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Carlos tells Juan that he’ll just have to leave Pine valley without him. He says he has made a lot friends in town and that he’s living a good life. Juan warns Carlos that people are probably following him and that it’s just not safe for him in Pine Valley. Carlos gets furious and tells Juan that he’s going to take care of things right away. When he opens the door to leave, he sees Greenlee standing outside with Jackson. Greenlee makes a face and asks Carlos why he followed her.

The doctor tends to Alexander and tells him that he’ll be just fine. She tells him not to worry and that his son has come over to visit him. Alexander gets really surprised and wonders why Michael has come to see him. He tells the doctor to let his son in. To his disappointment, it’s Ryan, not Michael. Ryan smiles and says the only way they would let him in is if he pretended to be his son.

Kendall continues shouting at the top of her lungs outside of Michael’s apartment. She yells at Michael to admit that he raped Bianca. Aidan hears all the commotion from his place and runs over to find out what’s wrong. When he sees Kendall standing in the rain crying, he asks her what she’s doing. Kendall desperately tells Aidan that Michael has ruined everything. Aidan looks really confused and he urges Kendall to come over to his place.

Erica continues comforting Bianca in her apartment. “Dear God, please help us,” she cries. Bianca starts sobbing in her mother’s arm and Erica encourages her to let it all out. When the thunder roars outside, Bianca starts cringing with fear. Erica tells her that she’s safe and that she has nothing to worry about.

Aidan sits Kendall down on his couch and wipes her with a towel. Kendall tells him that she doesn’t have time to sit and that she has to make sure her family is safe. Aidan asks Kendall what she was doing with Michael. Kendall starts crying hysterically and says that she’s the one who lead Michael into town. Aidan doesn’t understand what’s going on and he tries to take Kendall’s arm. Kendall gets startled and tells Aidan that Michael is still on her. “I have to wash him off of me!” she yells as she rushes to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Michael watches from outside the window.

Alexander asks Ryan if he came over for his payment. Ryan kindly tells Alexander that he doesn’t care about the money and that he just came by to make sure he’s all right. Alexander is skeptical but says he could use the company. He asks Ryan if he gets along with his father. Ryan shrugs but doesn’t say anything. Alexander says he had a good relationship with his other son Alex, but he died. “Now I’m left with Michael,” he says bitterly.

Carlos asks Greenlee if she’s all right. Before Greenlee can answer, Jackson tells Carlos that he doesn’t need to worry about Greenlee. Carlos gets irritated and tells Jackson that he wasn’t talking to him. Greenlee rolls her eyes and says it’s getting way too crowded in the hotel room. She says she’s going to go home, and tells the boys that they’re all welcome to stick around and talk about her behind her back. She promptly gets her things together and thanks Juan for all his hospitality. Carlos gets confused and asks Greenlee if she stayed with Juan all night. “Yeah, you got a problem with that?” Greenlee asks Carlos angrily. Carlos looks hurt and says he’s not the one with the problem. Greenlee laughs and tells Carlos that she didn’t have a problem staying with Juan either. She then tells Carlos that she doesn’t need his help. She tries to limp away but doesn’t make it very far. Carlos and Jackson start fussing over her, but Greenlee firmly tells them to stay away. She then composes herself and thanks Juan for keeping her company. Juan smiles and tells her that it was his pleasure. He then kisses her hand and Greenlee blushes. Jackson tells Greenlee that he’ll bring the car around so they can both go home. Greenlee tries to protest but Jackson tells her that he doesn’t want to hear another word out of her. Before leaving, Greenlee tells Carlos that he shouldn’t have come after her.

Ryan tells Alexander to get some sleep. Alexander says he doesn’t want to sleep and that he would rather face death with his eyes wide open. The phone rings and Alexander answers. He’s surprised to hear Michael’s voice and asks him if he called to complain again. Michael tells him that he’s done complaining and that from now on he’s going to live by his own rules. Alexander gets furious and tells Michael that he’ll bring him down if it’s the last thing he does. Michael laughs and says he won’t be able to do anything when he’s six feet underground. Alexander warns Michael that he’ll make a pact with the devil if he has to. Michael rolls his eyes and tells his father to try to go peacefully. Alexander slams the phone down furiously. Ryan asks him if his relationship with his son has always been this hostile. Alexander takes a deep breath and says it got a lot harder when his other son died. He says he found it hard to even look at Michael after that. Ryan gets confused and asks him why that was. Alexander says he just never had the strength to face the truth and to ask the questions that should have been asked.

When Kendall comes back from the bathroom, Aidan pours some tea for her and asks if she wants to talk. Kendall shakes her head and says she would rather not say anything. Aidan asks her if Erica said anything to upset her. Kendall quietly shakes her head and says Erica wasn’t at fault. She finally gathers up all her strength and tells Aidan that she thinks Michael raped Bianca. Aidan gets furious and gets up right away. “That sick bastard!” he yells as he rushes to the door. Kendall runs after him and tells him to wait.

Erica helps Bianca into bed and pours her a glass of water. She strokes Bianca’s hair and tells her she did the right thing by telling her the truth. Bianca doesn’t respond. Erica tells Bianca to get some sleep and to try to ease her mind. When she starts fluffing the pillows, Bianca stops her. “Mom, aren’t you mad at me?” she asks. Erica starts to cry and hugs Bianca tightly. She tells Bianca that she could never be angry at her daughter, and especially for something like this. She tells Bianca to listen to her closely. “Something terrible was done to you, but it wasn’t your fault,” she says. She promises Bianca that they will get through it together. Bianca seems a little relieved and finally puts her head down on the pillow. Erica lies down beside her and strokes her hair. She starts singing Bianca’s favorite lullaby.

Alexander tells Ryan that his son Alex died in a car crash. He says Alex had been drinking, but he never drank before that. He says he drank because of Michael. Ryan tells Alexander that he’s really sorry that his son died so tragically. Alexander shakes his head and says it was what happened after that really disturbed him. He says that at the funeral, Michael was smiling. Ryan shrugs and tells Alexander that a smile doesn’t mean anything. Alexander sarcastically asks Ryan if he would ever smile on his brother’s grave. Ryan admits that he wouldn’t do that. Alexander nods and says he knows Michael is responsible for Alex’s death. He says Michael competed with Alex all his life, and in the end he was glad to see him go.

Kendall stops Aidan and begs him not to go to Michael yet. Aidan says he wants to teach Michael a lesson. He asks Kendall why Michael hasn’t been arrested yet. Kendall tells him that Bianca hasn’t told anyone yet and that she would be overwhelmed if the police showed up on her door. Aidan agrees but tells Kendall that they should do something soon. Kendall starts to cry and says that it’s all her fault. She says Michael wanted to get back at her and that’s why he went after her sister. Aidan hugs Kendall and tells her to not blame herself, but Kendall becomes hysterical. She says that her father raped Erica, and now she’s responsible for her own sister’s rape. Just then, there’s a knock on the door. Aidan answers and is shocked to see Michael. Michael looks worried and asks if everything is all right. He says he heard a commotion.

Carlos furiously asks Juan if he seduced Greenlee, but Juan says he didn’t. He says Greenlee was unhappy and that she just needed a friend. Carlos doesn’t look convinced and asks Juan if he touched Greenlee. Juan laughs and says he doesn’t force himself on unhappy women. Carlos asks him why he’s been trying to seduce the other Fusion girls. Juan shrugs and says they’re all charming women. He tells Carlos that he really came back for his brother, not to seduce women. Carlos shrugs and says he isn’t leaving and that his future is in Pine Valley. Juan firmly tells Carlos to not think his future is with Greenlee. “It’s very clear that it’s over between you two,” he says.

Jackson brings Greenlee back to her apartment. Greenlee quietly enters, shocked to see her apartment in such a burnt mess. She sits down on the couch and takes a look at the box of childhood memories she had tried to burn. Jackson tells Greenlee to not play with matches again. Greenlee laughs and says she can’t believe she ruined her entire apartment. Jackson asks her if she needs any help with fixing things up. Greenlee says she’ll be all right and that she doesn’t want to be any more trouble. Jackson tells Greenlee that she’ll never be too much trouble for him. Greenlee smiles and tells Jackson to go back to Erica. Jackson shakes his head and says he’s having a hard time going back to Erica. He says he can’t get over the fact that his fiancée kept his daughter away from him. Greenlee shrugs and says things just worked out that way. She tells Jackson to get on with his life and to not dwell on the past so much.

Kendall tells Michael to get out. Michael laughs and tells Kendall to control her temper. Aidan gets furious and grabs Michael by the neck. He tells Michael that he isn’t afraid to squeeze harder. Kendall tells Aidan to let go and to not get himself in any trouble. Aidan finally lets go and Michael catches his breath. He says he just came by to make sure Kendall was all right. Kendall scoffs and asks Michael why he won’t leave her family alone. She asks Michael why he raped Bianca. Michael shrugs and says he’s really tired of always being blamed with rape. He dares Kendall to come up with a new accusation. Aidan warns Michael to leave before he gets hurt again. Michael smiles and smugly says he just came by to say hello. When Aidan and Kendall get back inside, Kendall starts to cry. “What have I done?” she asks herself.

Erica continues stroking Bianca’s hair and tries to help her daughter sleep. She starts thinking about all the hard times Bianca has been through and starts to cry. “Bianca, you’ve been through enough,” she whispers.

Jackson hands Greenlee a paper with all his phone numbers. Greenlee smiles and takes it from him. Jackson asks Greenlee to promise to call if she needs him. When he reaches the door, Greenlee calls out to him. She tells Jackson that she promises to never take off without saying anything again. Jackson smiles at her lovingly and then leaves.

Carlos tells Juan that although he has lost Greenlee, he’s not going to pick up and run away. He says he’s been running from those men since he was fourteen. Juan tries to reason with Carlos and says he just doesn’t want to loose his brother. Carlos shakes his head and says he’s not going anywhere. He says he’s not sorry for what he did, and that the guy deserved it. He tells Juan that when the men come after him, he’ll be ready. Juan sighs and tells Carlos he won’t be alone. “You’re my brother and I will do anything to protect you,” he says. Carlos’ eyes well up and he hugs his brother tightly.

Ryan tells Alexander to hang in there and to just relax. Alexander starts getting hysterical. He says he’s going to go to hell for his son’s sins. Ryan puts his hand on Alexander’s shoulders and promises him that Michael won’t get away with anything.

Kendall takes a look at the pearl necklace Erica had given her. She suddenly throws it away and starts to cry. She says everything she touches turns to garbage, and everyone she gets close to ends up getting hurt. Aidan takes Kendall’s hand and tells her that she’s got it all wrong. He tells Kendall that she’s a wonderful person and a good friend. He reminds Kendall that she’s a real survivor, and that even her mother and sister know how to overcome obstacles. Kendall smiles and thanks Aidan for all his support. She says she has to make things better and make sure Michael gets punished for what he did.

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