AMC Update Thursday 9/4/03

All My Children Update Thursday 9/4/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Mary has gone to Juan Pablo’s room in an attempt to seduce him while he plays along, and Greenlee eavesdrops from inside the closet. As soon as Juan Pablo brings up, to Mary, the subject of the importance of a woman’s relationship with her child, Mary becomes suspicious and assumes that somebody has set her up. Why would Juan Pablo make mere mention about mothers and children, when he’s acting so nice to her? But he successfully charms her, she loses her guard and tries to seduce him. Knowing that mommy is kissing Juan Pablo, Greenlee angrily calls him on his cell phone, right in the middle of his meeting with Mary. When Mary leaves, Juan Pablo is able to calm rattled Greenlee and assures her that he cares about her and she need not be threatened by what her mother might want with him, or anything else.

Maggie inquires to Jack why Michael Cambias can get away with what he’s done. Jack assures her that everybody gets what they deserve in the end and implies he either knows it has already happened or will happen with Cambias. Maggie wonders what Jack means by saying that, and inquires if Jack knows Cambias is dead.

Maggie later goes to visit David. Again, we see the mysterious bruise on his face that he “explains” by saying he was changing a tire. David assures Maggie that she need no longer get stressed about Cambias. It sounds like David knows something he’s not revealing.

Kendall keeps trying to convince the big group of people who have met her at the airport that she has married Michael. David laughs uproariously and tells her he knows she’s bluffing. Again, what secrets is he keeping, when he says he knows that? But she produces a marriage certificate and keeps telling everybody that Michael Cambias is her husband. Anna takes her to the station for questioning, since Kendall, being the last person to have seen Cambias, prior to his jumping bail, makes her an accessory. Anna calls Jack. He tells Kendall he does not believe for a minute that she married Cambias so why doesn’t she just come clean. Anna asks Jack how he can be so certain that Kendall could not have married Cambias. For the second time, Jack reveals that he must know something he’s not telling. Jack tries to reason with Kendall, by telling her how this will devastate Erica and Bianca, and that Kendall must know what a despicable human being Cambias is. Kendall tells them that before Cambias split town, she went to his house to plead with him not to take Enchantment from Erica or Fusion from the girls. She tells him she’d be willing to do anything in order for him to restore the companies to their rightful owners. She tells them she did this for Erica. Jack protests that Erica could care less about Enchantment, she only cares about Bianca, and that there is no justification for Kendall to remotely consider marrying the man who raped her sister, who almost raped her and Erica and who is what Cambias is. Kendall defends her position saying that it is the fault of Jack and the judge for failing to get him convicted, that he is free. Jack doesn’t appreciate that and is very emotional but Anna remains very business-like in conducting her investigation with Kendall. Anna asks when Cambias told Kendall about the drug trafficking and Kendall reveals that she knows nothing about it, which probably means he was not involved in drug trafficking in the first place. Kendall reveals that she convinced Michael that marrying her could protect him from losing everything financially and getting in legal trouble for jumping bail. She concludes that this will prevent Cambias from ever gracing Pine Valley with his presence, yet she refuses to incriminate him in any way, nor help them to get him convicted. When Kendall departs, Anna tells Jack he should have charged Kendall with something. Jack says Kendall didn’t break the law, regardless of circumstances. Anna protests that Kendall aided and abetted a fugitive. Jack reminds her that it’s the fault of the cop who was assigned to watch him. Anna finds out that the police were given orders not to watch Cambias. She wonders by whom, and puts two and two together and discovers that it was Jack. Certainly Jack is just as concerned as Anna, about not allowing Cambias any more freedom or opportunity to do any more harm and yet he’s done this. He merely yelled at Kendall about her poor moral judgment to marry the dude. And he reveals that he doesn’t believe that it even happened. Jack obviously knows something he’s not telling anybody.

Palmer and Opal are up to something secretive while going through the airport and are seen by Tad and Liza Tad has some business” there, and flirts with the travel attendant who is supplying him with vital information about Cambias’ whereabouts.

Kendall returns to her home and cries, while outside Ryan is watching her.

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