they performed the ceremony (all of which is stupid because a marriage license is public record so the piece of paper doesn't matter; it only matters if it's on record in Nevada). Aidan and Ryan argue about Kendall. Greenlee vows not to let Ryan get Fusion and says she is on Kendall's side. Brooke wonders which part of this big story is true. Erica suggests to Kendall that she tell the truth; that she didn't marry Michael, but Kendall refuses. Greenlee starts in on Erica after that. Jack has to pull Greenlee away from Erica so they won't get into a physical fight. Adam warns Ryan to stay away for Chandler Enterprises, too. Kendall and Ryan argue about who killed whom. Derek is suspicious about how Ryan knows so much about where Michael's body was found, so Ryan confesses that he was the one who found it. Then the questions turn to Kendall about why she bought the refrigeration plant. Ryan says that Boyd was with her and wonders where he is right now since he was invited, too. Ryan offers to tell the cops everything he knows in exchange for the time of Michael's death, but Jack won't make the deal.

Ryan offers to give the Fusion women cash for their company, in exchange for not suing him. They won't go for it. Ryan assures Erica that she can still run Enchantment and offers her his sympathy about Bianca. Brooke is a little annoyed that Edmund didn't tell her about Ryan sooner. Ryan asks Liza to be CEO of Chandler Enterprises. She promises to think about it. Tad tells her that he doesn't think it's a good idea for her to get involved with Ryan again (he seems to be a little jealous). Later, Liza is clearly jealous of Tad and Simone's relationship, too. The Fusion women vow to stand united against Ryan. Tad suggests to them that they sell to Ryan and get it over with. He doesn't think Kendall will be able to stand the police interrogations.

Aidan doesn't want Kendall to speak to Ryan alone, but she does anyway. Kendall wants to talk about what's going on but he gets personal. He was there the night that Kendall broke down crying in her office, he tells her. They argue and she gets very upset. She tells him that she wishes she could hate him. She still loves him and always will, she says.

Jack wants to know what Erica was doing with David the night that Michael disappeared, but Erica gets very defensive. Greenlee rants and raves to Juan Pablo about Ryan. He tells Greenlee that he doesn't trust Ryan. She tells him that Ryan once used her and she wonders what he's really up to right now. JP asks her why she doesn't just walk away from all this.

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