AMC Update Tuesday 9/9/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/9/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is with Juan Pablo. He inquires whether she trusts him. She says although it scares her to trust anybody, she believes he’s a good man, and she appreciates the fact that he’s involved himself in her problems with her mother and her father. He announces to her that he will employ the “final phase” of the plan to find out about Mary’s motives. He says he’ll ask her to go away with him. And whether she accepts or not will answer the question of whether she cares about her daughter. Greenlee is somewhat hesitant about the plan, but decides to approve it. While outside, Ryan is overhearing their conversation, drops room-service trays and makes enough noise to startle them. After noticing Ryan, Greenlee has a flash-back of her past relationship and break-up with Ryan.

Juan Pablo puts his final plan into motion, with Greenlee overhearing form the closet. He invites Mary to his room, informs her he’s going back to Argentina and he wants her to come with him. She’s a little surprised that he’d do such a thing, since he didn’t respond to her when she jumped in his bed earlier. He again assures her that she is very important to him. Mary sounds very flattered, but tells him that she does care about her daughter and does not want to abandon her. After eavesdropping on the entire conversation, Greenlee still has no conclusive answer. But she reveals to Juan Pablo that she does not trust her mother, would much rather trust Jackson Montgomery and recognize him as her father.

Aiden goes to Jack’s home to inform him that he found Erica’s appointment book. He tell Jack that because he saw David outside of Michael’s home right before discovering the appointment book, he believes the two of them might have framed Michael for drugs. Jack is angry at Aidan, wants him to stay out of it, believes he’s just covering for Kendall and keeping a secret. Aidan believes that Jack’s uptight behavior reflects that HE must be keeping a secret.

After overhearing Bianca informing Kendall that she is pregnant by Michael Cambias, Erica has a complete break-down. Erica and Bianca want Kendall to stay out of it. Kendall moves herself out of the room, and out of their view, while hearing Erica say: “NO!, Bianca, you are not having this baby! You were raped!” And it sounds as though Kendall takes that personally. When Bianca begins to “mother” Erica, instantly Erica takes charge, becomes calm and strong, and assures Bianca that SHE will take care of Bianca. She says she loves Bianca more than anything in the world. Yet, she’s not quite into reality with the situation. She tells Bianca that she knows this could not happen. And her conclusion is that they will “fix” it, while, from the hallway, Kendall overhears their entire conversation. Bianca calls Jack, informing him that Erica has found out, the one thing she wanted to make sure would never happen. Yet it sounds like Erica’s in major denial of the reality that Bianca is presently pregnant. She says that David will run more tests to prove that it’s not true. She tells them she insists there must be a mistake. But when Jack arrives, he confirms that it is true. While sitting on the floor, outside the Enchantment office, after Erica and Bianca have left, Kendall sees a man appear and thinks it’s Ryan, when it’s actually Boyd. Somehow Boyd knows all about Kendall’s “plan” to marry Michael Cambias, is not angry at her, and assures her everything will be o.k. She informs Boyd that Bianca is pregnant by Michael. Boyd freaks but he is still ready to assure Kendall that he cares about her and will be there for her.

Lena attempts to find Bianca but runs into Maggie. Maggie warns Lena that she needs to leave Bianca alone. Lena reveals that although she’s devastated by what has happened to Bianca, she is somehow confident that Michael will no longer be a threat to her. Lena tells Maggie that she wants to help Bianca. But Maggie cannot reveal to Lena, the secret, and she encourages Lena to get on with her life without Bianca.

Observing Edmund at the Valley Inn, writing on a lap-top computer, Ryan approaches him and reveals his presence. Ryan informs Edmund that he’s one of the few people he can trust. Ryan informs Edmund that he ran into Maria, at Chris’s grave-stone but she did not remember him and he doesn't want to reveal his presence to her, and he tells Edmund that he needs to make himself scarce around Pine Valley.

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