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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/3/03

By Boo
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Greenlee and Juan Pablo are in his room at the Valley Inn. Greenlee is in a thoughtful mood. Juan Pablo tells her that they don't have to go through with this. Greenlee insists that they do. She has to know who is the bigger liar, her mother or her father. They both have dinner dates with Mary for 8:00. If Mary shows up to have dinner with Juan Pablo, Greenlee will know that she doesn't really want a relationship with Greenlee, she only wants her money. Mary knocks on the door and asks Juan Pablo to open up. Greenlee and Juan Pablo are both surprised that Mary is there, it isn't 8:00 yet.

Jackson and Bianca are still at the penthouse. Bianca tells Jackson that she had to tell him about her pregnancy because the judge did say that if they came up with any more evidence, she would reopen the case against Michael Cambias. Bianca knows that the pregnancy doesn't prove that he forced himself on her, but in her case she thinks it is pretty good evidence. Every one knows that she doesn't have sex with men. She tells Jackson that she isn't afraid to get back up on the stand and testify again. They have to stop Michael Cambias from doing this to someone else. They have to stop him for good. Jackson tells her that Michael Cambias has already been stopped for good. Bianca asks him how he knows that.

David seats Anna at a table at the Valley Inn Bar and comments that it has been a long time since they have been out on a date together. Anna's mind is on her work and she apologizes to David. David tells her not to apologize, they can toast Michael Cambias being missing. Anna tells him that is not what she is obsessing about. She tells David that Kendall Hart has come up missing too. She tells David that Kendall went willing.

Tad is at Fusion telling a disbelieving Mia that Kendall got on a plane with Michael Cambias to Vegas. Aidan doesn't seem to 'not believe' it. Liza and Simone enter the room and Mia brings them up to date with Tad's ridiculous story while Tad takes Aidan aside and asks what else he knows about this. Aidan doesn't know any more than Tad does. Aidan asks if Tad thinks that Kendall would take Cambias to Vegas just so she could kill him.

On an airplane the stewardess announces that they will be arriving in Pine Valley right on schedule. Kendall sits in a seat with a very satisfied smile on her face. Ryan starts to pass through the curtain that separates first class from second class when he sees Kendall. He drops back to first class before Kendall sees him.

Tad thinks that Aidan knows more than he is saying. Aidan swears that he doesn't. He tells Tad that it is ridiculous to think that Kendall would do something like that. Liza asks Tad if he is sure that he can believe his source. Tad says that he can, but he will call her again and make sure there is no way she could be mistaken. Simone, Mia and Liza discuss how impossible it would be for Kendall to take off with Cambias as Aidan listens in. Simone comments that there is no way Kendall would do this.

Ryan watches an unknowing Kendall when the stewardess asks him to take his seat. He sits down as the stewardess moves on to the second class area. Kendall asks if she has any spot remover and explains that she has a stain on her brand new shoes. The stewardess examines it and remarks that it looks like blood. At first Kendall claims there is no way it could be blood. When the Stewardess tells her that if it is blood, the peroxide she has in the first aid kit will take it right out, Kendall agrees to try it anyway.

Jackson tells Bianca that he just meant that Cambias has disappeared. He will show back up though, Bianca notes. Jackson tells her that when he does, with the amount of heroine they found at Cambias' condo, he can put him away for years. Even without the rape charges. Bianca notes that he has enough money to skip the country. Jackson says that someone will find him. He has so many enemies that it is possible someone would take the law into their own hands, and no one would even shed a tear. Jackson then changes the subject and asks Bianca if she has decided what she is going to do. Bianca tells Jack that she doesn't know how she will tell Erica about this. Jack asks her if she is considering terminating the pregnancy to protect her mother. Bianca tells him that she knows she can't terminate for that reason. She tells Jack about Kendall's earlier visit, and even though she couldn't really hear what Kendall was saying at the time, she now realizes that Kendall was really being sweet, and very sincere in her apologies for bringing Michael Cambias into all of their lives. If Erica had terminated her pregnancy, there would be no Kendall. Bianca knows that what she does now may affect the future. Jackson reminds her that she still has time to make up her mind, and that she has someone very close to her that knows exactly what she is going through. Bianca picks up a picture of Erica and tells the picture that she is pregnant by the man who raped her. She then tells Jackson that she can't and she won't put Erica through that.

Juan Pablo opens the door and Mary tells him that she heard a woman's voice with him. He tells her that he was watching an old movie. He turns on the charm, and Mary turns to butter. Greenlee is hiding in the closet and peeks out to point to the 'two' glasses of champagne sitting on the table. Quickly, Juan Pablo downs the contents of one and hides the glass while Mary is looking away. Juan Pablo asks Mary why she is there. She tells him that she told him a bit of a lie and came to clear her conscience. She told him that she could have dinner with him tonight at 8:00, but she can't. She explains that she needs to be with her daughter tonight. Juan Pablo understands and comments that he will be free all night. Mary was hoping he would say that, and promises to see him again as soon as she can. As she leaves, Greenlee comes out of hiding. She is in shock that her mother chose to have dinner with her instead of Juan Pablo, she is still not satisfied. We still have to go through with our plan to prove that she is lying, she tells Juan Pablo.

Jackson tries to reason with Bianca. He tells her that it would be even worse on Erica when she finds out later on about the pregnancy and realizes that Bianca didn't or wouldn't let Erica help her through this. Bianca is still not convinced. Jack reminds her of the fall out of Erica keeping a secret from him, even though she thought she had very good reasons. Bianca finally agrees to tell Erica. Jack promises her that he will be there with her when she does. Bianca suddenly realizes how tired she is. Jack tells her to lay down on the couch and get some rest. Bianca remarks that it reminds her of when she was a little girl and Jackson would tuck her in. She is surprised that Jackson remembers what her favorite bedtime story was. She thanks god for her Uncle Jack. Jackson tells her that right now she is the most important thing in the world. He tucks her in and leaves so that she can get some rest.

Simone thinks they all need to find Kendall and disprove this stupid story. Liza thinks they should let Tad get the details, and they need to concentrate on Fusion and the end of this sexiest man contest. Simone remarks that she really can't concentrate on 'buff' men until she finds out what is going on with Kendall. Mia agrees with Simone. Liza tells them that if they want to be full partners, they can't fall apart like this every time they hear some weird news. Mia agrees with Liza too. They decide to try to work, as they hear Tad talking to his 'contact' at the airport and gather around him to see what is going on. Talking into the phone and looking at his audience, he says what great news he has just received.

On the plane Kendall remembers seeing Ryan in Vegas and the accident she caused when she did. Kendall still in second class and Ryan in first class both remember Ryan's proposal of marriage and her acceptance.

Anna and David are having a nice dinner and enjoying each others company when Anna gets the call that they have found Kendall. No word on Cambias yet though. She apologizes, but says she is going to have to cut the date short as they are picking Kendall up at the airport. David tells her he is going with her. He leaves a tip on the table and they leave.

Tad tells the group at Fusion that Kendall's plane comes in at 8:00 and he is going to meet the plane. Simone and Mia both say they are going too, but Liza reminds them that they have work to do. Mia and Simone reluctantly agree to stay and work. Tad and Aidan leave. Simoen sees some overnight packages on the desk and quickly remarks that they need to go out tonight. She grabs them and runs for the elevator. Liza asks Mia to brain storm with her, when Mia also sees more overnight packages and also runs to get them 'delivered' on time. Liza realizes what is going on and joins them all in heading to the airport.

Ryan and Kendall still lost in their own flashback memories of their break up and of Ryan's final moments in Pine Valley before riding off on his motorcycle. (This whole scene made me cry as hard now as it did the first time it aired.) The stewardess announces that they will be landing in Pine Valley shortly and to fasten their seatbelts.

Greenlee and Mary are having dinner in the restaurant. Mary asks Greenlee if she remembers when she was about 5 years old and Mary caught her and the 'horrible little boy from down the street' in the master bedroom naked. Greenlee had stood up and hurriedly told her mother that it wasn't what she thought. Greenlee does remember, she is surprised that Mary remembers. Mary tells her that she wrote about it in her journal because she was so 'proud' of Greenlee for being so young and honest and brave. (I'm not sure I would have been exactly 'proud' to find my five year old daughter already sophisticated enough to say 'it's not what you think'). Mary admits that she never told Greenlee that she was proud of her because she was miserable and thought it was her job to make everyone else around her miserable. Greenlee asks what she thought about knowing that she was Jackson Montgomery's child. Mary says that she had built up in her mind that Jackson was such a great man, but she knew in her heart that he really wasn't. Mary says that Jackson knew exactly what he was doing as he never even told her that he was one of 'The' Charleston Montgomery's. As Mary changes the subject, Jackson approaches them and apologizes for being so rude and short with Greenlee the other day. He remembers that Greenlee mentioned she was upset about something Mary had said. He suggests that since all three of them are there now, maybe they can talk about it and clear everything up. Greenlee looks wonderingly at Mary, who is looking a little nervous. Mary tells Jackson that her and Greenlee are having a special 'mother - daughter' dinner. Greenlee agrees that it is not a good time. A clearly disappointed Jack apologizes for interrupting and says he will leave them alone. Greenlee promises they will do this again soon. After Jackson leaves, Greenlee asks Mary if Jackson really lied to her when he pretended not to know that she was his child. She finds it hard to believe. Mary asks if Greenlee thinks she is lying. Greenlee points out that one of them must be. Mary admits that she has been a liar all her life, but she realizes that is not the way she wants to live anymore. Greenlee comments that they should quit while they are ahead and call it a night. At first Mary is disappointed, but then realizes it is her chance to sneak away to be with Juan Pablo. Greenlee tells her not to worry about the bill. Mary kisses her forehead, tells her to have a good night and rushes off. Juan Pablo approaches Greenlee who tells him that she doesn't want to believe her mother. Juan Pablo says that is the problem, because she does. Greenlee has all confidence that Juan Pablo will get it out of her tonight. He promises to call her with a full report in the morning. Greenlee will have none of that, he has a perfectly big closet she can listen in. Juan Pablo is surprised that Greenlee wants to watch. She comments that she wouldn't miss watching a 'Latin lover' in action.

At the airport Mia, Simone and Liza meet up again with Tad and Aidan. Anna is also there and tells them not to interfere with police business. Simone asks why it is police business as they see Kendall get off the plane. Simone and Mia rush to her side asking why she didn't tell them she was going to Vegas with, and who she went with. She answers them with a smile. In the background Ryan is also getting off the plane and discreetly turns his back to the crowd to keep from being noticed.

Bianca is sleeping on the couch and dreams of a baby crib with a gurgling baby in it. She goes to look down and smile at the baby, when the babies face turns into Michael's. She wakes up gasping for air.

Juan Pablo and Greenlee are back in his room. She reminds him that he is only supposed to get the truth out of Mary. Juan Pablo remarks that Mary is a beautiful woman. Greenlee tells an amused Juan Pablo that she will be watching from the closet and she has been traumatized enough. Mary knocks on the door as Greenlee scrambles for the closet. Juan Pablo tells Mary how beautiful she looks as he lets her into the room. He offers her a drink. She accepts saying that they should start with a drink.

Bianca kneels on the floor talking to Erica's picture again. How will she ever tell her this? Can Erica survive this again? Will she ever be able to look at Bianca again?

Kendall reminds the girls of their bet about who finds their true love first. As the girls get excited about hearing all about it, Anna interrupts telling Kendall that she needs to ask her some questions about Michael Cambias' disappearance. Kendall tells Anna that she can answer all her questions right here. As Ryan listens and looks on, Mia asks Kendall if she did something to Michael Cambias. Holding up her left hand to show a ring, she answers "I sure did. I married him."

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