AMC Update Tuesday 8/12/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/12/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Jackson holds Greenlee tightly in his arms. He smiles as he strokes his daughter’s hair, shielding her from the rain. Greenlee feels comforted at first, but then quickly tells Jackson to put her down. Jackson pleads with Greenlee to let him take her home, but Greenlee stubbornly tells Jackson that she doesn’t need his help. She tries to limp away but Jackson can tell she won’t be able to get very far. Jackson picks her up and puts her over his shoulder. Greenlee starts screaming but Jackson tells her he’s not leaving without her.

Carlos barges into the hotel room and tells Juan that he was warned to never come near him again. Juan tries to explain and says he has a good reason for coming to see him. Carlos doesn’t want to hear it. He asks Juan if he has some kind of death wish.

Alexander tells Ryan that he’ll have to do as he says. He tells Ryan to grant him his last wish. Ryan looks confused, wondering what he’s gotten himself into.

Bianca asks Erica why she was so desperately looking for her. Erica hugs Bianca happily and says she was just worried about her because of the storm. Bianca’s eyes light up and she asks Erica if the wedding is back on. Erica shakes her head and says that Jackson has called her yet. Bianca gets really disappointed and says she’s going to bed. After she leaves, Erica sits down with Kendall and tells her she’s really worried about her daughter. Kendall comforts Erica and tells her that there’s a chance she’s over-reacting. She tells Erica that perhaps she’s transferring her own fears onto Bianca. Erica suddenly gets startled by the thunder and lightening outside. She has a flashback to when Michael tried to rape her and she gets really upset. She gets up suddenly and yells at Kendall to get out.

Simone and Mia sit down in the office with some Chinese take-out. Mia asks Simone if she had any luck with finding love. Simone shrugs and says she’s had the worst luck in love recently. She sighs and asks Mia why things have gotten so complicated lately. She wonders how they’re going to come up with so much money and pay off the IRS. Mia says she doesn’t know, but she wishes a fairy godmother would come around to help them. Simone laughs and turns on her computer. She suddenly gasps in shock. Mia asks her what’s wrong and then goes over to look at the computer screen. Simone tells her that $500,000 was just wired into the Fusion account.

Meanwhile, Michael is in his apartment, clicking away on his computer. He smiles and says he’s the secret admirer who has just wired $500,000 to Fusion’s account. He takes a look at a photo of the Fusion girls in a magazine and smiles. “Watch out Kendall, I’m back!” he says.

Kendall looks really confused and asks Erica what she did wrong. Erica snaps out of it and apologizes to Kendall for screaming at her. She says the storm still has bizarre effects on her. Kendall says she understands and that she’ll stay by her side all night if she has to. Erica shakes her head and says she would like to be alone with Bianca for a while. She says she knows Bianca will not say anything in front of anyone else. Kendall agrees and says she’ll leave them alone. After Kendall leaves, Bianca suddenly comes running out of her room. She screams at her mother and asks her if she remembered to lock the door. Erica stammers, but before she can say anything, Bianca rushes towards the door. When she clicks on the lock, she suddenly remembers the night when Michael had broken into her house. She remembers how Michael had locked the doors and had come towards her. When Erica places her arm on Bianca’s shoulder, Bianca gets startled and jerks her away.

Outside, Kendall promises to not let Michael get away with hurting her sister.

Juan tells Carlos that he has nothing to worry about. He says he came by to make sure he’s staying alive. Carlos shakes his head and says he can take care of himself. Juan laughs and asks if taking care of himself includes getting on a TV commercial. Carlos looks surprised and asks Juan if he saw his commercial. Juan says the whole world saw it, and that’s why he came to over to make sure he was safe.

Jackson helps Greenlee into a restaurant. The manager comes over and tells them that they’re closed because of the power outage. Jackson gives the manager a wad of money and says he just needs some shelter from the storm. The manager smiles and says he’ll fix up something for them to eat. Greenlee sits down reluctantly, but tells Jackson that she wants to go back to the hotel. Jackson tells her that she’ll need a boat to get to the hotel in such a storm. He picks up a jacket and puts it over Greenlee. Greenlee throws it down and shoves him away. Jackson rolls his eyes and tells Greenlee to stop fighting him. He tells Greenlee that he was really worried about her, which is why he came so far looking for her. Greenlee shrugs and says she doesn’t care. Jackson begs Greenlee to to go easy on him. Greenlee shakes her head and tells Jackson that she knows exactly what he’s going to say. She tells Jackson that he’s off the hook and that she doesn’t want him in her life. Jackson tells her that he just wants to know what she needs from him. “Tell me what you need Greenlee, and I promise to give it you,” he says.

Michael gets on the phone and calls the hospital where his father is. When he finds out that his father is in stable condition, he angrily slams the phone down. He wonders when his father is going to finally leave this world. Suddenly, Kendall comes barging in and asks Michael what he did to her sister.

Bianca continues having flashbacks to the night of her rape. Erica tries to comfort her and tells her that she’s safe. Bianca doesn’t seem to hear her and keeps seeing Michael everywhere. She shouts at Erica to get away from her. “I won’t drink your lemonade, I won’t dance with you and I won’t let you inside me!” she shouts. Erica starts to cry and crawls towards her daughter. She tells Bianca that no one is coming after her and that she’s home with her mother. Suddenly, Bianca picks up a fireplace poker and points it towards Erica. Erica begs Bianca to put it down and to look closely at her. She pleads with her daughter to focus on her and to realize that it’s just mommy. Bianca starts to cry and drops the poker. Erica rushes to her and hugs her tightly. “You’re not alone, honey. We’re going to get through this,” she says.

Kendall tells Michael that he’s a sick man. She threatens Michael to tell her what he did to her sister. Michael laughs and asks her why she keeps coming back to him when she knows what he’s capable of. Kendall gets furious and comes closer to Michael. Michael laughs and asks her what she’s going to do. He leans in closer and tells Kendall that she could have had it all, but she chose door #2. Kendall steps back and tells Michael he’s pathetic. Michael laughs and tells Kendall she’s the one who’s pathetic. He asks Kendall when she’s going to realize that her mother doesn’t give a damn about her. Kendall shakes her head and tells Michael his mind games aren’t going to work. Michael warns Kendall that she’s hasn’t seen anything yet. He tells Kendall that Alexander will soon be out of the way, and then he’ll be the new head of Cambias Industries. He warns Kendall that he’s going to ruin Pine Valley.

Ryan pleads with Alexander to take it easy. He tells Alexander that he’ll have all the time in the world to plot his revenge afterwards. Alexander shakes his head and says his time is running out. Ryan picks up the phone and tells Alexander to talk to his son himself. Alexander angrily says that he never wants to talk to Michael again.

Jackson starts chowing down and encourages Greenlee to eat something too. Greenlee shakes her head and says she’s lost her appetite. She watches Jackson slurp his soup and shakes her head in disappointment when she sees soup running down his cheek. She picks up a napkin and wipes her father’s mouth. Jackson smiles and thanks her. Greenlee quickly withdraws her hand and asks Jackson what happened with Erica. Jackson tells her that he’ll deal with that when he gets back. Greenlee asks how the other drama queen in his life is doing. Jackson laughs and says he and Mary got into an argument. Greenlee shrugs and says her mother probably went running to her diary to write it all down. Jackson laughs and says he wouldn’t be surprised. Greenlee feels more at ease and finally takes a bit out of her sandwich. Jackson looks at Greenlee lovingly and asks her if she remembers how they were drinking together at SOS. Greenlee smiles and says she does. Jackson nods and tells her that he’s always been impressed by her. He says he’s so happy to find out that she’s actually his daughter.

Simone comes back into the office with a bottle of champagne. She tells Mia she can’t wait to celebrate their new victory. Mia doesn’t look very happy and says she wants to know who their mysterious benefactor is. Simone smiles and says she’s 99% sure it’s Liza. Mia looks shocked and asks Simone how Liza found out about their IRS problem. Simone tells her that when they got the letter from the IRS, she left a desperate message for Liza. She excitedly tells Mia that her sister came through for them. Mia looks skeptical and says she’ll call Liza in the morning to make sure the money is from her. She warns Simone to not touch the money till they’re sure where it came from. Simone tells Mia that it’s too late and that she already wired the money to the IRS. Mia can’t believe it and yells at Simone for being so irresponsible. Simone defends herself and says she’s certain that Liza was the one who sent them the money. She calms Mia down and tells her that all their problems are solved.

Michael leans in towards Kendall and smugly tells her that she’ll come back for more soon enough. He tells Kendall that even her own mother and sister couldn’t resist his charms. Kendall gets furious and spits in Michael’s face. Michael grabs Kendall’s arm in anger and twists her around.

In her state of shock, Bianca whispers that she’s going to be stronger this time. She says that when he comes back again, she won’t let him pin her down. She says she’ll never let him come near her again. Erica continues crying and takes Bianca into her arms.

Greenlee gets up and tries to walk her pain off. She tells Jackson that the storm has almost passed and that they can part ways soon. Jackson asks Greenlee if she really wants to get rid of him. Greenlee shrugs and says there’s no reason for them to stick around anymore. Jackson tells Greenlee that if they end up parting ways, she can call him anytime she wants. He says he’s just a phone call away. Greenlee smiles and says she knows that. Jackson smiles back and says he has one more request. Greenlee looks confused and asks him what he wants. “Finish your sandwich,” he says firmly. Greenlee laughs and sits back down.

Juan gets off the phone and tells Carlos that he’s arranged for a private jet for them. Carlos shakes his head and says he’s not leaving the U.S. He tells Juan that he’ll just have to leave alone. Juan furiously comes towards Carlos and shoves him. “I am not leaving without my brother!” he yells. Carlos sighs and hugs his brother lovingly.

Alexander asks Ryan if he’ll agree to help him out. Ryan shakes his head and says he’ll have to know more about Michael first. He asks Alexander if Michael has a wife or a girlfriend who can talk sense into him. Alexander says Michael is incapable of having a real relationship with anyone and is completely alone in the world. He says that any woman Michael gets close to ends up spitting on him.

Michael tells Kendall that he’s had enough of her. He drags her across the room and then throws her out. Kendall stands out in the rain and starts shouting at Michael from outside. She tells Michael that he’s sick. “Admit it Michael, you raped my sister!” she yells.

Erica holds Bianca tightly and asks her who hurt her. Bianca gathers up all her strength and finally whispers that it was Michael. Erica tries to stay calm and asks Bianca if Michael raped her. Bianca looks into her mother’s eyes and tries to figure how to tell her. She finally just nods and starts to cry. Erica takes Bianca back into her arms and tells her it’s going to be all right.

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