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All My Children Update Friday 8/22/03

By Lori
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Court is in session for Michael's preliminary hearing and Jack calls David to testify about his interaction with Bianca after her rape. In Las Vegas, Ryan and Alexander are watching on TV. Alexander notices Ryan reaction when seeing David and concludes he doesn't like him. Ryan says he doesn't trust David, but he's supportive if he can help Bianca. In court, David is asked to describe his observations of Bianca after her alleged attack. He says when he first found Bianca, she claimed she was simply harassed by a man. David tells the court that the man was Michael, who raped her. The judge sustains an objection by Michael's defense attorney and the comment is stricken from the record.

Erica is with Bianca in another room. She gives Bianca a letter written by Jack. Bianca starts reading the letter then gets too emotional so hands it to Erica to finish reading to her. In the letter, Jack tells Bianca she inspires him every day and she continually triumphs with dignity. She will not be alone today but will be surrounded by people who love her. Erica tells Bianca to think positive thoughts. "We're in this together," she says.

David describes how he found Bianca hysterical, exhausted and agitated. He testifies that he convinced her to come to the clinic to be evaluated but she ran off and he found her on the roof. He says she was distraught and dangerously close to the edge of the roof. He also tells about the time he found Bianca and Maggie with Michael and how Maggie had to hold him off with a knife. Bianca was hyperventilating and that is when he realized what happened. "He raped her," he proclaims. Another defense objection is sustained. Jack asks David if he has any doubt Bianca was raped and David says he has no doubt at all.

The defense attorney, Wayne Cayback, gets his shot at David. He first asks David about his relationship with Bianca. David says she is a friend of his cousin Maggie. Cayback brings up David's past relationship with Erica and suggests he was like a father figure to Bianca. He notes that the examination of Bianca was done at the free clinic and asks that wasn't the reason he was at the clinic because he does community service there for mistreating a corpse. Cayback also reminds David about when he used Libidizone to drug a boatload of people. David can only listen in frustration. Cayback states that the test results are unavailable so he can't conclusively say Bianca was raped, can he? He asks if there was any bruising or tearing. When David tries to say the rape occurred weeks ago Cayback says, "I'll take that as a no."

Jack gets another chance to question David. He asks whether any physical injuries would have healed in the several weeks since the rape and David says they would have. Jack also asks if it's common for rape victims not to report their attacks. David says only 36 percent of rape victims report the crime. He says it doesn't matter when she came forward. The important thing is she did come forward.

Jack next calls Bianca to the stand, referring to her as "the alleged victim." Bianca enters with Erica. She looks around the room at the crowd of people and tells Erica that she can't do this. Erica tells her to concentrate on everyone who loves her. Bianca sees Michael staring at her and tells Erica "he's looking at me." Erica tells her not to look at him and not to let him have power over her. Erica starts to walk Bianca to the stand but Cayback objects that she is being escorted. Bianca walks the remainder of the way by herself and Erica takes a seat in the front row. Jack begins by asking Bianca to tell what happened on the night in question. She says it was the night of the storm when there was a blackout. She arrived home at Myrtle's boarding house and was looking for a flashlight when Michael grabbed her by the arm and lit a lighter. He pushed her onto the couch and told her he wanted her to like him. She says he talked about her mother and Kendall and claimed they were spreading rumors about him. He told her he wanted his father to understand him. From his hospital room in Las Vegas, Alexander can't believe that Michael is trying to blame him for what he did to this poor girl. "Damn him," he proclaims.

Bianca relates how Michael wanted her to dance. She agreed because she thought he would let his guard down and she could get away. But she felt him against her. She describes the start of the struggle and how she hit him with the fireplace poker. She tried to get away but couldn't get the doors unlocked. He grabbed her and pushed her onto the couch and ripped her shirt so he could touch her breasts. Erica's eyes tear up and she says quietly "don't look at him." Jack asks Bianca if there was penetration. Bianca glares at Michael and describes how he held her down. She said no – she screamed no – but he covered her mouth and entered her. Michael looks at her with a sly smile, as if to mock her, and shakes his head. "Don't you shake your head at me," she tells him angrily. "You raped me." She says that when he got off of her, he pulled up his pants and smiled. Then he said thanks and left. Reggie bolts up, yelling at Michael, "you're sick." He is quickly restrained. Bianca next testifies about keeping the rape quiet because her mother was raped and it nearly destroyed her. She didn't want this to resurrect that for her mother.

Cayback cross-examines Bianca, and his questions draw quick objections from Jack. He brings up Erica's claim of attempted rape by Michael and asks why she didn't bring charges. Bianca says there wasn't enough evidence. Kendall tells Aidan that she was there when Michael tried to rape Erica. She can help Bianca. Aidan tries to calm her down. Cayback asks her about Kendall's relationship with Michael, and she confirms that the two had a romantic relationship. Bianca is asked about Lena and Michael's attempt to take over Enchantment. Bianca admits that Michael was blackmailing Lena and tried to steal his mother's company. Cayback says he can see why Erica would hate Michael. He asks Bianca if she hates him to? Bianca admits that yes, she thought Michael did a cruel thing. But she says he could never touch her mother's company and that company is Erica's life. Cayback asks how she explains that Michael now has a controlling interest in Enchantment. He suggests that Erica wanted divert attention from a potential takeover by muddying Michael's character with a bogus rape charge made by her daughter. That prompts an outburst by Erica, who blasts Michael for raping her daughter. She is in such a state that she passes out, and David carries her out of the courtroom. Bianca tells the judge that she needs to be with her mother, and the judge calls a 45-minute recess. Cayback, however, first asks the judge to drop all charges. The state doesn't have a case, he says. Rather this is a fabrication by a woman desperate to hold onto her company. Jack tells the judge that Michael has shown a pattern of attacking women. Cayback says there is no proof of that. The next outburst is from Kendall, who stands up and yells that Michael tried to rape her and her mother and raped her sister. Bailiffs pull Kendall out of the courtroom.

In the hallway, the Trial TV reporter grabs Kendall for an interview, and Kendall states on TV that Michael is vial. Alexander, still watching on TV, says that Michael cannot get away with this. Ryan asks Alexander if Kendall's relationship with Michael was serious. Alexander tells him that it was for Kendall, but Michael was just using her. He says he has shamed the family again.

In the courtroom, the spectators converse about all that has been going on. Myrtle suggests they say a prayer for Bianca, and the group joins hands as Myrtle prays for Bianca to recover from this ordeal. During the prayer, Kendall keeps an eye on Michael, who winks at her.

In the judge's chambers, the attorneys are arguing their case. The judge says that she hasn't seen enough evidence to warrant a trial. Jack strongly suggests that a woman's word that she was raped should be enough evidence.

Erica commends Bianca for her strength. Bianca asks if it's true that Michael has taken over Enchantment. Erica tries to brush it off, saying that if it's true they'll deal with it.

The judge returns to the courtroom and says she is prepared to render her decision.

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