AMC Update Tuesday 9/16/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/16/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Juan Pablo is greeted by Mary in his hotel room. She confronts him that what he and Greenlee did was cruel and manipulative. She tells him he’s messing with the wrong person. She vilifies Greenlee for “setting her up” and tries to convince him what a terrible person Greenlee is and how she’s tried to be a good mother. Juan Pablo does not buy a word of what she says.

Knowing her purpose is defeated, Mary attempts to find out information from Marian Colby, about Juan Pablo and his brother Carlos. Marion is no help to her and questions just what Mary’s motive is.

Greenlee “rehearses” her humble apology to Jack, goes to his apartment and sees Reggie. Reggie is not very cordial to her and refuses to let her stay and wait for Jack. But she demands that he lets her come in because she is Jack’s family. It looks like those two don’t get along. Reggie behaves defensively, assuming that Greenlee wants to “hoard” Jack and must have a problem with the fact that Jack has adopted him. Greenlee gets annoyed at his attitude. He demands that she gives her brother a hug. When she refuses, he squeezes her and holds her in a “bear hug” right for Jack to see when he walks in the door. Greenlee tells Jack she’s come because she needs to talk to him. She awkwardly asks him to forgive her for her “rudeness” when he ran into her and Mary, once at the Valley Inn, which was due to her “suspicion” that Jack may have always known that she was his daughter, and lied about it. She reveals the specifics of that to him and asks him if it’s really true. Jack assures Greenlee that Mary never sent him a letter about her pregnancy with Greenlee, all those years ago, as Mary “alleged”. He’s had no clue, throughout Greenlee’s life that she was his daughter. And he regrets missing out on all the benefits of knowing that. Greenlee changes the subject by inquiring what Jack might know about Kendall’s marriage to Michael Cambias. Right there, Jack becomes defensive and tells her he doesn’t want to speak or think about Michael Cambias. It sounds like he’s hiding something.

Kendall stands outside the door and overhears Erica urging Bianca to look at how agonizing it will be to have a baby that was conceived by a rape. Erica informs Bianca that she would have aborted Kendall if it had been a legal option, at the time. Bianca inquires just what it would be like, for Erica, if Kendall had never been born. Bianca reminds her mother that there might have been some type of “loss” for them if there’d been no Kendall. Erica tells her that she is aware of all the pain and self-doubt Kendall lives with, that could have been avoided if she’d been aborted. When Erica asks if Bianca really wants to have the child of a rapist, Kendall makes her presence known to answer the question by telling them, that of course Bianca must abort because she is her mother’s daughter. Kendall confronts her mother about the “closeness” and trust that developed before Erica’s wedding to Jack. She reminds Erica that she was loyal and respectful enough to keep the secret that Greenlee was Jackson’s daughter. She tells Erica she knows that it’s because she means nothing to her, and could never measure up to what Bianca is, Erica “used” her with the secret. Erica protests that she does not devalue Kendall as a human being, does not wish to use or disrespect her, that Kendall should not have overhead the private conversation Erica had with Bianca, nor take it personally. Kendall reminds her that she overheard the entire conversation of Erica urging Bianca to terminate her pregnancy, the same way she said should have aborted Kendall. Erica tells Kendall she has had no ill will toward her, until she married Michael Cambias. Kendall gets into a big “guilt-trip” to Erica and Bianca, tells them that she knows they will always judge her and never accept her as part of the family. Erica protests that she would like very much to be close to Kendall but Kendall has some explaining to do about her behaviors, the most important of which is her getting married to the man who raped Bianca. But Kendall still has no answer. But she keeps rubbing their noses in the fact that Erica wanted to abort her and will always see her as the child of a rapist. And her last words before she leaves is to tell Erica that if she thinks she’s sorry to have had Kendall now, she ain’t seen nothing yet.

Edmund reveals to Ryan that he’s found a website that has “spotted” Michael Cambias and proves he could be alive. They access the website, which has a video of Michael’s speech, where he defends the charges brought against him by Erica and Jack, hints that Kendall is an important person in his life, and he looks forward to a great future with Cambias Industries. They realize that they still have no clue where he is, nor whether he is presently alive or dead. But Edmund somehow “tracks down” a call on Cambias’ cell-phone, which is from Kendall. Edmund, then, calls Kendall and arranges to meet her for an “interview”.

Kendall enters Erica’s office. An employee urges her that she is not to “invite herself” into Ms. Kane’s office. She tells him Ms. Kane no longer works there and she is now the CEO of Enchantment. Right then, Edmund enters. Kendall, very arrogantly and boldly encourages Edmund to make himself at home and do the interview, while from outside the door, Ryan listens.

Bianca opens the door and signs for a certified mail. She opens it and reacts with horror.

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