AMC Update Tuesday 9/23/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/23/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca stares at the surgery table, hesitating. David assures her that she has the option of canceling the procedure. He tells her she can reconsider and still has time to decide what to do. She keeps telling him that she wants to go through with it. But her expression says differently.

Erica discovers Mary in Adam’s chair. Mary informs Erica that she is going to be a sculptor for Adam and he’s going to provide for her. Erica laughs in disbelief. Although Mary assures Erica that she has a great relationship with Adam, Erica says she knows that Adam could care less about her. Mary attempts to make Erica feel insecure by reminding her that she has not re-set a wedding day with Jack. But it doesn’t work. Erica tells Mary she knows that neither Jack nor Adam thinks she’s worth a thing and Erica has no insecurities whatsoever. Mary becomes hysterical, threatens Erica, throws things all over Adam’s office. He overhears their screaming match, demands to know what’s going on and tells them both to go sit in the corner. When Erica makes a comment about Adam needing a mutt from the pound, if he’s desperate enough to “entertain” Mary, he talks nicely about Mary when she is present. He asks Mary to go and get them some drinks. She inquires if they only need two drinks. He replies yes, simply because Erica does not drink. When Erica and Adam are alone, he assures her that he does not care for Mary. He tells her he still needs to apprehend Kendall. Erica does not discuss that further and tells him she must leave and see Bianca. He asks if Bianca needs anything and tells Erica he hopes Bianca is o.k. Erica leaves.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo stand outside the hotel room that was occupied by Ryan Lavery. Greenlee demands that the maid let them in. After Greenlee refuses to give up, the maid breaks down and lets them into Ryan’s room. Greenlee comes up with a plan to inform Kendall that Ryan is in town, assuming that Kendall is so attached to Ryan, that she will reward Greenlee by selling Fusion to her, simply for finding Ryan. But Juan Pablo is not certain he wants to be part of Greenlee’s plan and tells her she must go through with it by herself.

While at the docks, Ryan spies on Kendall and remains unseen. Mr. Spanelli, who owns the building ready to be torn down, tells Kendall and Boyd he doesn’t plan to preserve it. They offer to pay him whatever he wants, in order to buy him out. He inquires just why this building is so important to them. He wonders why people like them would care or want to pay for a place like that. Boyd offers to pay them more than he’d expect to get. He refuses. Kendall offers him triple than the going rate for the place. He wonders why they’d pay so much for warehouse space, but they refuse to tell him. He assumes that they must be doing something illegal, and threatens to inform the authorities. Kendall tells Spanelli that she is Mrs. Michael Cambias. Spanelli says he knows about Cambias being charged with rape as well as fraud. Both Kendall and Boyd remind him the charges against Michael Cambias have been dropped. Although Spanelli does not trust them, when they offer to pay triple, as well as covering any or all of his expenses, he decides he cannot refuse them, he calls off the wrecking crew, and they got their building preserved. Just then, Kendall gets a call from David. She assumes that it’s “over” for Bianca. David tells her Bianca has left. Kendall inquires about Lena. David assures her Lena is fine. He also tells Kendall she did a good thing to save Lena’s life. Kendall urges David never to tell Bianca about Lena over-dosing and going to the hospital. He promises not to tell.

When Kendall leaves, Ryan comes out from hiding. He rushes to inspect the preserved warehouse. He notices a pad-lock which prevents him from opening it. But after touching the door, he remarks that the place is freezing.

When Bianca returns home from the clinic, Maggie asks her just what happened. Bianca still appears sullen, and tells Maggie that something happened, although she will not say what. She says what she wanted has happened. Right away, Bianca is changing the subject, talking about school starting. Maggie asks if Bianca will be ready to go back to classes, and can sense that something is still not right. But Bianca will not tell her anything. Erica returns to find them. Before Maggie leaves, Erica tells her that she is very grateful to Maggie for being such a great friend to Bianca. Maggie says she loves Bianca and will always be there for her. Bianca gets up the courage to ask Erica to hold her, but she still has not let on as to whether or not she’s gone through with the abortion. Erica tells Bianca that she loves her, everything is going to be alright, and she’s very happy that it’s finally “over”. But Bianca’s expression shows no relief and no resolution.

Kendall goes to the Valley Inn and announces to the bartender and the caterer that she wants them to throw a wedding reception. The caterer inquires if it’s for Ms. Kane and Mr. Montgomery. Kendall says no way, it’s for her, Mrs. Kendall Hart Cambias.

While Mary and Adam are alone in his house, drinking wine, she butters him up. She obviously assumes that since he’s been celibate for a while and has money, she can “work” on him. Adam sounds like he’s “flattered” but he resists her manipulation ploy.

When Greenlee is with Juan Pablo, he inquires just what her “attachment” to Ryan was, or might still be. She tells him that he did some bad things to her. And she concludes that he is now “Kendall’s problem”, not hers. Juan Pablo wants her to forget Ryan and focus her energy on him. It sounds like she wants to. But she still has Ryan on the brain.

Ryan manages to get his flashlight into the mysterious warehouse Kendall and Boyd paid to preserve. He freaks when he sees what’s there. He walks in and discovers what looks like a corpse wearing a leather jacket, hanging off the ceiling, suspended by chains. He turns it around and discovers it’s Michael Cambias.

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