AMC Update Friday 8/15/03

All My Children Update Friday 8/15/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Juan Pablo goes to the Valley Inn bar and orders a drink. He is soon joined by Tad, who says he wants to apologize to him. "I think I had you figured all wrong," Tad says. He says he assumed because Juan Pablo had crossed paths with all the Fusion women he had a sinister motive. Liza has corrected him, he says. He knows that Juan Pablo put out $500,000 of his own money to help Fusion. Tad talks about all the Fusion women individually, describing their characteristics. Last is Liza, and Tad calls her complicated and pig-headed. "You love her," Juan Pablo comments. Tad hesitates, then says of course he loves her. He loves all women. While Juan Pablo goes to order champagne, Tad grabs his room key and puts it in his pocket. Later, Tad arrives at Juan Pablo's room and lets himself in with the key.

Anna is reading Michael his rights outside his condo while Kendall, Aidan and the other Fusion women are watching. Kendall is hysterically crying after realizing he raped her sister. "You are a dead man," she shouts at Michael. "I'm going to make sure you're going to die." Aidan grabs her, pulls her into her condo and tells her to get a grip. She says she'd like to get a grip around Michael's neck. She calms down enough to realize that if Michael is being arrested, Bianca apparently has come forward. "It's true," she says as she starts to cry again. She says Anna won't be able to stop Michael so it will have to be up to her. Aidan says he'll go to the police station to make sure Michael is in jail tonight. Kendall says he'll find a way to slither out of this because he always does. Greenlee, Mia and Simone, who had watched Michael get arrested, go into Kendall's home to see if they can help. Aidan tells them to look after her while he goes to the police station. The women try to comfort their friend and co-worker as Greenlee wonders if Jack knows about the rape. Kendall tells her friends about Bianca's rape and says she's the one who brought this psycho to Pine Valley. Greenlee tells her she's not to blame. Kendall says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore and wants to be alone so she can rest. After they leave, Kendall grabs her purse and walks out with a determined look on her face.

Jack is sitting in an empty courtroom waiting for proceedings to begin. Brooke walks in to see how he's doing. Jack says he's coping just fine. Brooke notes that he had a sleepless night after his ruined wedding and finding out about Greenlee being his daughter, then he worked hard at the Habitat for Humanity house. So she asks how is he coping. Brooke says that unless her invitation got lost, his wedding to Erica has not been rescheduled. She asks when are they getting married. Jack says he doesn't know. Brooke takes him and sits him in the witness chair and then plays lawyer. She says while Erica was misguided in not telling him about Greenlee, she asks him if he still loves her. Jack doesn't answer and gets up from the chair. Brooke says he's been in love with Erica for years and he should give her another chance. Jack is curious why Brooke is defending Erica after offering to help him escape at the weeding. Brooke says she realized after seeing the two of them at the wedding that they were meant to be together. She asks if he's going to give her a break. Just then, Jack's new assistant district attorney, Justin, walks in. Brooke meets him and leaves, telling Jack to keep her suggestion in mind. Jack is impressed with the new assistant DA, who seems up-to-speed on cases that he'll have to work with.

Erica goes to the police station and is soon joined by David, who tells her she shouldn't bee here right now. Erica says she needs to see "the face of the monster" who raped her daughter. David tells her to go home but she says the only way she'll know Bianca is safe is if she sees him in handcuffs. David says then, he'll be here with her. Erica tells him he's been amazing, especially in light of his loss. He says reaching out to Bianca has been like grabbing onto a lifeline. She hugs him. Anna brings Michael into the station and he is his usual cocky self.

Anna tells David that she wants Bianca to be physically examined. David says he'll bring her in for an examination although Anna says that there won't be any physical evidence so many weeks after the rape. David says he'll find evidence even if he has to manufacture it himself. Anna tells David that he can't manufacture evidence, but David says Cambias is a sexual predator who needs to be brought down.

Michael taunts Erica by congratulating her on turning another one of her daughters into a liar. Aidan approaches Michael and punches him in the face, saying someone has to shut his filthy mouth. Anna hauls Aidan into her office and chastises him, warning him not to act as a vigilante and jeopardize this case. Aidan says while justice may be swift, a broken jaw is swifter. Anna tells him to back off and let her handle it. David asks Erica if she's all right and she says she and Bianca will survive this, but Michael Cambias won't. Anna calls Jack and tells him she's arrested Cambias. She asks him to come to the station right away.

Greenlee, Mia and Simone go to the Valley Inn bar where they see Tad and Juan Pablo. They discuss the situation with Cambias transferring money into Fusion's account, and Juan Pablo says he'll make a call to his bank to give Fusion $500,000. After he leaves to make the call, Mia comments that he's a prince. Simone says yes, but he's Greenlee's prince. Juan Pablo returns to tell Greenlee the money will be transferred tonight. He says their problem with Cambias will be taken care of. Greenlee says they now have a new problem with Cambias because he raped a girl they know. Mia tells him that Bianca was raped. Juan Pablo tells them to stay away from Cambias. Greenlee mentions that Bianca is Jack's niece, prompting Juan Pablo to comment about Jack being Greenlee's father. Greenlee gets quiet, and Mia and Simone excuse themselves. Greenlee and Juan Pablo sit down together and Greenlee says Jack is so open and real yet she pushes him away. She wonders if he knows about Bianca and Juan Pablo gives her his phone to call him. Greenlee starts to dial but stops, saying she doesn't know how to tell Jack about such a thing.

At the police station, Aidan tells Erica that Kendall blames herself for the rape. Erica says Kendall is not to blame, only Michael is. Aidan says it would be good if Kendall heard her say that. Erica's cell phone rings and she rushes to pick it up, thinking it might be Bianca. Instead she drops it and when she picks it up no one is on the phone. She loses it, starts to cry and slams the phone on the desk. "Nothing is ever going to be right," she cries. Just then Jack walks in and asks what Cambias did now. Erica says the word "rape" and Jack assumes he raped Erica. Erica tells him it wasn't her. It was Bianca.

Kendall goes to the Reptile Ranch to look for a snake. She tells the dealer that she wants a "snake with an attitude" that "bites first and asks questions later." The dealer shows her a poisonous snake but says it's against the law to sell it to her. She offers him a wad of cash and says that he never saw her and she never saw him. The man takes the money and Kendall leaves with the snake. She takes it to Michael's condo, opens the door with her key and lets the snake lose, telling it to give Michael a big juicy kiss for her.

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