AMC Update Tuesday 8/26/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/26/03

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Cambias is prancing around showing what an ass he can be to Greenlee, Simone, and Mia at Fusion. He informs them that he is a 'hands on' boss, and there will some changes. Everyone is expected to be at their desks no later than 9:00a.m. sharp. Dress code is changing too, no more 'tarty' dress. Mia has heard enough and announces that she is quitting. Greenlee tells her that she can't. They are all going to stick to together on this. Simone suggests they all quit together. Mia agrees, that way Cambias will own 51% of nothing. Michael is not worried, he can replace them easily. Greenlee tells him that he is stuck with them, and he should leave so they can run their company. Greenlee tells Cambias that she isn't afraid of him, that they are going to run their company whether he likes it or not. Cambias tells Greenlee to stop. Greelee asks if they are supposed to just lay back and let him rape them too. Cambias gets mad and starts to issue a warning. When Greenlee asks if he is going to rape her too, he loses his temper and grabs her by the shoulders. Carlos enters from behind Cambias and pulls him off Greenlee. They scuffle with Carlos trying to punch Cambias. Michael whines like a little baby saying that he is going to call the cops. Carlos bitch slaps him a couple of times before Juan Pablo comes in to pull Carlos off. Michael takes the opportunity to sucker punch Carlos, making it a little harder for Juan Pablo to pull Carlos back. Michael thanks Juan Pablo for coming along when he did. Juan Pablo tells Michael to get out of there before he helps Carlos finish the job. Michael picks up the phone to call the police and press charges on Carlos. Greenlee and the girls all tell him that they will say that they saw Michael throw the first punch. Greenlee tells Michael that they will fight him every step that he makes. He will soon wish he had never met any of them. Michael replies that that day is not too far in the future now. Greenlee tells him to leave then. Cambias agrees to leave, but threatens to return tomorrow with his attorney's to pick the company apart. After he leaves, the girls don't know if they should cheer or cry. Greenlee is afraid that he has beat them. The girls are all ready to give up. Michael owns the majority of the company, he can do whatever he wants. Juan Pablo tells them they are wrong. The company is the four of them. They made the company. Michael needs them, and he knows it. They thank Juan Pablo for all that he has done for them. Tad enters and tells them they shouldn't be so generous with their thanks. He tells the girls that Juan Pablo has been hiding a big secret from them. Tad tells them that Juan Pablo and Carlos are brothers. 

Jackson returns to the court room to think about the trial. He remembers parts of the trial and works himself into a very angry state. He smashes the judges gavel down in frustration. Tad has entered the back of the court room and sees that Jackson is very upset. Tad asks Jackson if this is what is called returning to the scene of the crime. Jackson replies that what happened here today was a crime. Jackson blames himself for letting Bianca down. He is also losing his faith in the law, in justice, in the whole court system. Jackson worries that when justice isn't served, people tend to take the law into their own hands. He tells Tad that right now if he saw someone standing over a dead Michael Cambias with a smoking gun in their hand, he would consider justice served and not do anything about it. Tad doesn't believe him, that is who Jackson is. Tad tries to calm him and point out that the only villain in all of this is Michael Cambias. 

Kendall and Aidan are sitting outside the courtroom. Kendall explains that she does want to go to Erica and Bianca and beg their forgiveness, but she is afraid they will spit on her. Aidan convinces her that she really does need to go and see them, no matter what happens. He tells her that Erica and Bianca need to yell and scream. He thinks that outrage is more satisfying than chocolate. Kendall is afraid that they will both throw her out of their lives. Aidan doesn't think so. He offers to go with her to talk to Erica and Bianca. She accepts his offer and they leave the court house together.

Bianca is at David's. She is not taking the news of her pregnancy well. David tells her that the tests were conclusive. Bianca walks around in a daze for a few minutes. 'What do I do' is all she can say. David explains to her that she has time to decide. She is only about 6 weeks along. He tells Bianca that she needs to take time to heal, and then make a decision. He offers to give her the name of a counselor. When Bianca responds that she does not want to see a counselor, David tries to talk her into telling Erica and letting Erica help her. Bianca can not let Erica know about this. Not after Erica's own rape resulted in a pregnancy. David assures her that he will not tell Erica, he can't with the patient - doctor confidentiality laws. Bianca is grateful. She decides that she needs to leave. When she turns down David's offer to drive her home, he tells her to call him. David really does want to help her, if she will let him. Bianca acknowledges his offer with a nod before she leaves.

David is doing some research when Anna arrives home. They discuss what a travesty it was for Michael Cambias to walk out of the court house a free man today. Anna is happy that David didn't lie on the stand. David thinks that maybe he should have. Anna starts to blame herself for what happened, but David won't let her. She is pretty tense, so he offers to rub her back. David asks her if she still believes that they can work through their pain together. Anna replies that she thinks if they are honest with each other, they can work through anything. She notices the stuff David was working on and asks him what it is. David tells her that it is just some research. She turns to look at him and pointedly asks him 'what kind of research?' David knows that Anna is thinking that it might be something to give to Cambias, but he assures her that as much as he would love to 'medicate' Cambias straight to hell, he won't do it. The chemicals he is working with is a med for heart patients. Anna admits that her men at the station all want to take the law into their own hands, and even she wanted to do him in herself when he smiled for the cameras. She suddenly decides that she needs to get back to the station and leaves telling David not to wait up as she might pull an all niter. David goes back to his research and finishes up by pouring the liquid into a flask. He then pulls a lockbox out from under the bed, opens it and pulls out a gun.

Bianca exists the elevator to the penthouse. Kendall startles her into dropping her purse at the door. Kendall apologizes and tells Bianca that she just wanted to see her. Bianca is obviously still shook up by the news that she is pregnant. She doesn't say a word and turns to open the door to the penthouse. She tells Kendall to come in if she wants to and enters the penthouse leaving the door open. Kendall turns to try and convince Aidan that this isn't a good idea. Aidan assures her that she can do this, and Kendall enters the penthouse. Neither Bianca nor Kendall know what to say. Finally, Kendall says that she wanted to see how Erica is doing, after her collapse in the courtroom. Bianca tells her that Erica is resting. Neither of them are sleeping well at night, so Erica needs her rest. Kendall tells Bianca that she is sorry for bringing Michael Cambias to Pine Valley. She never would have if she had known that he would hurt Bianca. Bianca tells Kendall that Erica told her that she always remembers her own rape every time she looks at Kendall, or even hears Kendall's voice. Kendall knows that, she spent years hating herself because of it. Kendall tells Bianca that she would take all that away from Erica if she could, she would also make Bianca forget what Michael did to her if she could. Bianca is obviously still accepting the fact that she is pregnant by her rapist. Kendall begs Bianca to tell her that she forgives her. Kendall tells Bianca that she is going to help her through this, she will make things right for her. Bianca tells her that she can't help, no one can. Bianca sees a picture of herself and Erica. Erica is laughing. Kendall tries to tell Bianca that she will laugh again. Bianca says that Erica has lived her life, raising Bianca, but she never forgot her own rape. She asks if that is the way it has to be for her. Kendall misunderstands, not knowing that Bianca is pregnant. She rushes out swearing to Bianca that she is going to make everything all right. Bianca yells out to her to come back, she wasn't talking about Kendall. Kendall doesn't hear her as she leaves the penthouse. Aidan is waiting for Kendall in the hall and asks her how it went. Kendall quickly dries her tears and lies to Aidan saying that all went well in there. Aidan thinks he has made his point that families stick together. He is very proud of her. Back inside, Bianca sits by herself trying to absorb the news she received from David 

Jackson talks to an officer that is guarding the evidence room. He tells him that he needs to go over some evidence on a case that he is working on. The officer lets him in the room telling him that all the officers are watching Cambias. Jackson thanks him, but warns them to do everything by the books. When Cambias goes down, Jackson wants him to stay down. The officer swears that they won't mess up and leaves. Jackson closes the door. Jackson goes through one of the boxes in the evidence room and pulls out a gun. 

Aidan sees Kendall to her door, telling her that he will call her in the morning. Kendall tells him not to call too early. She sees Michael arriving home across the courtyard. Michael comes and looks in the windows of Kendall's place as Kendall hides behind the front door. Cambias thinks she isn't home and goes to open his door. Kendall pulls a dagger out of the kitchen drawer along with a sheath for the dagger and straps it to her thigh.

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