AMC Update Tuesday 9/2/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/2/03

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

Pine Valley Inn

Tad and Liza are discussing Carlos and Juan Pablo. Tad tells Liza about Carlos killing some man in Argentina and Juan Pablo covering it up. Liza defends them. Tad says that he is worried about the Fusion girls and how they are so connected to the brothers. Tad gets a phone call and has to leave.

Juan Pablo and Greenlee have concocted a scheme to find out if Mary really wants to make her relationship with Greenlee work and if she was telling the truth about Jackson knowing about her all along. Greenlee goes up to the hotel manager and tells them that Mary has no income, and can not afford anything there. Meanwhile Mary has requested an expensive bottle of Champagne. The barkeeper won’t give it to her, because he was informed about her money problem. Juan Pablo suavely steps in and buys it for her. Juan Pablo flirts with her and Mary seems extremely smitten with Juan Pablo. Greenlee then calls Juan Pablo on his cell. She asks him if it is time for the second part of their plan. He says it is. He tells Mary that he has to go, but he would love to meet her tonight in her Suite at 8. Greenlee comes in and says she wants to rebuild her relationship with Mary. Mary is ecstatic. Greenlee pretends to be upset and she says she needs a shoulder to cry on. She tells Mary that she really wants to have dinner with her… 8. Mary agrees to meet her for diner. Mary doesn’t know how she is going to balance having Juan Pablo and Greenlee at the same time. Greenlee and Juan Pablo talk about their plan and Greenlee wonders why Juan Pablo is helping her. Juan Pablo tells her its because she deserves to know whether or not she can trust her mother.

The Kane Penthouse

Jackson wonders why Reggie thinks Michael Cambias is dead. He avoids the question. Jackson tells them that Michael has left town. Bianca is upset and asks Maggie and Reggie to leave so she can talk to Jack. Bianca tells Jack she is afraid for Erica. Bianca tries to convince Jack to take Erica back. She defends what Erica did, telling him that she was just trying to protect him. She now needs him to help Erica through something. She is very concerned for Erica and he wonders why. She makes him promise that Jack will stick by Erica before she tells him some major news about her, that he needs to help Erica deal with. He promises and she tells him that she is pregnant with Michael Cambias’ child.


Mia and Aiden discuss Kendall and Michael. Aiden is very worried for Kendall but thinks that Michael should watch out for Kendall and proceeds to tell Mia about the three times Kendall has tried to kill Michael. Mia is shocked. Tad shows up and they all try and figure out where Michael would be. They look up flights to Las Vegas because Alexander died there. They find out that Michael and a guest went to Vegas and Tad calls the agency to see who went with him. They find out that it was Kendall.

Las Vegas

Kendall sees Ryan and accidentally pushes some luggage on to a woman. The scene then cuts to Ryan saying oh my god. But Ryan didn’t see Kendall. He picks up the woman and tries to take care of her hurt foot. Kendall stays behind the luggage. The bellboy named James tries to get her away from the luggage. She stays there while he threatens to call security. Ryan leaves and she emerges from behind the suitcases. He goes to call security, but Kendall asks him if he knows who she is. She writes her name on a piece of paper and shows it to James. He apologizes to her. She then asks him why Ryan Lavery is in Las Vegas. He says he doesn’t know. She sees a newspaper with the headline “Alexander Cambias dies in Las Vegas, Nevada.” She then walks off with a man, whose face we cannot see. We then see her lying back on a chair, saying that she is glad it’s over and she then sees blood on her shoes. We are lead to believe that she killed Michael from that scene. Ryan then books a flight to Pine Valley

Maggie’s Dorm

Henry shows up to tell Maggie he is going on tour with his band and that his mom is happy for him. He thanks Maggie for helping him reach his goals. He also tells her that she was the first girl he loved and he is going to miss her.

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