AMC Update Monday 9/15/03

All My Children Update Monday 9/15/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad is kicking the remainder of the partygoers out of his house. Jamie comes downstairs and acknowledges the place has been trashed. The girl in Jamie's bed, Carrie, walks downstairs and asks Jamie why his boss is there. "You want to tell her or should I," Tad asks Jamie. Jamie admits to Carrie that Tad is his father. Carrie is surprised, but says that still doesn't give him the right to barge into his bedroom like he did. Jamie admits it wasn't his room as he doesn't live here. Carrie suggests going to his place, but Jamie admits he lives with his mom. Tad asks her if she likes dating high school students. Carrie is surprised he's in high school, but he quickly adds that he's a senior. Carrie tells him he's hot, but she can't see him. She tells him to give him a call on his next birthday. After she leaves, Jamie tells Tad to skip the lecture. He's allowed a few screw-ups. Jamie says if he's irresponsible and obsessed with women, he's just taking after his father. Joe arrives with a vacuum cleaner and Jamie leaves. Tad asks his father what kept him from killing him when he was that age. "It was against the law," Joe says. Joe helps Tad clean up the house and Tad tells him the real party was in the bedroom. He says he doesn't recognize his son anymore. Joe says he remembers every bump in the road with Tad. He asks Tad what happened to the plans to go to Tahiti with Liza. Tad says the plans were changed. Joe suggests Tad is holding on too tightly to Dixie. Tad doesn't understand the connection between the trip to Tahiti and Dixie. He admits that Dixie never cared for Liza and wouldn't have wanted him to be with Liza. Joe says Dixie has more important things to do than pick his traveling companions. Dixie would want him to be happy and he can't use Dixie as a reason not to be, he says.

Kendall tells Greenlee her suggestion to merge Enchantment and Fusion is interesting. But would they manufacture two brands? Greenlee says Enchantment products could be for an older market while Fusion could be marketed to a younger group. Greenlee says she would be in charge of it all but would run everything by Kendall. She pulls a paper with bullet points for her plan out of her purse. Kendall says she doesn't see her mother's name anywhere. Greenlee says Erica would get what she deserves for trashing her life. Kendall throws the paper back at Greenlee, asking "how stupid do you think I am?" Kendall says if Greenlee wanted to save the company so much she wouldn't be so eager to get rid of Erica. Greenlee says both she and Kendall have evil moms. How long will it take Kendall to realize that? Kendall says she won't turn her back on one of the most brilliant minds in the cosmetics industry. Greenlee accuses Kendall of begging her mother to love her, but Kendall says this is strictly business. Kendall tells the gang to leave because they're fired. Instead they urge her to come clean. Kendall admits that all this is for Erica's own good. She doesn't blame Erica for slapping her but when she knows the whole story she'll understand. Liza says they deserve to know what's going on. They all tell her that if she has a legitimate reason for doing what she did, they'll support her. Kendall appears on the verge of spilling something but then gets tight-lipped. She says what her mother and she has is real and it will survive everything, even her marrying Michael Cambias. Kendall insults Greenlee's mother, and the women have to keep Greenlee and Kendall from hitting each other. Kendall leaves and Greenlee calls for the new women Kendall hired. She promptly fires them and gives them a severance check. She then tells her co-workers that they're going to have to find dirt on Kendall so they can blackmail her. Mia reveals she knows something, but can't reveal it. It doesn't take much urging for Mia to spill. She says that Aidan suspects Kendall may have killed Cambias.

Jack and Reggie, in a suit, go to BJ's to celebrate Reggie's adoption. Reggie tells Jack that he wants to do everything he can to get him and Erica back together. Jack tells Reggie that he doesn't want any help and to stay out of his personal life. A police officer arrives to deliver to Jack a note from Chief Devane's office. Jack reads the note and tells Reggie he must leave. Later Jack goes to David's house and asks where Anna is. David says Anna is gone. He says she was convinced that he had something to do with Cambias' disappearance and she was coming after him. Anna also suspects Kendall and Erica. Jack sees Erica's datebook and asks if he was with Erica the night Cambias disappeared. David says he was but he won't say anything.

Bianca tells Erica she hasn't made a decision. She shows her the brochures she got from the hospital about her options and say they answer a lot of questions. She has three options: terminate the pregnancy, adoption or raising the baby herself. Erica asks if she would consider keeping Michael Cambias' child. Bianca says it wouldn't just be Michael's child, it would be her child. Erica asks her to think about what it would be like to always have Cambias' child by her side. Bianca says the child would be his or her own person and would not just be a reminder of the father. Erica says the child will always be a reminder of the father and how he raped her. Bianca tells her mother she never got help when she was raped and could not look past the pain, but she has lots of help. Erica says the terror and the injustice will always be there. She says she cannot know that the baby will grow up just as evil as the father. Bianca says she doesn't believe that a person is good or bad based on a parent's DNA. She says she's pregnant now and that may never happen again. Erica says Bianca can get pregnant later if she wants to. Erica tells her it appears she's leaning a certain way. Bianca says she's not, and she realizes there would be a lifelong connection to Michael Cambias if she keeps the baby. She would worry that he would come back and claim the child. Erica swears that would never happen. Bianca asks how she knows that wouldn't happen. Did she do something to Michael Cambias? Erica says she didn't, but if he tried to harm her again she would take a gun and shoot him. This upsets Bianca, who says she can't do that and runs into her bedroom. Erica follows her into the room, and tells her that when she was pregnant following rape, adoption was the only choice she had. She tells Bianca she has to think of her health, and most women in her situation would terminate the pregnancy. Kendall walks in and eavesdrops on her mother and Bianca. She hears Erica telling Bianca that she believes she should terminate the pregnancy so the ordeal would be over.

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