AMC Update Thursday 9/11/03

All My Children Update Thursday 9/11/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan goes to Anna’s office to ask if she’s brought David into the station for his “strange behavior” with Michael’s plants, which looks like he’s destroying evidence. Anna says there’s no evidence that that’s the case. He also brings her Erica’s appointment book, which he assumes was lost the night Michael disappeared. David returns to his and Anna’s home, cannot find her, then calls Erica, informs her that he has not been able to find her appointment book, that Anna caught him and Aidan in Michael’s home, and warns her that “all has not gone as planned”. But he reminds her that all she needs to worry about is Bianca, which is the reason they “did it”.

On the jet, Greenlee confronts her mother, asks her WHY she lied about Jack always knowing she was his daughter, and kept Greenlee from knowing her real father. Mary promises to “talk about it later” by calling her when she arrives at her “destination” with Juan Pablo. Right then and there, Juan Pablo calls to stop the flight and reveals that his “romantic plans” with her were never intended. And Mary is pretty upset to find out that it was all a “scam” set up by the two of them, that Juan Pablo is not her man, and that now she will no longer have a source of income. Greenlee acts tough around mommy, refusing to give her any “hand-outs”. But when Mary leaves, Greenlee breaks down and cries.

Anna tells Aidan that there’s no proof that Michael is dead in the first place, that he’d have many motives, and resources to disappear and not be found. She tells him that it’s highly unlikely that Erica beat Michael to death with her address book at his home, when there’s no way to find him in Pine Valley, and he was “spotted” boarding a flight to Vegas with Kendall. And Kendall announcing to the town that she’s married her sister’s rapist doesn’t lead to good “evidence” that he was killed. Anna keeps telling Aiden that no matter how strange either Erica’s or David’s behavior, with trespassing in Michael’s home, there is still no evidence of murder. Aiden reminds Anna that it sounds so obvious that she is finding any and every excuse to protect her husband, which could jeopardize her career, for what would not be the first time. Back at their home, when David’s leaving his 3rd unanswered message for Anna, she appears. She tells him that instead on the phone, talking face to face is the best way. She announces that she’s going to do something she should have done long ago. She’s resigning from the Pine Valley Police Department, that she leaving town and leaving him. He protests that he’s been straight with her. She admits to him, the reality that anybody, including either of them, could be driven to kill somebody who gets away with doing to their child, what he did to Bianca. Anna says she cannot do her job when it conflicts with her loyalty to David, Jack and Erica for doing what they had to do. David urges her, that THAT is the perfect reason why they should stay together. But she does not see it that way. She tells him she is considering going to Paris. He tells her that he will support her in anything she wants to do, with anywhere she wants to go. But she tells him that they both must get on with their lives.

After the picnic, Bianca tells Maggie that she was able to get her mind off her situation, but now she’s forced to face it again. Suddenly, Lena appears at the door. Lena tries to encourage Bianca to confide in her with whatever’s going on. Bianca cannot quite “get it out” about the pregnancy, but she indicates that she really does still have feelings for Lena and walks toward the door when Lena leaves. After she’s gone, Bianca tells Maggie that she really regrets being unable to reach out and be close to Lena. Maggie assures her that she stills needs time and needs not “pressure” herself.

Tad and Liza make plans to go to Tahiti, although they are both “flip-flopping” on the plans for sleeping accommodations, and the status of their “relationship”. Suddenly, Jamie barges into the home, asks to borrow daddy’s car and finds out that daddy and Liza are going to Tahiti. Then, suddenly, Opal walks into his home and is equally freaked out by the news. Opal lectures Tad on how to be a better example to his son. Jamie finds himself flirting with Liza. Then, Liza’s mother barges in and tells everybody that Tad is a “tramp” and has probably slept with every woman in town except for his mother. Opal gets angry at that “accusation” of her son. Opal and Liza’s mother get into a “competitive” screaming match about who has raised their child more “irresponsibly”. And it offers Tad and Liza enough time to escape and be unnoticed by anybody.

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