AMC Update Wednesday 8/20/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 8/20/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Maria has fallen asleep in Joe's office studying for her big exam, so Edmund wakes her up by waving a sweet roll under her nose. She freaks out that she lost so much studying time and says she is not ready. She babbles on despite Edmund's attempts to calm her down, so instead he starts kissing her until she is calmer. Edmund quizzes her and she does fine, but she still wants to postpone the test. Joe arrives so she asks him how long it would be until she could take the test again. He says it might be a year, so she agrees to go take the test. When she returns later, her brain is fried from taking both a written and oral exam. She explains it to Edmund, who assures her that he will still love her if she isn't a doctor. Joe returns and tells her that she probably passed. He just scanned her answers but says the review committee was very impressed by her oral exam. Joe says he would be surprised if she's not seeing patients in a month. Maria is overjoyed so she kisses Edmund, who picks her up and swings her around, almost hitting Joe, who laughs.

The Fusion women all yell at Simone for handing over their company to Michael. She apologizes but that's not enough. She snaps at Kendall about sleeping with Michael, so Kendall stalks off. Greenlee and Mia yell at her some more, so Simone says she quits, and she stalks off, too. Juan Pablo talks to a corporate attorney about Fusion's problems. Greenlee leaves to visit Jack, to see if he can help. Mia talks to Juan Pablo about Greenlee, explaining that he has to be careful of Greenlee's feelings, because of all of the terrible things that have happened to her in the past year. Juan Pablo is amazed at how great Mia is and guesses that Mia has also had a bad year. He says that maybe if Mia stops looking for the worst in men, she will find love. She looks at him like she wants to kiss him.

Simone goes to the art gallery and angrily opens the door, hitting Carlos in the back with the knob (but he is relatively unscathed). She tells him how mad she is and what happened. He lends a sympathetic ear, telling her that it's not worth putting herself down. He reminds her all of the things she has done for the company and how she has gotten arrested for what she believes in. When she mentions Juan Pablo and Greenlee, he stiffens, so she thinks that he still has a thing for Greenlee. He dismisses the idea, saying he has to go, but says that there's nothing she can't fix if she wants to. She wonders to herself if that's true.

Palmer and Kendall meet in the park. He'd heard from her about Michael raping someone so he thought it was her. He is relieved it wasn't until she tells him that it was Bianca. He is stunned and seems unable to grasp it for a few minutes. She asks him to help her get rid of Michael permanently. She wants Palmer to find her an untraceable gun so she can shoot Michael. He refuses to help her with that, saying that if Michael goes free, he will get rid of him himself. She doesn't want him to go it alone but he insists that she not risk being a part of it.

Bianca awakens to find a note from Erica, saying she has gone to work downstairs. Bianca talks to herself in the mirror, telling herself to leave the apartment and that she's not dead. She grabs her purse and heads to the door, but she can't bring herself to open it. She starts to walk away from the door when the doorbell rings. She gasps, startled, and asks who it is. It's Reggie, so she lets him in. There is an awkward moment as she asks if Jack told him what happened to her. He says that Jack did. She guesses the news will come out anyway during the trial. Reggie says that Jack said there wouldn't be a trial; that Michael would be going to jail without one. Reggie and Bianca talk a little and then share sodas and chips on the couch. They plot how to get Erica and Jack back together. They joke about dropping them on an island so they are forced to get back together, and then dropping Greenlee and Mary on a separate island so they can tear each other apart. Reggie cheers Bianca up and gets her laughing. He says he doesn't want to be looking at Greenlee over his Thanksgiving turkey.

Jack's new assistant D.A. Justin starts to ask Jack about whether this meeting with Michael and his lawyer is the right thing, but Jack cuts him off kind of rudely. Michael and his lawyer Wayne arrive. Jack offers them a deal, saying that Michael is facing all of these other charges for corporate espionage, etc. so if he fesses up to the rape, he will reduce the other charges. Michael laughs and says Jack doesn't have enough evidence for the rape anyway. Jack lies that he has fibers to tie Michael to Myrtle's house, and a witness that puts him there on the night of the crime. Michael and Wayne don't fall for Jack's bluff; they turn down the deal. Greenlee arrives and yells at Michael just as he is leaving. Jack is very upset and smashes his coffee mug against his desk. Greenlee cheers him up by having faith that he can put Michael away, even though he is having doubts. She is very sympathetic about Bianca and he calls her his personal cheerleader. Jack gets called away to a meeting with a judge, but he gives Greenlee a quick kiss on the forehead before he leaves. She smiles at the idea of being his cheerleader.

Greenlee returns to Fusion. Juan Pablo asks her about her meeting with her father, knowing that they talked about more than Fusion. She admits that they took a big step forward. Mary comes in behind her, glad to hear that Jack and Greenlee are bonding. Greenlee is still furious at Mary. When Mary tries to get her to introduce her to Juan Pablo, Greenlee grabs his hand and says they are leaving. She tells Mary that she has nothing to say to her, and then she leaves.

Jack arrives at Erica's. Bianca thanks him with a hug for avoiding the trial. He tells her that he tried to get Michael to take the deal but it didn't work. She will have to testify. She resigns herself and says she can handle it. She says she will have months to get used to the idea before Michael goes to trial. Jack drops the other bomb. He says that the judge has called for a pre-trial hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute Michael. Bianca will have to testify in court tomorrow. Bianca looks stricken.

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