AMC Update Friday 8/29/03

All My Children Update Friday 8/29/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca is sleeping. Suddenly someone is stroking her hair. It is Michael, who tells her that she couldn't expect the proud papa to stay away and that his baby is growing inside of her. She awakens from her nightmare, shouting "I am not having your baby." Reggie is there to calm her down. Bianca says she thought this was over and that she would never see his face again. Reggie tells her that her prayers have been answered because "Michael Cambias is nothing but a bad memory now."

Jack goes into the evidence room, opens a box and gets out the gun that he had taken earlier. After wiping the gun off with a handkerchief, he puts it back in the box.

Lena goes to the lake and drops her gun in the water, saying this is for Bianca.

Palmer goes to the police station to rescue Opal, who spent the night in jail. He tells her they must go to his attorney's office to get the charges against her dropped. She doesn't want to go anywhere until he tells her why he wasn't there to get her out last night. What was he up to? Palmer doesn't want to answer her questions. What matters is that he's here now. Opal asks him why is he being so nice to her. The only time he's ever nice is when he is up to something. She tells him to spill, but he says she doesn't want to know and not to press him on this. She brings up the murder of Will Cortlandt then stops talking as if something has suddenly occurred to her. She tells him he's right. The less he tells her the better off they'll both be.

Anna finds David at the police station. He has a scrape on the side of his face and she asks what happened to him. David says he had a flat tire and the jack slipped when he tried to fix it. Anna gets a call on the tip line. The caller says it's red hot. When she returns to her office, she tells David that there is a possible crime scene involving Michael Cambias. She can't discuss it.

Ryan is at Alexander's bedside. Alexander opens his eyes and tells Ryan about a dream he just had that Michael was dead and was calling for him to join him. He says he saw Michael with flames around him and him beckoning him. "If only you had been my son," Alexander says to Ryan. Ryan tells him to forget about Michael and focus on getting better. Alexander asks Ryan to promise that he won't forget what they talked about. Ryan says he won't let him down. Alexander thanks him and tells him he's a good man. He loses consciousness and flatlines. Medical personnel quickly enter and tend to him, but he is not coming back. Ryan watches as Alexander dies. A doctor tells Ryan that they did everything they could, but the damage to his heart was too extensive. The doctor asks if they should call his other son. Ryan tells him that he'll handle Michael Cambias. A nurse gives Ryan something that Alexander wanted him to have. It is a gold watch on a chain engraved with the words "To My Son."

Bianca asks Reggie what he means about Michael being history. Reggie says he's going to keep his mouth shut. About what, she asks? About the baby, he says. Bianca asks him where on earth did he get the idea there's a baby. Reggie tells her she said it in her sleep. Bianca says it was a crazy dream. "If you say so," Reggie replies. Bianca says God would not be so cruel as to give her a baby following her rape. Reggie tells her that she won't have to face anything alone, he'll be there. Bianca tells him she knows he had a gun. She found it while he was sleeping. She took it, wrapped it up and put it in the garbage, which was hauled away this morning. Reggie is upset she took the gun, but seems relieved that it's gone and won't be found. She chastises him for having a gun, saying she knows he was only trying to protect her but he's a minor and is on probation. She makes him promise he'll get no more guns and he agrees.

Aidan goes to Fusion, where he learns from Mia and Simone that Kendall is gone. He is upset with them for letting her out of their sight. They admit they made a mistake, but he says he's the one who blew it. He starts to walk out and is followed by Mia, who wants to help him find Kendall. After they leave, Simone finds herself alone. The elevator opens and it is Greenlee. "It's only you," Simone replies, explaining she thought it might be Kendall. Soon thereafter Juan Pablo comes in and Greenlee is not happy to see him. "I'm here to learn which one of you betrayed me last night," he says. Greenlee asks him what he means because he's the one who's been a double-dealer. He says his brother is missing. Suddenly Carlos enters the room and the brothers begin arguing in Spanish. Juan Pablo asks him where he's been all night. Carlos simply says he went out and it's none of his business. Carlos says he is responsible for his own life. Carlos tells Greenlee she was right about him. He wasn't honest with her. He asks for her forgiveness and extends his hand, and they shake.

Juan Pablo pulls Greenlee aside and tells her that she can either push him away or accept that he's on her side. When she doesn't answer he starts to leave. She runs after him and tells him that she needs a friend and wants it to be him. They talk about her mother's lies, and now she doesn't know if her mother is telling the truth about Jack knowing all along that she was his daughter. She says if her mother is telling the truth, then Jack is not the man she thought he was. Juan Pablo tells her to talk to Jack. She says she tried that but he blew her off like she was nothing to him. She says her mother could have aborted her or given her up for adoption, but she didn't. So maybe she did want her. Juan Pablo says he'll help her find the truth. Greenlee is glad for his help and they shake hands on it.

Aidan and Mia go to Michael's apartment, where he pounds on the door. No one answers, so he uses his key to open the door. A nervous Mia wonders why they are there and is worried Cambias might catch them. Aidan starts to look around. When Mia asks him what he's looking for, he tells her he'll know it when he sees it. Aidan goes into another room and comes back and tells Mia one of Michael's three suitcases is missing. They conclude that he must have taken off. When they start to leave, they are confronted at the door by police officers with guns drawn. The officers recognize Aidan as the chief's nephew and put away their guns. Anna arrives and tells the officers to search the place. She wonders why Aidan and Mia are there. Aidan tells her that he and Mia were looking for Kendall and heard a noise in Michael's apartment. They came over and knocked but no one answered so they walked in because the door was unlocked. Aidan says it looks like Michael skipped town. Anna says they got a tip that Michael is involved in drug trafficking and that there's a stash of heroin in the apartment. Jack arrives and notices that Cambias is gone. He tells Anna that the officer who was supposed to cover him should have his badge pulled. Police start looking around the condo when David arrives. Anna asks why he's there and he says he wants to see Cambias brought down. An officer finds the stash of heroin hidden in the fireplace.

Maggie knocks on Bianca's door and seems a little flustered. She asks Bianca how fast can she pack. She has booked two plane tickets for a trip and they leave in two hours. Bianca says they can't leave now. They're about to start school. Maggie tells her that she needs to get away from this madness. "I wish I could have done something sooner to get him out of here," she says. Bianca asks her what she means but Maggie won't answer. Bianca says she doesn't think running away will help. Reggie tells them there's no reason for running because Michael's days of hurting her are over. Maggie asks him how he knows that and he says he has the inside track on a lot of stuff. Jack arrives looking for Erica. Bianca tells him Erica pulled an all-nighter at work. Jack tells her that they have a situation with Michael Cambias. Reggie announces that Cambias is dead.

Anna calls for an intensive search for Michael. David slips out of the condo and gets on his cell phone. He calls Erica and asks her if she has any regrets about what they did last night." Me neither. Life is too short," he says.

Aidan tells Mia that Michael is gone and he's afraid Kendall has gone after him. The scene changes to the Viva Las Vegas hotel, and Kendall is checking into a room. She complains about the heat. After sitting down, she looks across the crowded lobby and sees Ryan walk in.

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