AMC Update Friday 9/12/03

All My Children Update Friday 9/12/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca is at the hospital and runs into a man and his pregnant wife in a wheelchair. The wife appears ready to give birth and is breathing deeply. Bianca watches with wide eyes and they leave her site. Maria approaches Bianca and asks if she can help her. Bianca says she's there to see someone but she's not there. Bianca stands up and appears faint, so Maria brings her into her office. Bianca says she's having a very bad day. Maria understands, and Bianca realizes she knows about the rape. Maria asks her if she's there to see Sally Zimmerman, the crisis counselor, and Bianca says she is. Maria says she's out of town, but she'll try to help. She tells Bianca about her sister, Julia, being raped. She tells Bianca that Julia got through it and so will she. Bianca asks how. The longer she waits to make a decision the harder it is. Maria realizes Bianca is pregnant. Bianca asks what she should do. Maria tells Bianca if there's anything she can do or any questions she can answer, please don't hesitate. Bianca asks her if her anorexia would hurt the baby if she proceeds with the pregnancy. Maria says it could, but as long as she has a clean bill of health everything should be fine. Maria tells Bianca that Julia terminated her pregnancy that resulted from rape. Julia felt it was the right decision for her. Maria gives Bianca some reading materials and tells her if she decides on adoption she can help with that. She assures Bianca she will make the right decision.

Edmund is at Ryan's room at the Valley Inn and tells him there is no word on Michael Cambias. It's as if he vanished from the face of the earth, Edmund says. "Maybe he has," Ryan responds. Ryan remembers Alex's final words, calling to Michael in hell. He asks Edmund where he could find a lab to have something analyzed. He shows him an envelope and Edmund offers to take it to a lab. Ryan doesn't say what's in the envelopes, but says the contents could be crucial evidence in a crime.

Kendall is alone at Fusion looking despondent. She buries her head in her hands and Aidan arrives. He tells her he was wrong about her. He says he knows she didn't kill Michael Cambias, but he thinks she is protecting someone who did do something to Cambias, specifically Erica. He tells her he found Erica's datebook at Michael's condo. Kendall says maybe Michael stole the datebook. Aidan believes Erica is involved in his disappearance. Kendall urges him to just let Michael be gone and leave her alone. Aidan says he can't do that. He believes Kendall is protecting Erica because she wants Erica's love, but Kendall says she doesn't need Erica's love. Her phone rings and she tells Aidan it's her husband on the line. Kendall asks the caller how much he needs and promises to wire it as soon as possible. She tells the caller there's someone here who doesn't believe he's alive. She hands Aidan the phone. Aidan takes the phone but no one is there. He tells Kendall the caller hung up. "Nice try," he says. Kendall shows Aidan the caller ID on the phone which says Michael Cambias to prove that it was him. Aidan tells her she's lot a lot because of Michael and he doesn't want her to lose any more. She says she's not a loser. She's rich and powerful. But she's also alone, Aidan says.

Tad and Liza look uneasy as they wait to board their flight to Tahiti. He asks Liza if she's ready and she replies by asking him if he's ready. She concludes that they're as ready as they'll ever be. Tad goes to check on the plane and Liza, while sitting alone, daydreams about how she envisions this trip with Tad will be. She imagines Tad encountering a group of women in hula skirts and leis while she is carrying all the luggage. Tad takes one light bag from Liza then leaves with the women, telling them there's plenty of him to go around. Meanwhile Tad, waiting at the airline counter, has his own daydream. He imagines Liza with a long itinerary list scheduling every minute of the vacation while he is lugging all the bags. Tad awakens from his dream with the news that the plane is on time.

Juan Pablo asks Greenlee to have enough faith in him to go away with him to Argentina. Greenlee tells him she wants to believe in him but would probably not be very good company. He urges her to allow him to tell the pilot to take off. Simone and Mia suddenly enter the scene telling Greenlee not to leave. Simone tells Greenlee that Kendall needs to be stopped and she's the only one who can do it. They tell her about how Kendall came to Fusion and how they walked out on her. Simone wonders what this will mean to the sexiest man contest since the voting ends today. Mia realizes that they interrupted something and apologizes for having bad timing. Simone urges Greenlee to make a choice between Fusion and leaving with Juan Pablo. Greenlee tells Juan Pablo that she can't leave because she needs to try to save Fusion. He tells her she doesn't have to explain. He knows this is important. She tells him he's important too. She says she's going to miss seeing him. He says he'll be around when she's ready. They share a passionate kiss and she leaves.

Edmund leaves Ryan's room and runs into Juan Pablo. He leaves, but Ryan stops to talk to Juan Pablo. He asks him about the woman who was in his room last night. She seemed upset. Juan Pablo says she was perfectly safe. She was upset about a personal matter. He asks Ryan if he knows the woman, Greenlee Du Pres. Ryan says he's never heard of her. He tells Juan Pablo to keep it down because he needs his sleep.

Tad returns to Liza and tells her the plane is on time. He says he's looking forward to having a room overlooking the ocean. Liza tells him their room will overlook a tennis court. He says he'll be happy as long as he has a window seat. Liza tells him she has an aisle seat, so he'll be in the middle. They get a boarding call. Simone, Greenlee and Mia arrive at the airport, thankful that they have found Liza. They tell her they need her help to take back Fusion – Colby's legacy. Liza says when they put it like that she has to help. She needs to stay, and she quickly tells Tad it's not because she lost her nerve. They four women leave for the Fusion office.

Liza, Greenlee, Mia and Simone arrive back at Fusion and find Kendall, who asks them if they're back to beg for their jobs. Kendall calls someone about the sexiest man tapes, then tells the women that she has a new team. Other women enter and sit down. Simone notices one of them is sitting at her desk. She tells Kendall she will not get away with this. Greenlee approaches Kendall calmly and ask her how she's doing. Kendall says she's been better. Greenlee asks her if she really married Michael, and when Kendall says she did Greenlee says she knows Erica is not happy about it. Greenlee says she wants to help her. She calls Kendall one of the bravest people she's ever known. Kendall is surprised by Greenlee's words. Greenlee tells her that her marriage to Michael was genius. Michael is a master and she managed to get his power of attorney. She now has a bushel full of companies. She suggests that Kendall merge Fusion with Enchantment and make her the CEO. That will allow Kendall to focus on big matters.

Tad arrives home and finds a wild keg party going on in his living room. He tells the teen at the keg that a narc is in the room and he and everyone else clear out fast. Tad notices a huge mess and calls for Jamie, who is not immediately visible. Tad goes to a bedroom, where he finds Jamie making out with a woman, whose top is off. Tad closes the door, hands the woman her shirt and says the party is over.

Edmund goes to Maria's office and greets her warmly. She tells him she thinks she helped someone today. After she leaves the office, Edmund gets on the phone to someone. He asks if the fact that Juan Pablo is in Pine Valley has anything to do with what they talked about awhile back. "I thought so," Edmund says.

Erica finds Bianca at home and asks her if she's OK. Bianca says she's going to counseling and talked to one of the doctors at the hospital today who helped her put things into perspective about what she should do. Erica says she's relieved. She asks Bianca when her appointment is because she'll take the day off. Bianca questions what she means. Erica is talking about an appointment to put an end to the pregnancy.

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