AMC Update Tuesday 9/30/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/30/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Juan Pablo meets with Tad at the Valley Inn bar. Tad is wary at first because he was not very nice to JP, but JP explains that he's worried about Greenlee. He thinks someone may be after her. He tells him about Ryan and that he thinks he's stalking Greenlee. Tad laughs. He fills JP in on some of Ryan's history. Tad and JP realize they've both gotten the invitations, too.

Kendall goes to the police station, dressed to the nines, and demands answers from the police, in front of a ton of reporters, as to who killed her husband. Derek, Jack and Justin laugh at her grieving widow routine. She offers $10 million for information that leads to the killer. The police think she is just doing this so that their time is so tied up with fakes (people trying to scam them for the reward) that they won't have time to get the real killer (who they think is her). They ask Kendall if she can answer some questions, but she will only speak to them with a lawyer. Jack advises her that she should give her statement right now, but she ignores him and leaves. They go back to discussing the autopsy report, which is not conclusive. Justin tries to convince Jack to let him try the case, since he is so close to everyone involved, but Jack threatens him into backing down. Jack and Derek discuss the invitations they got and head out to the party.

Adam is surprised to see Colby visiting; she is looking for J.R. As far as Adam knows, he's not back yet. Liza tells Adam that J.R. has phoned a few times. She hopes Adam gets a second chance with him. Adam is bitter but hopes so, too. He asks her to help him. She isn't sure. He promises to listen to her. Then Mary comes in, obviously living there, so Liza tells him that he's on his own. She and Mary exchange words. Liza explains to Adam that if he wants J.R. to stay home, he had better get rid of Mary. Adam and Liza both realize they got the same invitation. Liza asks him about his fishing trip and tells him that Tad found out that a man matching his description was seen leaving Palmer's jet. Adam denies it and they trade insults.

Erica arrives at the Valley Inn for her mysterious meeting. It is the same room where she and Jack had their almost-wedding, so she remembers back to that time. Greenlee arrives so Erica wonders who would be crazy enough to invite them both to the same function. They bicker and accuse each other. Greenlee particular gets on Erica's case for how she treats Kendall.

Other people start arriving, including Kendall,, heck, just about everyone but Bianca, Maria and Reggie are there. As everyone arrives, they are surprised by the others they see there. Kendall is distressed because she figures this is a will reading and she is the only one who should be inheriting anything. They all try to figure out why they were invited, since many of them didn't know Alexander. Expensive champagne and sparkling water is brought in. After some chatter, they drink "to justice". Greenlee tells the other Fusion ladies that they are getting Fusion back again.

Bill Masters comes in and explains that he's the attorney representing Alexander Cambias. He says they have been called here for the reading of Alexander's will. He asks Derek if there is a time of death yet for Michael. Derek replies that it hasn't been determined yet. Bill explains, "Michael signed an agreement with his father before he was brought into Cambias Industries. In the event that Michael predeceases his father, all Michael's moneys and properties revert to Alexander Cambias' estate." This would mean Kendall gets nothing, so Kendall protests vehemently. Masters shows a videotape from Alexander. On the tape, Alexander welcomes them and tells them to please greet the sole heir of the Cambias fortune. In walks Ryan, and everyone gasps.

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