AMC Update Friday 9/19/03

All My Children Update Friday 9/19/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

As the sun rises, Greenlee is deep in thought at the boathouse while other Pine Valley residents, including Bianca, Lena, Kendall, Mary and Mia, are seen still sleeping.

Greenlee twirls her wedding ring around her finger and contemplates taking it off. "Oh, Leo," she says to herself. "I can't do it. I'm not ready to let you go."

Bianca is dreaming, hearing Kendall's voice asking her to give her another chance. She wakes up, distressed.

Lena is seen sleeping alone at the Pine Cone Motel.

Kendall is sleeping on the couch at Enchantment. She wakes up and finds Adam handing her a glass of orange juice. He proposes a toast to the savviest woman he's ever encountered.

Mary awakens in the back seat of a car. She sits up and sees Jack in the driver's seat. He tells her she better have a good explanation for being there.

Mia begins to awaken and is surprised to see Aidan lying next to her in bed at the Pine Cone Motel. As they look at each other, he tells her, "morning beautiful." She is suffering from a hangover, and is obviously uncomfortable in this situation. She doesn't remember what happened last night and asks if she crossed the line, but he tells her he was a perfect gentleman. She asks if he can help her get rid of her hangover and he says he has a remedy. He picks her up and carries her into the shower. With water running and both of them getting wet, they stair into each other's eyes and nearly kiss. The water is shut off and they pull back. He tells her they need to get out of their wet clothes and he'll give her some privacy. She exits the bathroom in new clothes and they talk briefly about Kendall. Aidan says she is self-destructing. As she prepares to leave, she tells him that Kendall is "a bloody fool." As they search for a man trying to be the sexiest in America, he doesn't have to try, she says. He's one of the good guys, she tells him. After she walks out, his phone rings. Aidan tells Clive that he's looking for a job, the further away from Pine Valley the better.

Bianca arrives a the boathouse. As soon as she sees Greenlee she turns around to leave, saying she's the last person she wants to see. Greenlee doesn't want Bianca to leave, but Bianca says she has an important appointment today so she came to the boathouse to be alone and think. Greenlee says she's glad to see her. Why, Bianca asks, since she's never been glad before. Bianca says just because her Uncle Jack is her father, that doesn't mean she'll forget all the terrible things Greenlee has done, including ruining her mother's wedding. Greenlee asks to talk about something else. How about if they bash Kendall, but Bianca doesn't want to talk about Kendall. Noticing Greenlee is twirling her ring, Bianca asks her if she's thinking about Leo. Greenlee says she wishes he were here now for her. Bianca says he was her best friend. Greenlee says she knows it's not the same, but she can try to be her friend. Bianca gets up and walks around, getting upset when she breaks a nail. Greenlee sits her down and tells her she'll fix it. She gets an emery board from her purse and files Bianca's nail. Greenlee tells her her testimony against Michael Cambias was the bravest thing she's ever seen. She stops filing and holds Bianca's hand. Bianca begins crying and Greenlee apologizes, saying she's just trying to be nice. She tells Bianca she's been so amazing. She doesn't know how she does it. Bianca thanks her. They begin to bond while realizing they are cousins and could be stepsisters if Erica succeeds in roping Jack. Bianca asks her if she would mind her mother marrying Jack's father. Greenlee says if they'll be happy, she'd be OK with it.

Mary follows Jack into BJ's, where a party is planned for the Habitat for Humanity crew. He accuses her of breaking into her car. Mary tries to explain, saying she came by his house, but he cuts her off. He refers to her lying to Greenlee that he knew about her all along and asks her "what's the matter with you." She says it was because her father cut her off and she has no place to go. He suggests she go to a shelter. She tells him to look at it this way – at least she saved him tends of thousands of dollars in child support. She asks if he'll loan her some money. He says he'll give her a monthly allowance on one condition – she must leave town. She says Greenlee is using him to do her dirty work and insists she will not leave. She walks out of BJ's.

Adam has breakfast prepared and waiting for Kendall. He tells her they are very much alike. "Because half the town hates us?" she asks. Adam says that builds character. She says she knows why he's here. He wants his company back. Adam tells her she'll benefit with him on her side. Together they'll be unstoppable. Kendall says she already is. He says she can be the figurehead and she can run Enchantment and Fusion, she's earned it. But she needs someone else to be in charge at Chandler Enterprises. When she says she's not interested, he says one word from him and the company can be run into the ground. It's his legacy, she says, she can take the hit. He tells her he thought she was smarter than this. She taunts him about JR leaving town as Boyd enters. Adam walks out, but not before calling her an "arrogant, classless wannabe." He says he's going to enjoy dismantling her little empire. Boyd asks Kendall what that was all about, saying she doesn't need any more enemies. Kendall says Adam did her a huge favor by inspiring her to do something that will help Bianca and herself. Boyd tells her she should be thinking only of today's building demolition. Kendall says Adam is right. There is no way she can run these companies by herself. She proposes hiring Lena, which will make Bianca happy. They leave to go find Lena.

Ryan is waiting at Edmund's office when Edmund arrives. Ryan hides quickly when they hear Liza coming. Liza tells Edmund she was going to get an injunction to stop the Tempo story about Kendall. She stops and sniffs. "I smell Ryan," she says, explaining that she smells his aftershave. Edmund tries to cover by saying he's wearing aftershave given to him by Ryan. After she leaves, Edmund tells Ryan he has so many ex-girlfriends in town that it's going to be hard for him to remain in hiding. Edmund says the stables in the park are being torn down today. Ryan says he'll check it out. Edmund tells him the best way to get there is through the boathouse.

Jack is presiding at the Habitat for Humanity party, and presents keys to the house to a mother and her two sons. The festivities are interrupted by Adam, who walks in and tells Jack he needs to talk to him. He says he wants Kendall arrested and thrown in jail. Jack says he'll take action once he gets concrete evidence. Jack says his office couldn't find dirt under a rock. He wants to know why he's defending Michael Cambias. Nearly shouting, Jack says he doesn't want to protect Cambias, he wants him dead. Adam walks out, saying he'll see to it that Cambias and everyone associated with him get what's coming to them. Adam arrives at home and is greeted by Winnefred, who mentions a houseguest. Adam doesn't know anything about a houseguest. Mary appears, making herself at home.

Jack goes to the boathouse and is surprised to see Greenlee and Bianca together. He says he didn't know they were so friendly. Bianca says they have realized they have someone else in common, and Greenlee says that someone is pretty spectacular. Jack tells Greenlee he needs to talk to Bianca alone. "You know, don't you," she says. He nods his head. Bianca tells Greenlee that they'll leave, she can stay. Greenlee asks if this is about her appointment today. She says no, it's about her mother.

Kendall and Boyd go to the Pine Cone Motel looking for Lena. They knock on her door but there is no response. Kendall turns the knob and is surprised to see the door is unlocked. They walk in and find Lena unconscious on the bed. They try to awaken her to no avail. They notice a box of insect poison next to her.

Ryan arrives at the boathouse and runs into Greenlee, who has her back turned to him. He runs immediately but she turns in time to see him. She shouts that she sees him and tells him to come back.

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