AMC Update Monday 9/29/03

All My Children Update Monday 9/29/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At Fusion, Mia quizzes Liza about going over to Tad's and whether she wants him. She urges a relucatnt Liza to declare her feelings for Tad, but Liza says there's too much baggage. Greenlee storms in and says she knows how they can stop Kendall and get controlling interest back. She plans to offer her something.

Aidan has slept on Kendall's couch; she watches him while he sleeps so he wakes up and wonders what she's staring at. She is wondering why he is still in her corner. He plans to find the real killer and get her off the hook, but she begs him to stay out of it. They argue. He knows she's hiding something and thinks she might be protecting someone. It doesn't help that keeps lying about marrying Michael. Greenlee visits so Aidan leaves. Kendall is very rude to Greenlee because she no longer considers her a friend. Greenlee insists on hashing their differences out. Greenlee wants to buy Kendall out of Fusion because it's her "dream". Kendall softens somewhat and then agrees to stay partners rather than have controlling interest. They make up and are friends again. Kendall says she has to go visit someone at the hospital.

Erica brings David the newspaper article showing that Michael's dead body was found frozen. He makes light of it but she says this changes everything. She worries that they will be accused of murder. Erica points out that Anna got her datebook and that Aidan has been yelling about it to everyone. David is not worried because he has the book and thinks that no one will think much of it; nothing directly links them to Michael's murder. Just as he's telling Erica to be calm, Maggie knocks on the door and then blurts out that they found Michael's body. She wants to know if she should tell what she knows. David and Erica suggest that Maggie keeps what she knows to herself because it's what's best for Bianca. She agrees. David and Erica both receive a letter from Alexander Cambias, inviting them to the Valley Inn for a meeting. Erica is worried. David says he's not but she notices he looks like he hasn't been sleeping well. She guesses it's because Anna left, but we know it's about Bianca, too. Erica thanks him for helping her out when he's lost so much this year.

Edmund and Ryan confer about the residue from David's smashed bottler; the lab report confirms their suspicions but since David poured out the contents into the plant, they don't really have much. Ryan is confident he can pin this murder on David. The lab thinks it's a poison but can't figure out what the exact components are. Ryan and Edmund plot their next move that will rock the town.

Bianca goes to the hospital to chat with Maria but finds her talking to Lena, who is in the hospital after having committed suicide. Bianca is shocked when she hears them talking about poison. Lena covers by saying she had food poisoning. Maria helps her cover up. Maria leaves. Bianca and Lena catch up. Bianca tells her that she doesn't have to worry about her any more. Lena says Kendall offered her a job. They agree that there is more to Kendall than meets the eye. Bianca is about to leave and tells Lena to stay away from poison. Just then, Kendall is coming in so she says, shocked, "Oh my God, you told her?" Again, Lena covers and Bianca seems to buy it. Bianca questions Kendall outside Lena's room about Michael, but Kendall swears she did marry him and didn't kill him. Bianca is afraid for Kendall and also for Erica and Jack. She explains that they both disappeared the night the trial finished.

Tad and Simone wake up in bed with whipped cream and other things lying around. She has to get to work but he is distracting her. Jamie bursts in with a smile and tells them that the party is over. Tad drags him outside and yells at him for being rude, wondering why he's not at Brooke's like he's supposed to be. He knows Jamie is just getting revenge for when Tad busted up his party and sex-romp the other day. Simone goes to leave; Tad is worried about what is going on with Jamie. He's surprised to learn that Jamie hit on Simone on 4th of July. Simone says Tad is "amazing" and leaves. Tad calls Jamie back up to yell at him some more. Jamie tells Tad that he's fine with his "booty call". Tad is not amused. In fact, he's flustered and says they will have this conversation later (Jamie's taunts are very funny). Tad realizes that Simone took his cell phone by accident, and he has hers.

Simone goes in to Fusion, greeting Mia and Liza. Mia remembers that Simone had planned to find a guy to sleep with, so she quizzes her about him after seeing Simone's obviously-happy expression. Simone is about to explaine when they get a letter from the late Alexander Cambias, inviting them to a gathering at the Valley Inn. They are both intrigued and creeped out at the same time. Liza phones Tad to see if he knows anything about it; in the meantime, Mia makes a comment about how Liza is using it as an excuse to talk to Tad. Simone looks uncomfortable. When Liza phones, Simone's cell rings. She looks very uncomfortable as she tries to cover up why she has Tad's phone, and then Tad walks in, looking very cheery. Liza realizes what happened but covers up her feelings. She dismisses Tad's stammered apologies, saying he can do what he wants in his private life, and asks him about the letter. Tad keeps trying to apologize about how she found out about Simone, but she says it's fine, they are just friends. Tad doesn't know anything about the letter. He phones and finds out that the man whose name is on the letter, Bill Masters, is a "go-to guy" that Alexander must have hired.

Aidan tapes part of David and Erica's conversation. Kendall gets the same invitation from Alexander. Ryan thanks Edmund for his hospitality but says he has to move on because Wildwind holds too many memories of Gillian. He wishes Edmund could be at the big party to see everyone's faces.

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