AMC Update Tuesday 8/12/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/12/03

By Melody
Pictures by Juanita

Thunder and lighting rein down on Atlantic City and Greenlee clings to Jack as he tells her it's going to be all right. She then protested and struggled for Jack to put her down. Greenlee tells Jack that she'd rather take her chances in the storm rather than go anywhere with Jack who then picks her up against her will and carries her away. 

Juan Pablo is surprised when he opens the door to find Carlos. He asks how Carlos found him and stood back as Carlos pushed his way into Juan Pablo's hotel room. Carlos says it was too easy to find him and reminds Juan Pablo that he isn't supposed to be anywhere near him. Juan Pablo says nobody knows but Carlos says that was their deal and doesn't he remember? Juan Pablo sits down on his couch and tells Carlos he has good reason for being there. Carlos asks if he has a death wish.

Ryan tries to tell Alexander that his final request is a little out there and a dying Alexander says its an old man's perogative to change his mind. Reminding him that it's a life or death time, Ryan says it would serve him right if he went along with his request. Alexander tells Ryan that he has no say in the matter and the decision has been made. Ryan will grant him his last request. Alex says he won't call Michael anymore.

Bianca wonders why Erica is staring as she walks into their home. Erica hugs her and says thank God she's okay. Thunder claps as they talk and both Erica and Bianca jump in surprise. Bianca asks if Jack called and that's why Erica was anxious to talk to her but Erica says no. Erica tries to get Bianca to have dinner with her but Bianca claims she is tired and wants to go to bed. As Kendall stands by, Erica says Bianca is terrified of the storm the same way she is. Kendall attempts to reassure Erica by saying that she doesn't know for sure if Michael did anything to Bianca. Kendall tells her she's not a shrink but that maybe Erica is projecting her fears about being raped onto Bianca. Thunder strikes and Erica flashes back to when Michael attacked her as she cried out for help. Shaken, Erica stands up and barks at Kendall to get out of her house.

Back at the Fusion office, over take out food, Mia asks Simone how her search for true love went and Simone says as usual she hit a total dead end. Mia lets her know she's sorry and holds up a video from the sexiest guys saying at least they have them. Simone says that the sexiest man contest has really taken off but hopefully they wouldn't be announcing the winner behind prison bars. She checks their computer again just to see where they stand money wise and finds that their debt to the IRS has been paid. Simone starts to celebrate and Mia still can't believe it. Simone reveals she called Liza and figures that she's the one who put the $500,000 dollars into their account.

From his home computer, Michael confirms the transfer of his money to the Fusion account. As he looks at a newspaper with the women of Fusion on the cover, Michael says to himself the babes of Fusion are now his. He lingers over Kendall's picture and in a sing song tone says, "I'm baaack."

Kendall says she's sorry if she said anything to upset Erica who says no it's her. Erica apologizes to her and Kendall says it's okay, we're all a little on edge during the storm. Erica vows not to be a victim and Kendall let's her know she can be afraid, she's not alone. She offers help but Erica says she has to be strong for Bianca's sake. Erica tells Kendall she needs to talk to Bianca but she has to do it alone. Kendall leaves in search of Michael. Terrified Bianca comes running into the room and rushes to lock the door as Erica asks her what's wrong. She remembers the night of the storm and Michael locking the doors, trapping her inside. Erica tries to calm her and Bianca jumps when she touches her arm.

Juan Pablo says that his job is to keep Carlos alive and Carlos says he can take care of himself. Juan Pablo asks if taking care of himself is putting his face before the public for everyone to see him. Carlos lets him know it was a spur of the moment thing, doing the Fusion ad. Juan Pablo tells him he must always think and that if he lets his guard down he will end up dead. Carlo promises to be more careful but that's not enough for Juan Pablo who says they are leaving that night. Carlos says he won't go and leave Pine Valley and Juan Pablo says he will not leave without Carlos, who is his brother.

Greenlee and Jack find an empty restaurant to dry off in and Jack asks the owner for some hot coffee and candles. He lights the room up and Greenlee sits down, trying to dry herself with napkins. They start talking and Jack asks Greenlee what she wants from him. Greenlee tells him she doesn't know. Over clam chowder Greenlee and Jack start getting closer as they start opening up. 

Kendall demands to know what Michael did to Bianca. Michael laughs as she tries to get him to tell her what he did. Michael says he will never have a rape charge. He grabs her arm and Kendall leaves.

Erica comforts Bianca who is shaken with fear. She flashes back to the things that happened the night of her rape. She grabs a fire poke and holds it up over a pleading Erica. Erica promises no one will ever hurt her again. As they hug and cry a shattered Bianca confesses to Erica that Michael raped her.

Kendall tells Michael that he’s a sick man. She threatens Michael to tell her what he did to her sister. Michael laughs and asks her why she keeps coming back to him when she knows what he’s capable of. Kendall gets furious and comes closer to Michael. Michael laughs and asks her what she’s going to do. He leans in closer and tells Kendall that she could have had it all, but she chose door #2. Kendall steps back and tells Michael he’s pathetic. Michael laughs and tells Kendall she’s the one who’s pathetic. He asks Kendall when she’s going to realize that her mother doesn’t give a damn about her. Kendall shakes her head and tells Michael his mind games aren’t going to work. Michael warns Kendall that she’s hasn’t seen anything yet. He tells Kendall that Alexander will soon be out of the way, and then he’ll be the new head of Cambias Industries. He warns Kendall that he’s going to ruin Pine Valley.

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