AMC Update Monday 9/22/03

All My Children Update Monday 9/22/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Adam laughs in Mary's face about her contention she is his houseguest. He says he doesn't remember inviting her. Mary apologizes for being presumptuous but says she's tired of hotel living and her new place isn't ready. Adam asks her what kind of scam is she trying to pull. Mary calls him a fascinating, attractive man. He says he's also a raging skeptic and wants her to come clean. Mary admits that she was forced to leave because being at the Valley Inn was like living in a fish bowl. She walks behind him and starts stroking his shoulders, and suggests that they've both had enough of loneliness and need to have some fun. She mentions she got a call from JR before he got there. Adam doesn't believe her, but she urges him to check the caller ID. Adam returns the call from the San Diego number on the caller ID and asks for JR Chandler, but is told no one has heard of him. Mary says he's working under a different name. Adam accuses Mary of trying to pull a major con job. Mary suggests a business proposition. She asks him to set her up with a small art studio and she would help him get back at the people working against him. He tells her he'll give her a greenhouse on his property, and she is overjoyed.

Greenlee is out of breath after running around looking for Ryan, unsuccessfully. She gets back to the boathouse and finds Juan Pablo. Greenlee tells him she saw Ryan Lavery but he didn't stop. She wonders what is he doing there. Around the corner, Ryan is lurking. Juan Pablo asks Greenlee who Ryan Lavery is and what does he look like? Greenlee describes him, and Juan Pablo tells her he saw him at the Valley Inn. In fact they had a discussion about her. He mentioned Greenlee's name to Ryan, but Ryan claimed not to know her. Greenlee can't figure out what Ryan is up to, unless he's doing something illegal. Around the corner, Ryan gets a call from Edmund and urges him to get him out of there. Greenlee and Juan Pablo leave the boathouse, headed for the Valley Inn to find Ryan.

Boyd and Kendall rush Lena to the clinic. Kendall tells David he has to save her. If Bianca finds out, it will kill her, Kendall says. Lena is placed on an examining table and Kendall and Boyd leave the room. They realize that Kendall will miss her appointment with the owner of the building about to be demolished. Kendall urges Boyd to go in her place and tell him she was delayed on an emergency. David comes out after examining Lena and says she has to go to the hospital for further treatment and a psychological examination. He tells Kendall she saved Lena's life. Kendall asks that this not get out so Bianca doesn't find out.

Jack and Bianca arrive at Erica's place. Before going in, Jack wants to be sure that having an abortion is Bianca's decision and she didn't feel pressured. She can still cancel, he says. Before she has a chance to say much, Erica opens the door and greets her daughter with a hug. Erica has read a note from Bianca that tells of her decision to have an abortion. Erica tells her she's never been more proud of her. This is the right thing to do, Erica says. Erica wants to help her daughter make decisions such as when and which doctor, but learns that Bianca has already decided that David would do the procedure and it would be at noon today. Erica asks when do they leave. Bianca tells her that Maggie is taking her and she doesn't want anyone else there. Erica says it's her place to be there, but Bianca says it will be hard enough without having to watch her mother relive her own pain. Maggie arrives early, and Erica tells her to not leave her for a second. They leave and Erica begins crying. She asks Jack how dare he tell her how to treat her daughter. Jack tells her that she should be happy because she got her way. Erica says Bianca made this decision by herself, but Jack has doubts and wonders if Erica is trying rewrite her history with Kendall. Jack says Bianca is shaky and unsure. If she's doing this under duress she'll regret it the rest of her life. Erica says of course she's shaky because she's undergoing something no woman should ever have to. She says she'll be there for Bianca when she gets home. She urges Jack to leave and focus on Greenlee. There is a knock on the door. It is Maria to see Bianca. Erica realizes that she is the doctor who Bianca spoke to. She accuses Maria of filling Bianca's head with doubts and making her consider going to term with her pregnancy. She tells Maria to stay away from Bianca. Jack apologizes to Maria, saying everyone's on edge. He tells her Bianca is at the clinic because she has made a decision. Maria says when she talked to Bianca she seemed far from making a decision. Erica tells Maria that with her recent mental problems, she's surprised she could tell anything. After Maria leaves, Erica is upset that Jack felt he had to apologize for her. Jack says someone had to. Erica says she can never do anything right. Jack says even Maria noticed Bianca was unsure. Erica says that doesn't mean she browbeat her into having an abortion. She walks out, saying she will not stand here and take his insults.

Bianca and Maggie arrive at the clinic and come face-to-face with Kendall. Bianca tells her she's there for an appointment. Kendall asks her if she's feeling OK, and Bianca says she's fine. Bianca asks Maggie to leave her and Kendall alone. Maggie is reluctant, but Bianca insists. Bianca tells Kendall that if she wants to tell her something she should do so. Kendall starts speaking but stops. Bianca tells her it's OK, she knows. Bianca wants to know one thing. Was that Michael Cambias who called her last night? Kendall says Michael doesn't matter. He's never coming back to Pine Valley. Bianca asks how she knows. Kendall tells her to trust her. She would never do anything to cause her pain. Bianca tells her she's the one who married the guy. Kendall says there is something she wants to tell her. She apologizes for the scene at Erica's, saying it was horrible. She has a tendency to make everything about her. Kendall says the problems between her and Erica have nothing to do with Bianca. She should not have taken her hurt out on her. She says the way she was conceived has been something she's had to deal with, but it doesn't compare to how Bianca has suffered. She tells Bianca that she needs to do whatever it takes to heal. As both sisters freely shed tears, Kendall tells her that she once didn't believe in God because she says nothing could be that good. Now she knows that's not right, because Bianca is such a good person. She says she admires her. She even wishes she was her. That causes Bianca to chuckle, and Kendall sits down with her and they bond. Kendall tells her she's so proud to be her sister. She kisses her on the cheek and whispers in her ear that she loves her. Bianca sits in silence with tears in her eyes. Kendall gets up to leave, telling Bianca to do whatever she needs to do. Maggie returns to Bianca and asks what Kendall said. Bianca says it's OK. Kendall just wants a chance. David takes Bianca into the procedure room and begins to explain what's going to happen. She seems hesitant, and David asks her if she's ready.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo are at the Valley Inn knocking on Ryan's door. The maid answers and says the occupant has checked out. Ryan goes to the building slated for demolition. He enters a window, turns on his flashlight and comes face to face with something. Outside, Boyd is trying to stall the building's owner. The owner doesn't want to wait any longer and orders the demolition to begin. Just then Kendall shows up and offers to buy it if he names a price.

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