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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/27/03

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee, Tad, Juan Pablo, Carlos, Simone and Mia are still at Fusion. Greenlee asks if what Tad said is true. Are Juan Pablo and Carlos really brothers? Juan Pablo admits that they are. Greenlee doesn't understand why they said they didn't know each other in Atlantic City. Mia is just fed up with men altogether. Simone questions Carlos about their friendship. Carlos tells Juan Pablo that he is going to tell all of them the truth. Juan Pablo tells Carlos that they can't trust anyone. Tad asks why, are the two of them a couple of murderers. Carlos answers that Tad is half right.

Bianca is still sitting in a chair, looking totally out of it, at the penthouse. Maggie is banging on the door and yelling for Bianca to let her in. Bianca finally comes out of her trance like state and opens the door to Maggie. Maggie was so worried about her. She asks Bianca if she is there alone. Bianca tells her that Erica is sleeping and that Kendall was there for a little bit. Maggie tells Bianca that no one can believe that Michael Cambias is a free man. Maggie thinks that Bianca must have rage inside of her and hands her a vase to throw. Maggie promises Bianca that it will help her get some of the rage out. Bianca admits to Maggie that she is pregnant. Maggie swears that she will kill Michael. 'Michael Cambias is a dead man.' 

Jackson is studying the gun he pulled out of an evidence box when Anna comes in. She asks him if he is shopping for a gun. Jackson tells her he is just working on a case. Anna knows what Jackson is thinking and asks him if he really thinks vigilante justice is the way to go.

Kendall finishes strapping the dagger to her thigh and pulls on a pair of black leather gloves. She leaves her condo and crosses the court yard to Michael's front door. She unscrews the light bulb above Michael's front door. As she reaches for the door knob, someone grabs her from behind, and covering her mouth drags her away from the door.

Bianca tells Maggie that she can't tell anyone about the pregnancy. Maggie promises that she won't. Bianca tells her that David said that she has a little time to think about what she wants to do. Maggie assures Bianca that she will help her no matter what she decides to do. Bianca finally shows a little anger and shatters the vase against the wall. She doesn't understand why this is happening to her. Wasn't it enough that Michael raped her?

Aidan pulls Kendall back into her own condo before he lets her go. She is furious with him. She claims she wasn't up to anything. Aidan wants to know what is up with the gloves then. Kendall claims that she didn't want to get her hands dirty taking the light bulb out. The light shines right in her window and she can't sleep. Aidan tells her she could just close the blinds. Kendall tells him that he is too suspicious as she sits down on the couch, revealing the dagger strapped to her leg. Aidan grabs her and demonstrates how to stab Michael to make sure that he is dead. Kendall claims that she isn't afraid of a little blood. Aidan gets the dagger away from her and she runs to the kitchen to get another knife. Aidan stops her again and tries to talk some sense into her. Kendall is determined to kill Michael. Aidan tells her that he isn't going to loose her to a prison sentence. He claims himself to be her new permanent shadow and plops down on the couch.

Anna tells Jackson that this is not the answer. He will ruin his whole life. Jackson yells at her that his whole life has been spent fighting for justice. Is that what they got in that court room today? Jackson is taking the judges decision very hard. He put Bianca through hell on that witness stand. She had to tell a whole court room what Michael did to her. He promised Bianca that the law would take care of her. He couldn't even look Bianca and Erica in the eye when he had to tell them that Bianca's testimony wasn't good enough. Jackson asks Anna what Bianca is supposed to do when she goes out to eat and gets seated across from the man that raped her. Anna doesn't know, but she does know that murder, even when the victim is someone like Michael Cambias has consequences. Anna realizes that Jackson isn't listening to her and leaves. Jackson studies the gun, deep in thought.

Greenlee and the girls question Carlos about his life. He admits to them that Juan Pablo is his brother. They have not seen each other since Carlos was 14 and ran away from Argentina. Mia asks if he ran away because his brother was a murderer. Carlos tells them all that his brother is not the murderer. He is the murderer. Tad thinks they should go to the police station to tell this story. Carlos accepts that and starts to leave when Juan Pablo stops him and tells them all what happened in Argentina. Carlos was in love with a girl that worked on their ranch. He found a man named Sergio trying to rape the girl and pulled him off of her. There was a fight, and Sergio ended up dead. Sergio's 'street gang' brothers vowed to kill Carlos. They realize that the situation then is comparable to what is going on with Michael Cambias now. Juan Pablo had helped get Carlos to the states and out of harms way. Juan Pablo didn't even know where Carlos was till he saw the commercial for Fusion. Greenlee realizes that when Juan Pablo found her in Atlantic City, he wasn't really there looking for her, he was there looking for Carlos. Juan Pablo admits that is true. Greenlee congratulates him on finding Carlos and announces that she is out of there. Juan Pablo calls after her, but she does not stop. Juan Pablo then turns to Tad and asks him what kind of man he is. 

Kendall tells Aidan that she appreciates that he stopped her once again from doing something stupid. From now on she will think before she acts. He doesn't believe her and tells her he isn't going anywhere. Kendall offers to fix them supper and starts to cook, still proclaiming to Aidan that she will not do anything to Cambias. Aidan doesn't buy it at all. He gets a page from Falcon, an old contact of his. The page is in code and asks Aidan to meet him at peer 23. Aidan grabs Kendall saying that he is taking her with him. She tries to tell him that isn't necessary, she is really fine. Aidan doesn't listen and drags her out with him. 

Reggie finds Jackson in his office. Reggie complains that he has been sitting home like a wife, waiting on Jack to come home. They both agree that they have been thinking about what happened at the court house today. Reggie offers to have 'his boys' take care of Cambias again. Jack shoots that down quickly, telling Reggie that he has something else he wants to show him. He has the adoption papers. He wants Reggie to be his son legally, even though he is already his son in his heart. He wants to make sure that Reggie is taken care of. Reggie tells Jackson that he knows what he is doing and he won't let that happen.

Bianca tells Maggie that she is connected forever to Michael. She will never get her life back the way it was before. This baby means that what he did to her is permanent. Like Kendall is to Erica. Maggie tells her that she will help her get her life back. Bianca tells Maggie that she wishes Michael were dead. Bianca can't stand to live like this anymore. Maggie tells her that she can make it because Bianca has so many people that love her, and they are all going to make sure Cambias pays for what he has done.

Juan Pablo tells Tad that he has put Carlos in danger. Tad thinks Carlos has done a good job of that himself. Simone thinks Carlos is a hero, he saved a girls life. Tad says that he killed Sergio, homicide is homicide. Tad tells Juan Pablo that if he cares about the girls at all, they both should leave town. Carlos and Juan Pablo leave. Simone still thinks Carlos is a hero. Mia thinks they are both liars. Aidan drags Kendall in to the room and asks the girls to keep an eye on her till he gets back. The girls promise they will not let Kendall out of their site.

Greenlee comes home to find Mary and Woodruff there. She apologizes to Woodruff for Mary dragging him there, but she really just wants a hot bath and asks them to leave. Mary explains that it was Woodruff who called the meeting. Woodruff remarks that Mary could always tell when she was in trouble, which gets Greenlee's attention. Woodruff tells them that Erica was kind enough to send him the report. Showing all the exploits Mary had while overseas. She has disgraced the family for the last time. He has already cut her off, and her inheritance now goes only to Greenlee. Mary begs Woodruff not to cut her off. When begging doesn't work, she threatens him with a court battle. Woodruff wishes Greenlee luck and leaves. Mary immediately tries to charm Greenlee with talk of 'family sticking together'. Greenlee doesn't buy any of it, informing her mother that she will just have to get a job. Maybe as a chambermaid at the Valley Inn, since she has never had a problem fluffing strangers pillows. Greenlee tells her mother that she will not support her, and Jackson will not either. 

Reggie explains to Jackson that he isn't stupid, he knows when he sees a man settling his tab. Jackson assures Reggie that he isn't going anywhere, and he isn't afraid of Cambias coming after him either. Cambias is a coward and only prey's on women. Reggie id finally convinced and feels pretty good about being Jack's legal son. He tries to get Jack to leave with him and get something to eat. Jackson says that he has work to do, but asks Reggie if he will keep an eye on Bianca for the night. He is afraid that Cambias might do something crazy. Reggie agrees to go to Bianca's saying that families have to stick together. 

Maggie makes sure that Bianca is going to be okay, and leaves for the night. 

Simone tries to get out of Kendall why Aidan wants them to watch her. Kendall first tries telling them that Aidan is just insanely jealous. Simone nor Mia believe that, and Kendall tells them just to get on with their work. She then fakes getting white out in her eye, yelling at them to get her some water and a towel. When they both leave the room, Kendall takes off. Mia and Simone come back to find an empty room, but fail to catch the elevator before it is too late.

Aidan is waiting on the docks for Falcon, who is a no show.

Bianca goes to check on Erica and sees that Erica is not there. She realizes that she is there all alone.

Maggie runs into Chad. She tells him that she read his editorial in the school newspaper about gun control. She asks if he carries his with him all the time. When he tells her that he does, she asks to hold the gun. She tells him that she wants to get a gun to protect the people she loves.

Greenlee tells Mary that she needs to leave. Mary tries to plead her case some more, but Greenlee will not listen. The only thing Mary has ever done for Greenlee is to finally give her a father that she can count on. A father that will not lie to her. Mary tells Greenlee that if she is talking about Jackson, Jackson has lied to her. 

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