AMC Update Monday 8/25/03

All My Children Update Monday 8/25/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

A packed courtroom is waiting for the decision of the judge on whether the rape charges against Michael Cambias will stand. The judge enters the room and tells the crowd that while the testimony of the alleged victim was quite compelling, she is bound to rule based on the evidence. Due to the lack of evidence, she is dismissing all charges. She dismisses them without prejudice, meaning they can and will be reinstated if new evidence is received. Michael and his attorney shake hands. Meanwhile in Las Vegas, Ryan is watching the proceedings on television and is stunned by the decision. He tells Alexander that he probably wishes he had turned the TV off sooner. He turns around to find Alexander grasping his chest and stricken with an attack. He calls for help.

Back in the courtroom, Jack tells Michael's lawyer that this was not justice. Speaking to Michael, Jack tells him his "days of freedom are numbered." Michael, looking at the crowd of angry spectators, tells them all that they can't stand it because he won. Jack tells him to get out before the crowd turns into a lynch mob. Suddenly Lena rushes in, saying, "I'll kill you you son of a bitch." She is restrained and police officers enter to hold her. Michael says he will not press charges for her threatening him. Returning to addressing the crowd, Michael says their pathetic attempts to take him down have failed. Not only has he taken over Fusion and Enchantment, he is also the CEO of Chandler Enterprises. "I own this town and everybody in it," he says. He also tells Tad to warn his father because he'll be taking a seat on the hospital board of directors. Boyd tells Michael to watch his back because he's going to pay for what he did to Bianca. As Michael leaves the courtroom, he comes face-to-face with Aidan, who stares him down. Michael is grabbed by the television reporter. He says during an interview that Jackson merely had an ax to grind and the mother of the accuser pathetically got her daughter to cry rape to save her company. He was asked if his takeover of the companies was instigated by his father. Michael says he's done this corporate raiding on his own and his father will come to be proud of him. Meanwhile, the angry crowd is spewing threats against Michael. Lena says someone has to stop Michael. Kendall, as she passes by Lena, says "someone will."

Jack tells Myrtle that he cannot put this off any longer. He has to break the news to Erica and Bianca. Bianca is in a waiting room with David and Erica. She is blaming herself for Michael's takeover of Enchantment. She says this nightmare has taken Erica's attention off her company, allowing it to be taken over. She tells her mother that Enchantment is her life. Erica says Enchantment can go to hell as far as she's concerned. Bianca is her life, she says. Erica tells Bianca that soon Michael will be in jail and they won't have to worry about him anymore. Erica becomes a little unsteady on her feet and David reaches for her to stabilize her. Just then Jack enters and asks David for some time alone with Erica and Bianca. Erica asks Jack if the judge set a trial date. Jack glumly reports that there will be no trial. He says the judge needs more proof and he pledges to give it to her. But for now, Michael is free. "Oh, my God," Erica cries. "What kind of a judge is this." Bianca says she must not have been convincing enough on the stand. Jack counters, telling Bianca she was amazing on the stand. He promises Bianca he will get the judge the proof she needs to reinstate the charges. He turns to leave and Erica whispers to him if he meant what he said about finding more evidence. Jack doesn't answer, saying only he has to go. Erica tells her daughter she was spectacular in court despite what the judge ruled. Bianca says it didn't do any good, plus it only brought back bad memories for her. Erica tells Bianca that watching Bianca's courage today did nothing but make her stronger. Bianca hugs her mother, then looks up to see Michael in the doorway staring at them. Erica tells him to "get the hell out of here" or she'll call a guard. Michael tells her they need to talk business, primarily about Erica's job description since she'll now be taking orders from him. Erica says the day she takes orders from him will be the day snow cones are sold in hell, which is where he's going to go. Bianca also tells Michael to go to hell and he replies that they're lucky he has such a forgiving nature. Bianca says she doesn't care what the judge ruled, God knows what he did and he will be punished. Michael tells Erica to pack up her office. After he leaves, Bianca convinces her mother to go home and relax. Erica says one way or another, Michael Cambias will be out of their lives.

Opal calls Palmer and leaves him a message about the day's events and about Michael's bragging that he now owns the whole town.

In the courtroom, Greenlee approaches Jack to comfort him in defeat. Jack tells Greenlee that he let Bianca down. Mary walks in and finds the two of them together. She approaches them and tells Jack she's sorry for what has happened. She asks if the three of them can go out to dinner so he can get his mind off of it. Jack merely rolls his eyes and leaves. Greenlee chastises her mother for using this crisis as an excuse for getting cozy with her ex-boyfriend. Opal approaches Mary and tells her she is "circling Jack like a vulture in heat."

Michael is going home when his cell phone rings. It is Ryan calling. Michael asks who is calling but all Ryan says is he's his "worst enemy." Michael tells him he knows who this is. Ryan says he will know him as soon as he hits Pine Valley. "Count the days," he says. Ryan hangs up and Michael looks at his phone but the caller ID shows it was a blocked number. He tells himself it must have been some idiot playing a game.

Aidan finds Kendall sitting in a courtroom hallway. She tells him she went to talk to Bianca and Erica to apologize for bringing Michael to Pine Valley but she froze. What could she say? She is angry with Aidan for stopping her from killing Michael. Aidan says she would have been put away. Kendall responds by asking who cares. Aidan says he cares. Kendall says she's nothing but a pain in the butt. Aidan tells her she's made his life interesting and she's the only friend he has in this town. He's worried that Kendall will bring herself down to Michael's level. She says that's already happened. Aidan tells her to stop beating up herself. Kendall says she's a walking reminder of Erica's worst night and now Bianca will see her in the same way. Aidan tells her she can help Bianca right now. He urges her to go see Erica and Bianca.

Bianca, alone in the witness waiting room, tells herself that there must be some proof she can get. Suddenly she has a thought and she gets out her calendar. She recites the date June 27 and says it's been almost two months. "Oh God, it can't be," she says to herself.

A disheveled Palmer is still at Adam's vacation spot talking to Adam about Michael's takeover of Chandler Enterprises. Adam says the takeover will be short-lived. Adam is more concerned about whether Bianca will overcome the damage done to her. Adam brings up their plan, and asks Palmer if he's sure Michael won't see anything coming. Palmer says that's the beauty of it. "What's our first move?" Adam asks.

Jack goes back to his office. Sitting at his desk, he looks at a picture of him, Erica and Bianca. Next he picks up his name plate, looks at it and throws it against the wall. Reggie enters and tells Jack that if he needs anything, just let him know. Reggie picks up the nameplate and Jack tells her there's nothing he can do to help. He says there's something he needs to take care of and Reggie can't be a part of it.

Stuart goes to the campsite and finds a note from Adam. The note says Adam had to go into town to get a part for the motor and will be back tomorrow.

Simone, Mia and Greenlee go back to Fusion and they're wondering how they can work here with Michael as a boss. Greenlee says nothing is worse than what Bianca is going through. Michael arrives to assume leadership. He tells them that together they're going to corner the globe.

A nurse tells Ryan that Alexander has suffered a massive coronary. He is in critical condition. Ryan asks if he'll make it but the nurse says it's too soon to tell. Ryan sits down by Alexander's bed and tells him he put the fear of God into Michael, at least the fear of him. He tells Alexander that Michael needs to be afraid of something. That's why he needs to stay alive. "Don't let Michael win," he says.

David arrives home and gets a call from the lab. Bianca's test results have been faxed to him. He looks at the results and says "damn it." There is a knock on the door. It is Bianca. He tells her he's sorry about the judge's decision. She says that's not why she's here. She asks if he's gotten the results of her test. He tells her they just came in. When she reaches for them he grabs them, saying he hasn't had a chance to look at them. He tells her she tested negative for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Bianca asks if he ran any other tests. She's wondering because her period is late, but that is common. David tells her he ran a pregnancy test because it is standard procedure in rape cases. Bianca asks if she is pregnant and David tells her that she is.

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