AMC Update Monday 9/8/03

All My Children Update Monday 9/8/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita


Jamie approaches a woman in a bar, introduces himself as James and offers to buy her a drink. She is receptive to him. An excited Jamie goes to buy two beers but his glee is rudely interrupted by a tap on the shoulder from Tad. Jamie says he doesn't need a chaperone. Tad tells him to remember the last time he got drunk. He tells him he has to leave. Jamie says it isn't fair, but Tad says life isn't fair. The woman approaches Jamie and asks who the man is with him. Jamie says he's his boss. Tad tells her he needs him back at the office, convincing her that James is highly valuable at work. Jamie apologizes to the woman for having to cut this short. She gives him his phone number. On the way out, Jamie thanks his father, who says only "shut up."

Tad takes Jamie home and immediately Jamie is kissing up to his mother. When he goes upstairs to repair a broken shelf, Brooke asks Tad what he's done now. Tad says the good news is he wasn't with a hooker, drunk or in a bar room brawl. He was cruising chicks in a bar. Tad says one of these days Jamie is going to leave home a virgin and return with a smile on his face. Tad reminds Brook of all the things they did when they were in high school. Brooke realizes that, but admits she doesn't want her son to have sex yet. She wants him to be in love first. Tad says that to Jamie there is no tomorrow, only today. He says he won't do anything stupid. Brooke says all they can do is hope for the best and that he'll treat women with respect. Tad asks Brooke what she's working on. She says she and Edmund are sharing a byline on a Tempo story about Michael Cambias. They are not getting into the rape of Bianca but are focusing on his corporate takeovers. She says it's a sordid story and they probably don't even know the half of it. Tad tells Brooke to leave the story alone. Cambias is gone – let him stay that way.

Bianca is dreaming of seeing a crib with a baby inside. "I can't hold you," she tells the baby. "I can't even look at you." Next she sees Kendall saying "you can look at me." Kendall says she's not her father. This baby needs her mother's love, Kendall says.

At Michael's condo, Erica tells Kendall that she can't even look at her. She orders her not to come near her or her daughter Bianca ever again. Erica storms out and Kendall chases after her, begging for a chance to explain. Erica doesn't listen to Kendall and leaves. She goes back into the condo and Aidan orders Edmund to leave. Aidan tells Kendall that Erica had no right to talk to her that way. Kendall says she'll forgive her once she knows the truth. Aidan asks Kendall to tell him the truth but she doesn't. Kendall says she can't lose Erica after everything that's happened and goes after her. She tells Aidan to stay away from her so her mess of a life doesn't wreck his. After she walks away Aidan gets angry and throws something. Just then David enters the scene. Aidan calls him "another night crawler" and asks him what he's trying to hide.

Erica goes home and startles Bianca. Bianca figures that her mother was unable to get Enchantment back from Cambias. Erica says she won't give up fighting. Bianca is upset, knowing that Enchantment is Erica's baby. Erica counters that Bianca is her baby. Nothing else matters. Erica can see something is wrong, and asks Bianca if something has happened. Bianca says she's tired. Erica asks Bianca to let her help her. Bianca asks if they can talk in the morning. Erica persists and Bianca appears ready to spill when there is a knock on the door. When Erica sees it is Kendall she tries to slam the door in her face. Bianca asks what's going on. Kendall enters, saying she's not going anywhere until she explains why she married Michael Cambias. "Oh, my God," Bianca exclaims in disbelief. Erica tells Kendall to explain why she helped her sister's rapist jump bail. Kendall says she did it to protect Erica. She can get Enchantment back now that she has Michael's power of attorney. Kendall seems surprised by Erica's declaration that she doesn't give a damn about Enchantment. She only cares about Bianca. She sarcastically refers to Kendall as "Mrs. Cambias." Or she asks if she should call her by her father's name, Kendall Fields. Erica tells Kendall to leave but Bianca stops her. She wants to talk to Kendall in private. Erica tries to talk her out of it but Bianca insists, and she and Kendall leave to go downstairs. As they leave, David arrives to see Erica. He asks Erica if Kendall revealed anything more about Cambias. She says no, and begs him please don't tell her that something else is going on. David is there to tell her he couldn't find her datebook in his house. He went to look for it at Cambias' condo but was prevented by Aidan. Erica says she prays it's not there. If anyone finds out they were there ... she doesn't complete the sentence. David says he's sure that the worst is over. The fact that Kendall hasn't said anything about Michael is a good sign. Erica says she can handle Kendall.

Aidan is looking around Michael's condo and finds Erica's datebook. "This is what you came back for, David boy, " he says to himself.

Greenlee is speaking highly of Juan Pablo with Simone and Mia, who can't understand why she's singing his praises after being hurt by him. Greenlee tells them that either her mother has stooped to an all-time low or her father is just as much a liar as her bogus father. That's where Juan Pablo comes in. He is helping her learn the truth. Simone tells Greenlee Juan Pablo has a thing for her. Greenlee realizes she needs to go to Juan Pablo's room right now to tell him something.

In Juan Pablo's room, he is trying to get Mary out of his bed. He manages to get out of the bed and put on his robe. He says he's been called back to Argentina for an indefinite period. Unable to keep her hands off him, she says that doesn't mean they can't enjoy their time together right now. Juan Pablo tells her she deserves more than one night in a hotel room. Greenlee knocks on the door and then walks in, finding her negligee-clad mother pawing Juan Pablo. Mary tells Greenlee she's done nothing wrong. Greenlee responds angrily to her mother and tells Juan Pablo if he's after her money, don't bother because she's broke. Juan Pablo responds that he's not after her money. Greenlee tells the next time they feel the urge, put out the do not disturb sign. She walks out and Mary puts on a coat to chase after her daughter. Greenlee chastises Mary for leaving their dinner as soon as she could to meet with her boy toy. Mary says she's sorry Greenlee found out about her tryst with Juan Pablo but she has needs. Greenlee asks her if her needs come first. She asks if she'll leave now and talk to her. Mary agrees to leave with Greenlee.

Greenlee later returns to Juan Pablo's room and tells him that she gave Mary a double brandy and now she's sleeping. She suggests that he double-lock his room tonight or he'll have her in his bed again. Juan Pablo has told her she can trust some people and she's decided to take a chance on him.

Simone and Mia are still at the Valley Inn bar talking about the sexiest man contest when they see Edmund enter and take a seat. Mia asks Simone if she'll leave so she can talk to Edmund. Mia approaches Edmund and tells him she wants to be friends again. She says if the love of her life came back she would do the same thing he did. Edmund tells her he missed her and she says she missed him. Edmund tells her he's working on a story about Cambias. Mia says if he prints the story it could hurt Fusion as it completes its sexiest man contest. She asks him if he can sit on it until the contest is over. The bad press would bury them, she says. He says that would compromise the integrity of the magazine.

Bianca speaks angrily to Kendall, asking her what she expected, a wedding present. Kendall did this for Enchantment and Fusion, Bianca claims. Kendall says it's much more than that. She'll get Michael back for what he did to her. Kendall says she hates Michael. His days of getting away with everything are over, she says. He will never hurt her again. Bianca asks how she can promise that. Kendall promises she'll never see his face again. Bianca tells her she'll have reminders of him for the rest of her life. This is what she'll have to look forward to when her child comes to her in 25 years. It will never be over. Kendall asks her what she's talking about. "Michael got me pregnant," Bianca tells her. Outside the door is Erica, who heard Bianca's confession. She puts her hand to her mouth in disbelief.

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