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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/17/03

By Jennifer
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Edmund proceeds to interview Kendall. She firmly reminds him that she is “Mrs. Cambias”. She says a large part of the reason she married Michael is for money and power. But it’s important to note that there is another reason why she made the choice to alienate all her family and friends, which is because of her mother, Erica. She tells Edmund that because she knows that her mother will always hate her, for being a child of a rape, and because she is her father’s daughter, she’s come to the realization that the only person she deserves is a rapist. Kendall cries in the interview, although she’s making great effort to completely act tough. Edmund digs for information as to where Cambias is. She replies that her husband is where nobody will ever find him. She informs him that if he’s out to string Michael up, he might as well convict her instead. She is protecting her husband. He’s the only person who has ever cared about her, not judged her, and been there for her. Edmund tells her he refuses to print this information. He tells her he does not buy her “manipulation trip”, nor believes that she really cares for Michael, nor that she really wants to destroy Erica. She still refuses to budge, and tells Edmund he’d better get out before she has him thrown out. Ryan, who is listening at the door, moves away so she cannot see him.

Bianca opens a letter from Cambias Enterprises and becomes hysterical. Maggie asks her what has happened. She says she is afraid he’s going to come after her and find her. Maggie reads the letter, which reveals that this is a courtesy letter from Michael’s father, right before he died, where he offers her money, which she can donate to help other women like herself. Alex Cambias writes in his letter that he is ashamed of his son and realizes that no amount of money can compensate for what his son has done. But he acknowledges Bianca for what she’s suffered through, while on his death-bed. But Bianca informs Maggie that she is still stressed over Erica’s insistence that she aborts, that Kendall’s behavior is not helping anything, and she is still horrified that if Michael Cambias ever found out she was pregnant, he could come after her and find her. Just then, Bianca collapses from pain. Maggie calls David. He arrives and tells Bianca it’s a normal reaction probably caused by stress, and NOT a miscarriage. He can tell that Bianca is very disappointed and was hoping to be miscarrying so that a decision could be made for her.

When Greenlee departs from Jack’s home, Erica appears. Greenlee attempts to “make nice” by offering her condolences for what happened to Bianca. But Erica does not buy that Greenlee could care less about anybody except herself. She makes it clear that she has not forgiven Greenlee for causing a scene and ruining her wedding to Jack. Greenlee says Erica ruined her own wedding by not letting Jack know that Greenlee was his daughter. Erica brings up the “black-mail” Greenlee exercised upon Bianca, and reflects upon what a loser Greenlee’s mother, Mary is. Jack finds himself in the middle of their “shouting match” and asks them both to shut up and calm down. When Greenlee leaves, Erica guilt-trips Jack, assuming he has no more time or interest in Bianca because of Greenlee. Jack does not appreciate that and tells her he wants to know what’s going on with Bianca. Erica tells him that Bianca has not made a decision about the pregnancy and that she would prefer Bianca terminates it. Jack tells her that although her personally agrees with her, he believes that it must be solely Bianca’s decision. Erica keeps urging Jack that if he simply tells Bianca he wants her to abort, she’ll do that. But Jack insists that they both stay out of it and let her make her own decision. He tells her that if she does not allow Bianca to do what she chooses, she will shut down, as she always has before. Jack reminds Erica about Bianca’s life-long pattern about always denying what has happened to her, trying too hard to please and take care of everybody around her, except herself. And he tells her that he knows that this will only bring on her eating disorder again.

Aidan confronts David in the bar. He wonders where Anna is. David tells all. Anna has left because of him. David says it’s entirely his fault, he failed her, he betrayed her, he made her compromise her integrity and her career. But he also points out that there are other people responsible for Anna’s decision to leave town.

Aiden finds Kendall coming out of the Enchantment Office. He informs her that Anna has resigned from the police department because of this big mess involving Cambias. He urges Kendall to come clean and tell the truth. She tells him that she truly has married Cambias and he must deal with it. When he asks her if it’s worth it for her, she tells him that he needs only look around, to see all the money and wealth she has, which she says is all that matters. She admits she’s had to sell her soul to accomplish it. But she’s got all she needs and he might as well come to terms with the person she really is.

Security officers appear at Enchantment. Kendall has the mistaken impression that they work for her. She asks them to destroy everything that is dear to Erica. But they have already talked to Erica, informed her what Kendall is up to, and are ready to remove Kendall from the premises.

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