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All My Children Update Thursday 8/28/03

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Greenlee asks Mary what Jack was lying about? His favorite color isn't purple, or maybe he isn't really a blonde. Mary tries to tell Greenlee to never mind, but Greenlee insists that Mary continue. Mary tells Greenlee that Jack's surprise at the wedding was a lie. She says Jackson knew about Greenlee from the beginning.

Jackson is in his office, looking at the gun. He quickly shoves the gun under some papers on his desk when he hears a knock at the door. Lena bursts into the room asking Jackson what he is going to do about Michael Cambias.

Michael is at home when he receives a call from the doctor informing him that Alex has had another heart attack. Michael asks if there is any hope at all as he pulls a bottle of champagne out of the refrigerator. After getting off the phone with the doctor, he pops the champagne open and toasts to his father 'winner takes it all'.

Alex wakes up in his hospital room surprised to find Ryan still there. Ryan asks him how he is doing. Alex tells him that he is dieing, and he wishes he could take his son with him.

Bianca is alone at the penthouse wondering where Erica is. Someone knocks on the door and Bianca asks who it is. It is Reggie. Reggie tells her that Jackson just asked him to stop by and check on her. Bianca tells him that she is really worried about Erica. She thought Erica was asleep in her room but she isn't there, and she is really worried about her.

David is getting ready to leave the cabin when Erica shows up. He tells her that it isn't a good time. Erica sees the flask sitting on David's desk and tells him it is the perfect time.

Aidan is still anxiously waiting for Falcon to get to the pier. He finally calls Falcon and finds out that Falcon did not send him a text message. He figures out that Kendall is up to something. He hears a woman screaming for help.

Mia comes back to Fusion reporting to Simone that she has searched the whole building for Kendall. No sign of her anywhere. They worry about how upset Aidan is going to be with them. Simone thinks that maybe Aidan won't have to find out. All they have to do is find Kendall.

Opal is being held down on the ground and mugged by two thugs. Aidan comes to the rescue and a fight ensues. When he bends down see if Opal is okay, one of the thugs pulls a gun on them. Aidan kicks the gun out of the thugs hands.

Lena demands that Jackson do something about Cambias. Jack tells her that he is doing the best he can, and he will find some way to make Cambias go away for a very long time. Lena asks how Jackson could let him get away with it. Jack corrects her, it wasn't his fault, it was the law that set Cambias free. Lena doesn't care about the law. She wants Jack to swear to her that he will do something about Cambias. Jack loses his temper and asks why he should swear anything to the woman that lied and seduced his niece, the woman that slept with Michael Cambias.

Greenlee reminds Mary that she is the liar. She has lied to Greenlee all her life. Mary tries to convince Greenlee that Jackson isn't the man she thinks he is. Greenlee thinks that Mary is just doing this to drive a wedge between her and her father hoping that Greenlee will come running back to Mary. Why would she run back to a mother that never wanted her, Greenlee asks. Mary tells her that she always wanted Greenlee, she was never happier in her life than when she found out she was pregnant. She tells Greenlee that Jack wouldn't return her calls, and never responded to her letter. Greenlee reminds Mary that Mary told her before that she never mailed the letter. Is Mary lying now or was she lying then? Mary tells her that she did mail the letter, and Jackson never responded. Greenlee wants to know why Mary is telling her this now. Mary says that she thinks Greenlee is strong enough to handle it now. Greenlee thinks Mary only wants her money. Mary tells her not to make her out to be the villain. She could have done what Erica did, and adopted her out. She also could have had an abortion. She didn't do those things because she loved Greenlee. She wanted to give Greenlee a father, and when Jack didn't respond, she turned to Roger. Greenlee asks why Jackson would lie to her about knowing she was his daughter. Mary says because Jack always has to play the hero. If he admitted that he knew Greenlee was his daughter, it would have made him look like a dead beat father. This way, Jack gets to be the hero by pretending surprise and stepping in and being the father Greenlee always wanted. Mary tries to tell Greenlee not to think bad of Jack. He was young and ambitious. Greenlee tells her mother to shut the hell up as she storms out of the condo.

Jackson apologizes to Lena. He didn't mean that. Lena tells him not to worry about it, he's right. She did use Bianca when she first came to town. She also slept with Cambias. She knew him better than anyone, she should have known he would hurt Bianca. Jack knows that Lena loves Bianca, and that Bianca loves her. They both agree that they are willing to give up their own lives to keep Bianca safe. Neither can stand the idea of him being out there, maybe able to hurt Bianca again.

Michael gets out a glass and pours some champagne into it. He tells himself that the rape was just a glitch, but he is past that now. He pats himself for being in charge of Fusion, Enchantment, and Chandler Enterprises. Soon, he will have Cambias Industries too. He toasts Alex again saying that the sooner he dies, the better.

Ryan tries to convince Alex that he is not dieing. Alex doesn't have time for this. He knows that he doesn't have much time and again asks Ryan to promise to carry out his dying wish.

Mia and Simone have called all over the place and still can't find Kendall. Boyd comes in looking for Kendall. He is upset when he hears that they don't know where she is. He asks Mia to tell Kendall that 'everything will be taken care of'. He tells Mia that Kendall will know what it means. As he leaves, he says it is the least he can do for Kendall.

Aidan has the two thugs tied up on the doc and goes to check on Opal. She is dressed all in black with sunglasses on. She tells Aidan thanks for his help and tries to leave. Aidan stops her and tells her the cops are on their way. Opal doesn't think calling the cops into this is necessary. She just wants to get out of there. The cops arrive and thugs start yelling that they were not trying to mug Opal, she owed them for the drugs she wanted. They say Opal was asking for powder. Opal tries to talk her way out of it, but the cop is having nothing to do with it. He is taking her to the station too. Aidan tries to leave also, but he is told that he also will have to come to the station with them. The cop agrees to let him make a phone call first. He calls Fusion to talk to Kendall. Mia and Simone tell Aidan that she is in the ladies room. Aidan tells them to go and get her. Simone stalls long enough for the cop to tell Aidan that it is time to go. He tells Simone to tell Kendall that she isn't to move an inch until she hears from him. 

Simone and Mia talk about how mad Aidan was. They know he will find out sooner or later that they lied. Simone just hopes that Aidan will have cooled down by then. Simone tells Mia that she didn't want to worry Aidan anymore. Mia tells her that it is time to worry, Kendall is gone.

Bianca is still worrying about Erica when she gets a call from her. She tells Reggie that Erica is in a brainstorming session with her attorneys to figure out how to stop Michael Cambias from taking over Enchantment. Bianca tells Reggie that he doesn't have to stay there with her. She will be fine. Reggie doesn't think Bianca looks fine. He knows she has had a bad day, with the trial and all. He tells her how great she did with her testimony. Bianca gets a little light headed and sits down. Reggie goes to her side to see if she is okay. He tells her that Cambias is not going to get away with what he did, as the camera pans to the back of Reggie where we see a gun stuck in the back of his pants.

Erica thanks David for helping her. David tells her that she doesn't have to do this, and asks if she is sure. Erica assures him that she has never been so sure of anything in her life.

Jackson is putting files into his briefcase when he sees the gun he took from the evidence room. He stares at it for a long time, then stands up and puts it in his pocket. Picking up the briefcase he starts to leave. Greenlee is there and really needs to talk to him. Jack tells her that he can't right now. He has something very important to do and has to leave right now. Greenlee tries to tell him what Mary said, but Jackson is very firm with her that he doesn't have time right now. He leaves as a very hurt Greenlee looks on.

Anna is trying to get Opal to give her a straight answer at the police station about what happened at the docks. Opal tries denying everything for a while, but then confesses that she was trying to buy some 'blow'. When Anna asks her why, Opal goes into a story about how Palmer's nephew Will was such a bad person. She and Palmer had done this before with Will, so she thought it work again. Anna is totally confused and doesn't understand. She finally gets it out of Opal that she was buying the drugs to try to frame Michael. Anna tells her that she has to let the law handle people like Michael. Opal tells her that it is because of the 'law' that criminals like Michael Cambias are sleeping in their own bed tonight. An officer comes to inform them that one of the thugs is pressing charges against Opal. When Anna explains that he has the right to press charges against her, Opal gets furious. "That tears it. That just absolutely tears it! Drug dealers just ain't what they used to be."

Lena is in a garden shed looking at a box of poison. She reads from the carton 'could cause death'. She puts the poison down on the table and pulls a gun from her purse. Looking at the gun, she says 'so could this'. she puts the gun back in her purse.

Reggie comes out of the bedroom telling Bianca to get some shut eye. He will check on her later. He pulls the gun out and comments that it came cheap. Doesn't matter as long as it does the job.

Hands with black leather gloves open a safe and take out a gun and a box of bullets.

Simone and Mia have looked every where. Mia picks up the phone to call Aidan. Simone stops her, telling her there is no reason to alarm Aidan. Mia asks Simone if she ever wondered why Aidan asked them to watch Kendall. As Greenlee enters the room, Simone answers Mia by saying probably because Kendall was looking for trouble. Mia guesses that Kendall has found it. Greenlee comments that she thought she was the only one collecting trouble.

Anna goes to talk to the thugs about the assault charges. Opal thanks Aidan for helping her out. Aidan asks what ever happened to Palmer's nephew. Opal tells him that Will was murdered. She never thought she would say this, but that monster deserved it.

Michael finishes off one bottle of champagne and goes for another one when the phone rings. He tells the person on the phone that they will have to make it worth his while if they want him involved in this. He is pleased with their answer, and agrees to meet with them. After hanging up the phone he laughs to himself and comments that the day just keeps getting better and better.

Ryan tells Alex to get some rest and starts to leave. Alex informs him that he has done too many bad things in his life to rest. Ryan tells him that he is a good man. Alex comments that a good man would have lived his life differently. His only comfort is that in time, his son will be joining him in hell.

Cambias is getting ready to leave when there is a knock on the door. He opens the door and says that it is a surprise to see the person, and offers for them to come in.

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