AMC Update Wednesday 9/10/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 9/10/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee has slept on Juan Pablo’s couch for the night. When she awakens, she tells him she’s still determined to find out whether she can trust her mother by using Juan Pablo as “bait”. Again, Juan Pablo tries to persuade Mary to come with him to Buenos Aires, while Greenlee overhears from the closet. And Mary tells JP that she needs to be there for her daughter. Surprisingly enough, although not knowing she’s being overheard by Greenlee, Mary also tells Juan Pablo that she must establish financial independence. But he keeps charming her and dazzling her with offers, promises and gifts. When Mary leaves, Greenlee comes out of the closet and informs JP that she’s not sure if her mother simply wants her money or if there’s another reason she says she needs to be close to her daughter. JP tells Greenlee he believes the reason why Mary wants to stay near her is because she loves her. Greenlee secretly accompanies Juan Pablo and Mary on his “jet”. In the middle of Mary’s and JP’s “romantic dinner” Greenlee appears and surprises her mother. Mary protests to her daughter how Juan Pablo is a dream-come-true. Although Greenlee offers to support Mary, Mary still has to tell her daughter that she believes that with Juan Pablo, she will have financial independence. Mary finally reveals to Greenlee that she chooses to be with Juan Pablo and that Jack never lied, she did. Jack never knew that Greenlee was his daughter until Mary told him.

Mia, Simone and Liza are counting the votes of the SEXY MAN contest. Then, suddenly Kendall appears. They all ignore her until she confronts them attempts to assure them that she has reason for marrying Cambias, and tells them they need to stop treating her like the enemy. They tell Kendall that Greenlee is the boss and will decide whether Kendall has the right to work at Fusion. Kendall reminds them that because she has married Cambias, SHE is the boss and owns everything, including them. Kendall presents a written document that says she’s in charge, and if anybody doesn’t like it, they can get out. They all walk out the door and onto the elevator. Kendall first stays seated and acts like she doesn’t care. But she follows them out of the building, yelling that she does not need them, they are all a bunch of losers, that she’s better off by herself. And she returns to the empty Fusion office and breaks down crying.

Ryan picks the lock to enter Michael’s home, carefully draws the shades and gets on Michael’s computer to find out more about him. He speaks to Michael, wondering why his own father hated his guts. He discovers that Michael is not sending or receiving email, from wherever he is. Unknowing that Ryan is in Michael’s home and watching him, and that Aiden has already found Erica’s appointment book, David enters in an attempt to find it. He pours some mysterious “potion” in Michael’s plants and makes a comment to himself: “what the police don’t know won’t hurt me.” Right then and there, Aiden catches him and tells him he’s tampering with a crime scene. David reminds Aiden that he’s doing the same thing. Aiden attempts to find out what the magic potion is. But David spills it all and makes sure Aiden never knows. Right in the middle of their argument, Anna catches them, red-handed. She informs them that since Michael Cambias is missing and nobody has invited either of them to his home, they are trespassing. David says he votes that they all go their separate ways and forgot that they saw each other, Aiden leaves and Anna tells David that she is aware of the “special potion” he’s carrying around that he threw in the plants. David still cannot tell Anna what he’s up to. She walks away from him while he calls out for her to come back.

After awakening, Bianca goes out to the patio of Erica’s penthouse. Erica appears behind her, tells her she loves her so much and puts her arms around her. Bianca tells her mother that she apologizes because her pregnancy is bringing everything back to Erica. Erica assures her that everything is all right in her life and that Bianca is a big part of what is good about her life. Erica tells Bianca that because of her rape, she knows how to help Bianca and asks Bianca to let her have the great privilege of doing that. Jack and Maggie are also there. Jack invites them all to go on a “Montgomery family picnic” to celebrate Reggie’s adoption. While on the picnic, Bianca rounds up Reggie and Maggie to privately plan to get Erica and Jack back together.

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