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All My Children Update Thursday 8/21/03

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Greenlee is at Fusion talking to the press on the phone about the contest. She is not happy to see Mary walk in, and quickly tells her that she is on her way to court. Mary comments that her 'father' needs her support. Greenlee replies that the word 'father' does not sound good coming out of Mary's mouth. Mary does not know how to make it up to Greenlee if Greenlee will not allow her to talk about it. Greenlee reminds Mary that she has lied to her since the day she was born, there is no way Mary can make amends. Mary reminds Greenlee that she is still her mother. 'Like hell you are' Greenlee replies as she walks away. Mary continues to try to get Greenlee to listen to her. Greenlee wants nothing to do any of it. She knows that Mary used her and manipulated her to get her to break up Erica and Jackson's wedding. Greenlee knows that Mary wants Jackson back in her life, and vows that she will do whatever it takes to save Jackson from her mother's barracuda teeth. Greenlee takes another call from the press about the contest and is upset to see Mary still there when the call is over. Mary tries to convince Greenlee that Erica will end up making Jackson choose between herself and Greenlee. Greenlee does not believe that at all. Mary swears that she will not allow Jackson to marry Erica. Greenlee makes it clear that the conversation is over by getting on the elevator to leave. She is going to the court house.

Kendall is sitting on a bench in the park, lost in thought. Juan Pablo finds her there and they start to talk. Kendall asks if Juan Pablo knows that today is Michael's hearing, he does remember that. Kendall asks if he remembers when they met. Juan Pablo does remember. It was right here in the park, she was looking for her sister. Kendall remembers that it was the day after she had seen Bianca there, the night Bianca was raped. She tells Juan Pablo that is what she is good at. Turning her back on the people she is supposed to love. She hurts them, then she loses them. Kendall continues to go on a pity party blaming herself because she didn't realize that Bianca had been raped the night she saw her holding a match over the trash can. She wants to be at the trial, but doesn't think Bianca would want her there. Juan Pablo tells her that all families have their problems, but when one of their own is hurt, they should all stick together. If Kendall loves Bianca, she should go to the trial. Bianca will need her there.

Ryan walks into Alex's room to find him packing up because he is being discharged. Ryan informs Alex that he has a limo waiting for them to take Alex straight to the airport. Alex is pleased, he was just about to take care of that himself. As Alex goes to get his watch from the bathroom Ryan notices the TV is tuned to the trial in Pine Valley and turns the volume up. He quickly turns it off when Alex comes back into the room. Alex asks him what it is that Ryan doesn't want him to see. Ryan tells him that he just turned off the TV because the limo is waiting and they need to get going. Alex stalls a little and talks Ryan into taking a check from him as a thank you for all that Ryan has done for him. Ryan finally agrees to take the check. Alex then offers Ryan a job in his corporation. Ryan declines saying that he has tried the 'corporate' path before and found it wasn't for him. Ryan then tries to rush them out of the room again when Alex stops him. He knows what Ryan turned off on the TV. 'My son is about to be exposed as a rapist, isn't he' Alex asks Ryan. Ryan gives in and admits that today is Michael's preliminary hearing. After a bit of discussion, Ryan agrees to turn on the TV and let Alex watch the proceedings. 


Anna joins David in the courtroom. She is concerned about what he is going to testify to. David reminds her that he has been called to testify as an expert witness before. He knows what to say to help put Michael away for good. Anna tells him that she can not allow him to manufacture evidence on the stand. David receives a phone call from the lab telling him that they lost all the test results from Bianca's exam. David tells them to find them and not call him again till they do. He then explains to Anna that he doesn't want Bianca to have to go through the exam again considering how hard it was on her the first time. Anna asks him if he is going to tell the truth on the stand. David wants to know if that is what she really wants, because if he tells the truth, Michael will walk. Anna admits that she messed up in arresting Cambias before she had concrete proof, she doesn't want to compound her mistake with him lying on the stand. They just have to have faith that the judge will warm to Bianca when Jackson is taking her through that horrible night on the stand.

Jackson is once again going over instructions on how Bianca should handle herself on the stand. Bianca assures him that she knows what she is supposed to do. Maggie hangs up the phone and informs them both that Erica's meeting ran a little long, she is going to meet them downstairs before they go to the courthouse. Bianca starts to go get dressed when Jackson stops her. He has been putting off telling her that there will be live TV coverage of the hearing. Bianca states that she can not and will not testify if there are cameras in the courtroom. Maggie assures her that she doesn't have to do anything that she doesn't want to do. Jackson tells Bianca that Cambias will walk if she doesn't testify. Jackson tries to convince Bianca that if she looks just at him and nowhere else, she will not even notice the cameras. Bianca confesses that it isn't really the cameras that she is afraid off. It is having to testify in front of Michael while Michael sits there knowing that they have no real evidence against him. Maggie tells Bianca that she can't imagine what she is going through, but that is exactly why Bianca has to testify. Everyone will believe Bianca when they hear her story. Bianca will also be showing Michael Cambias that she is still a strong and brave woman. Jackson agrees with Maggie and tells Bianca that he will be there with her through the whole thing. Bianca thinks about everything for a moment and then announces that she is going to go get dressed for the hearing. Jackson hugs her. Myrtle comes by to see if Bianca is doing okay. Jackson assures her that Bianca is doing good. Myrtle then tries to tell Jackson that she saw Michael running from her house that night, but forgot all about it due to a blackout spell she had. Jackson sees right through her story and assures her that they all want to put Michael away, but they have to do it the right way. He thanks Myrtle for what she is trying to do. Myrtle just feels horrible that Michael raped Bianca in her house. Bianca and Maggie rejoin the two of them in the front room. Bianca is happy that Myrtle is there. Myrtle tells her to always remember when she is going through this, that she is surrounded by all the people that love her. Bianca announces that she is ready, and they all leave for the courthouse.

Jackson and Justin are outside the courtroom. Justin tries to convince Jackson that he should be the one arguing this trial. Jackson has just enough time to explain that Justin doesn't have that much trial experience and he thinks that he is the only one that can get out of Bianca what she needs to say and still leave her in one piece. The herd of press people converge on them. Jackson prepares to talk to the media as Justin enters the court room.

Inside the courtroom Tad, Opal and Anna discuss the defense attorney as Kendall, Mia and Juan Pablo arrive. Kendall tells Mia that she is glad she came. Aidan arrives and asks Kendall what she is doing here. Kendall tells Aidan that someone convinced her that she is family and should be here. She thinks it will be easier with Aidan there to hold her hand when she wants to scream. Simone and Carlos arrive. Juan Pablo notices Carlos and goes to have a few private words with him. Tad is watching and can tell they are angry words. Juan Pablo leaves the court room first.

Outside the courtroom we see and hear the reporters asking Jackson questions about the case as first Juan Pablo and then Carlos go by them to another area of the hallway. They exchange heated words with Juan Pablo reminding Carlos that if 'they' find him they will kill him. As the camera pans away, we see Tad watching the two of them very closely. Jackson tries to end the interview with the media with one last answer that he believes there will be a trial. Jackson then goes into the court room.

On the TV in Alex's room they have the view of the inside of the courtroom now. Alex asks Ryan if he recognizes anyone in the courtroom since he spent time in Pine Valley. Ryan looks a little shocked to see Kendall standing in the court room.

As Tad reenters the court room Brooke and he discuss how horrible all of this is for Bianca and Erica. Tad is surprised to hear that Brooke is concerned for Erica. Brook assures him that no matter how she has felt about Erica in the past, when something like this happens, that is all in the past. Kendall asks Opal where Palmer is. Opal explains that Palmer left her a message that he had some business to take care of but that she should call on his cell phone as soon as there was any word. Kendall comments that she is counting on Palmer. Opal asks if she is counting on him being here for court. Kendall covers by agreeing that is what she meant. Juan Pablo rejoins Mia in the courtroom with a very interested Tad watching every move.

Back outside the courtroom Simone is looking for Carlos. When she finds him, he makes up an excuse that Stewart needs him at the gallery and he can not stay. Simone agrees to call him when it is all over and let him know how it goes, then goes back into the courtroom. Boyd and Maggie slowly walk into the hall. Maggie tells Boyd that she is confident that Jackson will take Cambias to trial. Boyd says that Cambias will pay for what he did no matter what. Maggie asks what he means by that, but Boyd just shrugs it off that he is just feeling helpless. They enter the court room together. Myrtle arrives for the hearing to find Lena watching the activities through the door windows. She tells Myrtle that she will not let Bianca see her, since Bianca has made it clear she doesn't want Lena anywhere around her. However, she asks Myrtle to tell Bianca that she loves her. Myrtle promises that she will.

Inside the court room once again, Simone approaches Mia and Kendall. She informs Kendall that she resigned from Fusion because of Michael. Kendall states that she should resign also then. Mia tells them both that no one is resigning, they all need to stick together. Greenlee joins them and agrees with Mia. They all decide that they all built Fusion, they all have reason to hate Michael, and together they will make Fusion a success and make sure Michael gets what he deserves. 

Reggie enters the court room and tells Jackson that he finally got Bianca and Erica both to crack a smile. Jackson is thankful to have Reggie in his life now. Greenlee approaches Jackson and offers support. Jackson is pleasantly surprised to have her there. Mary watches from the door.

Palmer treks through the woods to find Adam who is trying to take a vacation with Stewart to get away from everyone. After Palmer and Adam trade insults for a bit, Palmer informs Adam of Bianca's rape. Adam is very upset by the news. Palmer tells Adam that Bianca destroyed most of the evidence, and that Jackson thinks the case is not very good. Palmer tells him that they are holding the preliminary hearing right now to see if the case will go to court. What if it doesn't, Adam asks. Palmer tells him that is why he is there. Adam concludes that Palmer has a plan.

Alex and Ryan watch the TV reporter explain to her audience that they will not be watching a trial, rather a hearing to decide if there will be a trial. Ryan thinks that he should turn this off, it can't be good for Alex to watch. Alex corrects him saying that he hopes to see the judge put his son on trial for his life. Ryan tells Alex that he hopes for the same. The reporter announces that they are ready to bring Cambias into the court room.

The bailiff tries to bring everyone in the courtroom to order. Cambias is escorted in by two officers. They un-cuff him as he takes a slow look around the whole courtroom. 

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