AMC Update Tuesday 8/19/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/19/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is at the hospital, happy to hear that Alexander is going to be released tomorrow or the next day. He gives Alexander a t-shirt that says, "I went to Vegas and all I got was a myocardial infarction." Alexander gives Ryan a note to send to Michael. Erica phones Alexander to tell him about Michael raping Bianca. He apologizes sincerely and then has some sort of attack. Ryan calls the doctors in to help him, fearing he's had another heart attack. They examine him and say he's okay; his blood pressure just spiked. Alexander can tell from Ryan's reactions that he knows Erica so he urges him to be honest. Ryan just say she used to live in Pine Valley and wonders if he should go back. Alexander asks him to go back and render punishment on Michael for him.

In jail, Michael is on the cell phone to someone giving them devious instructions; the guard takes his phone away (the guard does not like Michael since he knows he is a rapist and frequently says rude things to him during the episode). Juan Pablo visits Michael to tell him that he's paid back his loan so he needs to stay away from the Fusion girls. Michael laughs at him, calls him lots of insulting names, and says he is stuck in their lives. At one point Juan Pablo grabs Michael through the bars but the guard ignores what's going on.

The Fusion ladies discuss how they should thank Juan Pablo; maybe they should throw him a party. Kendall arrives; when Greenlee asks her how Bianca is doing, Kendall replies obnoxiously. They argue until Kendall agrees that their problems with their parents pale in comparison to what Bianca's gone through. Mia gets a fax for their biggest order yet from Baylor and Garland. They celebrate, saying that Fusion is now with the top five cosmetics companies and it's here to stay.

Erica, Jack, Bianca, David, and Maggie come back to Erica's place to find Lena outside waiting. Lena is upset to find out that the news is true about Bianca being raped. She begs to see Bianca, but they rush Bianca inside, saying that she's not ready yet to see Lena. Jack talks kindly with Lena, and so does Maggie, about how she has to be patient until Bianca is ready. Lena hopes Jack can put Michael away. She wants Bianca to know that she still loves her. Maggie assures Lena that once she has recovered more, Bianca will want a relationship with Lena. Lena promises to stay away until Maggie tells her it's okay.

David tells Erica and Jack that there was no physical evidence found of rape, only heterosexual intercourse, when he examined Bianca. They all worry that there won't be enough evidence to convict Michael. Jack tells David about finding Greenlee in Atlantic City and suggests he go talk to her.

Jack checks up on Bianca in her room and says he's sorry about what happened to her. He should have realized that she would be a target from Michael. He wants to make her feel safe. He asks her if there are any details from that night that she might have forgotten. He is trying to find any physical evidence. She is reluctant to talk about it but can't think of anything. She just wanted to erase what happened, so she destroyed everything. Jack is hurt to hear Bianca say that she feels ashamed. He assures her that she did nothing wrong and offers to hold her. She nods yes so he puts his arms around her while she leans o him.

David visits Greenlee at Fusion. She is ecstatic about the success of the company. David tells her that he's proud of her and leaves. Juan Pablo comes in and wants to look at the loan agreement that Michael made with Fusion. He looks it over and tells them that Fusion is now owned by Michael.

Jack and Erica have some awkward moments. Both are still in shock about what's happened to Bianca and so they say the wrong things. They talk about prosecuting Michael. Bianca starts to walk in but hears them talking and eavesdrops instead. She hears them say that Michael's defense attorney will make it sound like she just had consensual sex and that Michael will be set free again. She leans against the wall and slowly sinks to the floor in a daze.

Michael gets the fax from his dad that says "You are dead to me".

There are numerous threats made to Michael during the show from Jack, Maggie, Lena, et al.

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