AMC Update Thursday 9/18/03

All My Children Update Thursday 9/18/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee proposes a plan with Juan Pablo to buy Kendall out of Fusion. Greenlee asks if their business relationship might get in the way of their personal relationship. He assures her it will all work out. But she expresses that she doesn’t want to be one of many women in his life. When they’re ready to leave, the dude, who was instructed by Kendall, to remove the painting of Erica, appears. Greenlee tells him she whole-heartedly agrees with Kendall that it should be destroyed. But he seems to worship Erica and the painting. Greenlee concludes, to Juan Pablo that she has no problem “joining forces” with Kendall, because it will overthrow Erica. He inquires just why Kendall and Erica are having all these problems. She says she does not know nor care. She’s just glad that she’s finally gotten what she’s always wanted, and that’s all that matters.

Mia locates Aiden and asks where he’s been. He says he’s been to Vegas, in search of Kendall, or of information of what she’s done. He concludes that he’s given up on Kendall and no longer wants to hear her name.

Kendall is in what was Erica’s office, sobbing, believing she’s alone. Ryan, however, is in the other room. Boyd pounds on the door and demands Kendall lets him in. Again, Boyd reveals that he’s got some secret going on with Kendall. She tells him she attempted to explain to Erica, the “real deal” with Michael, but Erica will never understand, wants Kendall out of her life, and wishes she’d never been born. She tells him that she knew that “what they did” was a big risk. She knows she’s lost her family and all her friends but she will count her many blessings. She reveals that she believes in him, trusts him, and he’s the one person in town who cares about her. He tells her he loves her, puts his arms around her and tells her it’s going to be o.k. But it’s uncertain whether they have a “romantic thing” or are just friends. This seems to be the first and only friendly conversation Kendall has had with anybody since she’s married Michael Cambias. Boyd reveals to her that some “building” is coming down tomorrow. Right there, Kendall panics and tells him that she cannot let that happen. Throughout the whole conversation, Ryan listens at the door. Kendall and Boyd go to the docks after dark. They have to “get something” which may require jumping over a barbed-wire fence and being confronted by watch-dogs. Kendall gets in the phone, indirectly informs Boyd that she has the authority to call of the dogs, but will not tell him who she calling or what she’s doing. She instructs a man to meet her the following day. She reveals to Boyd that he will not promise to do what she wants but will meet her. When they return to Enchantment, she tells Boyd that she will attempt to persuade the man not to destroy the building. Boyd asks what happens if she cannot happen. And she replies that in that case, she will lose everything.

Bianca announces to David and to Maggie that she believes her mother was right, that most women in her situation do what Erica suggested she does. She says it’s the best thing to do for all involved and she must do it. David, however, inquires if it is really what is right for her, or just another “people pleasing” act. She says she knows what she needs to do. The deceased Alex Cambias sent her the letter and the funds to heal herself. That’s what she’s going to do. She’s going to terminate the pregnancy. Bianca tells David she wants him to do the procedure and she’s going to get plans into motion to have it done the following day. Bianca and Maggie go to the cottage, and go for a swim in the cold lake. Lena suddenly appears, hides and eavesdrops on their conversation. She is able to overhear Bianca telling Maggie that the big “decision” will mean she’s no longer pregnant. The secret Lena never knew, (Bianca being pregnant from the rape) has finally been revealed. Bianca talks about all of the “what if’s” that she could have done differently. Maggie brings up “what if’s” that place the blame on Lena. Bianca says none of it’s Lena’s fault. Maggie insists that had Lena and Cambias not gotten together with their scheme, Bianca could have been spared the agony of what she’s gone through. When Bianca and Maggie return to Erica’s, Bianca tells Maggie that mommy will be so relieved to know that she’s decided to terminate. Maggie suggests that Bianca may only be doing what mommy wants. Also in the conversation, Bianca reveals how grateful she is that Maggie is her hetero-sexual friend, instead of having her as her lesbian girl friend. She knows that any romantic relationship she’d have would be ruined by what’s happened. She’s so grateful that it did not happen with Maggie. She reveals that she really loves Maggie much more than she loves Lena.

Lena returns to her home, cries and writes Bianca a letter, begging for another chance. She reveals in the letter that she is aware of the pregnancy and urges Bianca to know that she deeply regrets working with Michael and only wishes Bianca could know how much Lena loves her. But she’s too discouraged and crumples up the letter.

Edmund listens to Michael’s website, where Michael says DA Jackson Montgomery and Erica Kane brought malicious, false charges against him, he grieves his father’s death, and has great support and consolation from his lovely wife, Kendall. Maria comes by to bring Edmund lunch, remarks that she really needs to find Cambias so that there is justice for Bianca, and she also remembers her sister’s rape. She tells Edmund she hopes Cambias is never in her medical care, because one slip of a scalpel will be justice served. Ryan appears to meet with Edmund and is ready to fill him in on the mysterious information regarding his return to Pine Valley.

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