AMC Update Friday 9/26/03

All My Children Update Friday 9/26/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Man-hungry Simone smiles at Tad after he arrives at Fusion. She asks him to join her and some of the other women in going out on the town, but no one seems game. Simone and Mia leave the room, leaving Tad alone with Liza. Tad tells Liza he wants to talk about "us," prompting her to ask "is there an us?" Tad struggles with his words, now knowing what to say. He finally tells her there was a reason neither of them got on the plane to Tahiti. It's because neither of them want to get into something they're unsure about. He says he's been hooked on her ever since asking her to dance at a high school dance. But now they have too much baggage. He says she is his best friend but he doesn't want to do something to screw that up. He can't promise her all that she deserves, not for the long haul. Liza says she's not a candidate for the long haul. She tells him he needs a transitional person. Tad asks if she's proposing mindless sex and one-night stands. She tells him she guesses their dance is over. "Maybe they're not playing our song yet," he says. As Liza walks away, Mia approaches Tad and says Liza's idea for a transitional person is a good way to kickstart his love life. Tad asks if she's speaking from experience or making him an offer. She reminds him he did kiss her once. But she figures that because Liza's her sister and Jake is his brother, there are too many connections between them. She'll have to find someone else. Tad tells her that won't be hard. But he has a reputation to live down. There are few people in this town he doesn't have a history with, with the exception of Myrtle, he says. After Tad leaves, Mia tells Liza that she heard part of their conversation, and calls it a "mature breakup." Liza says it's too bad she didn't mean it. Liza can't believe she practically told him to go find someone else. She wants him to be with her. Mia asks why she didn't tell Tad that but Liza admits she was afraid. But she's willing to take a chance, and she thinks it would work between them. Mia encourages her to go find Tad and tell him that. Liza says what if he's already found someone for a no-strings fling? Mia says he'll have to look under a rock to find that.

Tad arrives home and goes to his bedroom only to find Mary sitting on his bed. She tells him she needs his help as a private investigator. She has been victimized by a con man, Juan Pablo, who is now going after her daughter. Tad reminds Mary that she's broke and has nothing to pay him. She says there are other ways to pay for services rendered. He takes her by her arm and shoves her out of his room. But he is still not alone. He is shocked to find Simone in his room. He asks her what she wants and she says "you." Simone tells him she can be his transitional person. Besides, she wants to see if he's as good as his reputation. He says he's better. They kiss. He asks if she means no strings. She says there's only one. She pulls a string on her dress and it falls to the floor. She unbuttons his shirt. He picks her up and carries her to the bed.

Adam is alone at home when Opal arrives demanding to talk to him. She tells him that they found the body of that snake Michael Cambias. She wants to know what he was doing the night Cambias disappeared and why was he teaming up with Palmer. Opal produces a watch that belonged to Adam that was found on Palmer's jet and asks how it got there. Adam says he has no idea, he was fishing in Canada with Stuart. Opal says the watch shows otherwise. She asks him if he helped Cambias "meet his maker." She is worried about Palmer's involvement and doesn't want to see him go to prison. Adam says the best way she can help Palmer is to go home and keep her mouth shut.

David goes to Lena's hospital room to see her. He tells her that Cambias is dead and his body was found. "That took long enough," Lena says half under her breath. She tells him she's relieved that Bianca will never have to face Michael again. She says even if she can't be with Bianca, she'll know she's safe. She figures this must be the happiest day of Bianca's life. She thanks him for telling her the news.

Bianca tells Jack that it can't be true that Michael is dead. He doesn't know what that means. Reggie walks in and Bianca tells him that someone killed Cambias. Reggie tells her it's going to be all right. Cambias must have gotten himself mixed up with the wrong guys who strung him up. Jack asks him how he knew Cambias was strung up. Reggie says the news is all over the hood, and his cousin told him. Jack leaves to get some water for Bianca, giving her the chance to ask Reggie about the gun he had. Reggie says no one knows he had the gun or that she got rid of it. Jack returns and insists on sticking around until Erica arrives. Bianca says she doesn't need a babysitter and asks Reggie if he'll teach her to play chess. Jack says he'll stay and watch.

Kendall is on the floor after fainting because she thought she saw Michael's eyes open. Derek, who is now acting police chief, is trying to help her. While police officers are in the room with Michael's body hanging on the hook, Kendall looks at the body again and sees him walking toward her with her eyes open. "Oh my God," she screams. Derek tells Kendall that Michael is dead and tells her his officers have taken him off the hook. She watches as they put the body in a body bag. Derek tells her he knew she bought the building just this morning. Aidan arrives just in time to tell Kendall not to answer any questions without a lawyer. Kendall says she'll answer questions, and tells Derek that her husband told her to buy the building yesterday or the day before. She says maybe Michael died in an accident. An officer then tells Derek that it looks like it might be a gunshot to the chest that killed Michael. Derek confronts Kendall about this, but Aidan takes her away. Derek tells her he'll be in touch. Justin McCoy arrives at the warehouse and asks Derek if there are any suspects. "We're just getting started," Derek says. Police carry the body away on a gurney.

Aidan takes Kendall home and she asks him why he hasn't left town yet. He says he had a change of plans. She asks if he came back for her and he admits that he did. She tells him she didn't kill Michael. He has to believe her. Aidan asks how he can believe her. She has lied to him and pushed him away many times. But she says he's still here. He tells her she's got to let him help her. Kendall says Derek thinks she killed Michael as do all her friends and family. She says if he believes in her one more time she can make it. "I believe you," he tells her. He comforts her, and as they draw closer, they kiss passionately.

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