AMC Update Monday 8/18/03

All My Children Update Monday 8/18/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is being booked into jail but he remains cocky, saying his lawyer is on his way and he'll be out of here in five minutes. Jack, in Anna's office with Erica, is despondent after hearing Bianca was raped. He holds his face in his hands, saying "Oh, my God." Erica tells him that Michael hunted Bianca down then raped her. Angrily, Jack stands up and darts out of the office toward Michael with revenge on his mind. "You're dead," he tells Michael as Anna and other officers try to hold him back. Anna tells officers to take Michael out of there now. She tells Jack to calm down. Jack asks for the police reports. He approaches Erica and tells her he's sorry. They embrace and Erica cries in his arms.

Bianca is shown smiling and walking down the stairs at Myrtle's house to a waiting Lena. They happily greet each other then leave for a vacation together, hand in hand. Lena's daydream is interrupted by Myrtle. Lena says she won't give up on Bianca and begs Myrtle to tell her if she knows anything about her. Boyd walks in and tells Myrtle the police are there to search the house. An officer enters and tells the three that this is a crime scene and they have to leave the room. A group of officers begin searching the place and taking pictures. Lena asks Myrtle what's happening. "My God, it happened here," Myrtle says.

Bianca is sleeping on the couch in her mother's home and wakes up abruptly after a nightmare. Maggie is there to comfort her. "He was here again. He won't leave me alone," Bianca says. Maggie tells Bianca that Michael was arrested. Bianca says that only means more questions. David arrives to prepare Bianca for a physical examination. She is unsure she can go through with this, but she reluctantly agrees.

Jack asks Erica if this is why she came to him earlier. Why didn't she just tell him? Erica tells him he wouldn't let her. She says she has learned something valuable through this. As much as they love each other, he can't really trust her and she can't count on him either. She says she will have to help Bianca get through this alone. Jack tells her she won't be alone because he will do anything for Bianca. Erica hugs him and tells him she wants them to put their differences aside now for Bianca. Jack asks her why Bianca waited so long to report the rape. Erica says she wanted them to have a perfect wedding. Anna walks in and gives Jack Bianca's statement.

Kendall is at Michael's condo and is having a daydream. She imagines Michael arriving home and finding her there. She asks for his forgiveness and sits him down on his couch, offering him a drink. Suddenly he is bitten by the poisonous snake she put inside. She tells him that it is not the only snake here. He collapses. Her daydream is interrupted by Aidan, who grabs her by the arm and asks her what she's doing there. She tells him to leave and says Michael deserves whatever happens to him. Aidan sits on the couch where the snake is and find it under a pillow. Kendall warns him to be careful.

Jack reads Bianca's statement, in which she describes what Michael did to her. After reading it, he asks Anna if this is all they have. Realizing it is, he says "right now we've got nothing." He leaves and walks into an empty courtroom and is followed by Anna and Erica. Frustrated, he asks why he wasn't informed about this before Cambias was arrested. Erica tells him it's because he was in Atlantic City. He tells them that without any solid evidence except Bianca's word, Cambias just might go free. But he tells Erica he'll build a solid case.

Boyd watches the officers go through Myrtle's house and tells her they're trashing the place. Lena asks if something happened to Bianca at the house. A tearful Myrtle tells them that Bianca was raped. Lena starts crying and Boyd angrily kicks the patio bench. Lena runs off. She goes to Erica's home and pounds on the door, crying hysterically. She begs Bianca to come to the door so she can see her and tell her she's OK. "I love you more than ever now," she says. No one answers the door.

Kendall is upset that Aidan killed the snake. He asks what was he supposed to do, let the snake kill him? He asks her where she got the snake and doesn't she know she could get in trouble. She says she paid cash for the snake and didn't give her name. She says she'll go to jail if it means Bianca won't have to see Cambias again. Aidan tells her no one, including Erica, blames her for bringing Michael to Pine Valley. She asks what Erica said, and he says Erica thinks only Michael is to blame. She says it doesn't matter, and prison is too good for him. Aidan tells her to forget this personal vendetta against Michael. If she doesn't, he's going to handcuff her to him. He displays a set of handcuffs, and Kendall apologizes and says what she did was stupid and dangerous. She says she won't jeopardize the legal system.

Bianca is in an examining room and a nurse gives her a paper robe to put on. Maggie helps Bianca undress and prepare for the examination. David enters and tells her he's going to draw some blood to check for sexually transmitted diseases then will do a pelvic exam. Bianca looks uncomfortable during the exam and tells Maggie she can talk to her. Maggie suggests the two of them take a trip to Australia. After the exam, Bianca asks David if she's OK. David says they'll talk later. He leaves the room with a worried look on his face. "How the hell am I going to tell her this."

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