AMC Update Wednesday 9/24/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 9/24/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Juan Pablo asks Greenlee to fly with him to Milan in his private jet. He tells her all about the perfect dinner and the view. He tells her all about the restaurant, the people he knows there, the bathhouse. She tells him as much as she’d like to accompany him, she has to stay in Pine Valley because of Fusion and Kendall.

Mary appears in Juan Pablo’s room in an attempt to poison Greenlee’s mind against Juan Pablo. They both tell her they believe she’s a cradle-snatcher, a user, and a tramp. She tells them that when Greenlee is her age, she will look back and appreciate what a good mother she was to Greenlee. She does not appreciate either of their attitudes and rude comments. But when she leaves, they are glad to be rid of her.

Kendall tells Aiden she wants him to leave her alone, stop following her and attempting to find out about her marriage to Michael Cambias, etc. She tells him that they will have to settle for being friends. He says that’s not going to happen. One reason, he stays away from married women. Two, she’s told him she’s bad. And lastly, he washes his hands to her whole situation. But she reveals that she doesn’t want Aiden to leave her alone, after all. Aiden asks one last time, just what Kendall’s “secret” is. But again, she tells him nothing new. He tells her he has to leave Pine Valley and has had plans to do so for a long time. But, again, she does not want him to go

In the mysterious, preserved warehouse, Ryan observes Michael’s corpse. He makes a comment that if the warehouse had been destroyed and Cambias’ body had been found, some poor heroic person would have gotten charged with murder. He calls Edmund to consult with him. Ryan’s first suspect is Kendall. But Edmund reminds him that there are tons of suspects in Cambias’s murder. Ryan reminds him that nobody deserves to be punished for killing the likes of that man. They both look like they want to cover up the crime. However, Ryan inquires to Edmund whether a forensics team could detect the approximate time of death. Edmund inquires why that would matter. Ryan does not answer and walks away. Edmund calls the cops to report Cambias’ murder. A detective calls Edmund outside. Although Edmund is confident there’s no way he could possibly be implicated, the cop reminds him that it’s odd that he’d walk right into an abandoned warehouse, discover a frozen corpse and know nothing about it. Edmund informs them that he was covering a story about Cambias and received an anonymous phone-call. Ryan remains out of sight.

David appears at Erica’s to visit Erica and Bianca. Erica aggressively asks him if something has gone wrong with Bianca’s procedure. Instantly, Bianca demands to know why David has come. When Bianca and David are alone, she protests that she cannot let her mother know about their “secret”. He assures her that it is confidential, privileged information. But Erica accidentally overhears them say that “something” is none of her business. David announces that he and Bianca have lunch plans that do not include her. She remains gracious and tells them she’s glad that Bianca has David as a father-figure. Since her real father is dead and Jackson is too engrossed in Greenlee, Erica really appreciates what David has done for Bianca. He also tells them that he has some medicine for Bianca. Erica assumes it must be some type of “post-operative” antibiotics. But David and Bianca both sound as though they know something they are not about to share with Erica. When Erica and David are alone, David presents Erica’s appointment book to her. He informs her that he knows that Jack is aware that the book has been in Cambias’s home, yet has done nothing. Erica concludes that it must mean that he’s protecting her because he still loves her, and she must go to Jack. But David reminds her that Jack is still the D.A., she cannot totally trust him. She must hang on to the appointment book and tell Jack nothing about it. He tells her that things will work out, and that she has his word that he will never disclose their “secret”.

Kendall goes to the hospital to see Lena. A hospital attendant tells her that only medical staff and family are allowed. But Kendall informs her that she has saved this woman’s life and has the right to see her. She enters and rips into Lena. She says Lena has no right to behave as she did. Kendall informs Lena that she has problems herself, but doesn’t drown her pity-party in drugs to end her life. Kendall says that she is protecting Bianca. She knows Bianca would be devastated if Lena had taken her life. Kendall demands that Lena pulls herself together, snaps out of her self-pity and starts acting like an adult. Lena can’t stop crying and tells Kendall that she blames herself for bringing Cambias to town, caused his embezzlement of the companies, caused Bianca to get raped and have to have an abortion. But Kendall looks tough and shows no sympathy. Kendall tells Lena she expects her to get dressed, get out of the hospital and report to Enchantment. Lena assumes Erica is still in charge of Enchantment. Kendall informs her that now she is and she’s offering Lena a position because she believes Lena is highly qualified to help her run Enchantment.

Ryan walks into a steam room and consults with a mysterious man, there. He urges the man to get a party going with Kendall Hart, as front and center. The man assures him that that will happen. Strangely enough, Kendall walks into the very steam-room where Ryan has left.

At the warehouse, the cops call Jackson Montgomery. He walks in to observe Cambias and tells the corpse he wishes nobody had ever found him.

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