AMC Update Friday 9/5/03

All My Children Update Friday 9/5/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is at Kendall's door watching her through the glass. She is down on her knees, apparently upset about something. He opens the door slightly, but quickly closes it without entering. He watches Kendall as she scrubs a stain off the floor. After the floor is cleaned, a man is seen to have entered the condo. When Kendall sits on the couch, the man touches her on the shoulder. She is startled until she sees it is Aidan. She asks why he's there and he says he came to see how she is. She asks if Anna sent him her to pump her for information. With Ryan still watching from outside, he pulls her into a hug. She lets down some of her guard and hugs him back. She asks him what that was for. Aidan says he is worried about her. He begins kissing her neck and works his way up to her lips, planting a passionate kiss on them. Ryan watches this, shakes his head and walks away. Aidan tells Kendall she didn't marry Michael Cambias, she murdered him. Kendall says she thought he wasn't going to badger her about this. She tells him to get out now, and opens the door but hits her foot with the door. He asks her why she isn't wearing shoes and she says she likes to walk barefoot. He asks her since when. He says either she didn't marry Cambias or married him then murdered him. She tells him to get out now. He ignores the order and says she wouldn't have married her sister's rapist so he could go free. She says it got her Fusion back. She is not the woman he thinks she is, she says. Aidan asks her where this is coming from. She was eager for a relationship with Erica and Bianca. She says she'll never be a part of their lives so she may as well live her life the way she wants to. She boasts that she is now rich because Michael owns all these companies. It beats sucking up to mommy, she says. Aidan tells her she's full of it and he won't let her do this. He tells her he'll help her if she tells him the truth.

Greenlee asks Juan Pablo what he really wants. He asks her what she thinks he wants. She tells him a man like him can have anything in the world that he wants. He asks her if she thinks he can have any woman he wants. Looking smitten, Greenlee thanks him for helping her with her mother. She leaves, telling him she'll call him.

Jack arrives home and places a call to Erica but is frustrated when he gets her answering machine again. He leaves another message urging her to call him, saying it's urgent. Reggie walks into the room carrying a suit he plans to wear to court when Jack adopts him tomorrow. He notices Jack doesn't have the court hearing on his mind and asks if he's changed his mind. Jack says he hasn't changed his mind. Reggie wonders if something's up with Michael Cambias, because if it is he has the right to know. Under his breath, Reggie says "I'd do it again." Jack asks him what he would do again. Reggie simply says if he learns anything about Cambias he needs to tell him. Jack walks into another room and notices his safe is open and the gun is gone. He asks Reggie if he knows anything about that. Feeling accused, Reggie gets angry. He asks Jack if he wants to pat him down and read him his rights. He says he may have once stolen his gun but would not do it again. Even if it's for family, Jack asks? Reggie prepares to storm out of the apartment and out of Jack's life, but Jack stops him. He says he believes him and he's going to become his son whether he likes it or not. Reggie tries on the suit jacket and Jack asks him if he was with Bianca the entire night he stayed with her. Reggie replies by saying he protected Bianca all night. Jack places another call to Erica and leaves another message, saying he needs to talk to her about Kendall.

David is at home when Erica arrives. She tells him she lost her datebook and the last time she had it was when she was here. David says he hasn't seen it but he hasn't been home much. She says she hasn't been home much either. She says if she lost her datebook, there's no telling where it ended up. "You don't think you left it ..." David doesn't finish the sentence. Without answering his question, she comments about the bruise on his face, saying it looks painful. He tells her she looks great, considering everything that's happened. He realizes that she hasn't heard about Kendall's news and tells her that Kendall sears that she married Michael Cambias. Erica says that's not possible, but David tells her about how he saw Kendall at the airport after she flew back from Las Vegas. Erica says this will ruin everything. Anna arrives home and tells David and Erica she doesn't want to interrupt them. Erica says she's just leaving. Anna tells David that she hates everything about the Cambias case and she knows everyone is lying about it, including David. David says he'll tell her everything she wants to know. Anna says if he wants to confess something she doesn't want to hear it. Anna brings up their wedding night. They forgot that night that she was a cop and everything that David had done. They were in love and being together is all that mattered. She wonders if they could get that back. She says it's been a long day and she goes to bed.

Ryan goes to Chris' grave. Hearing a noise, he ducks behind some shrubs and Maria arrives with flowers for Chris' grave. Ryan approaches her and tells her the cemetery isn't a real safe place for her to be. She says she comes here every week because Chris died saving her daughter's life. She says she'll honor him the rest of her life. She leaves and Ryan sits at the grave. He says it appears that Chris is the man he always knew he was. He wishes he had gotten back sooner so he could have seen him one last time. He says he's going to keep his promise to Alex.

Mia and Simone are at the Valley Inn bar bemoaning Kendall's marriage to Michael. They don't understand how this could have happened. Greenlee arrives, very upbeat after her meeting with Juan Pablo. Greenlee suggests buying champagne. Mia and Simone quickly realize that Greenlee hasn't heard about Kendall. Mia tells her about Kendall's marriage but it doesn't register with Greenlee, her mind still on Juan Pablo. Mia tells her again and Greenlee replies, "Kendall did what?" You don't marry someone who makes your skin crawl, she says. Simone moans that Kendall won the bet, but Greenlee says she didn't. The bet was finding love, not just getting married. Greenlee says it was a stupid bet. They shouldn't look for true love because of a bet.

Juan Pablo has just gotten out of the shower and drops the towel around his waist and gets into bed. Quickly he sees he is not alone. He is startled to find Mary is laying in bed beside him and she is ready for action.

Edmund goes to see Kendall and finds her still with Aidan. Aidan tells Edmund this is not a good time but Kendall says it's a perfect time. Edmund says he's there to interview Kendall for Tempo about why she married Cambias. She's says she'd love to give him an interview. After a few questions, Kendall suggests they go elsewhere for the interview. As they prepare to leave Kendall finds Erica at her door. Erica asks if it's true that Kendall married Michael. When Kendall says she did marry him, Erica slaps her.

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