AMC Update Monday 8/11/03

All My Children Update Monday 8/11/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Edmund and Maria enter their bedroom, and Edmund has created a romantic candlelight setting. He says he wants to celebrate the miracle of them being together. They kiss and fall onto the bed but are interrupted by Maddie, who is scared by the noise of the coming storm. Edmund tries to calm her down and have her return to her room but she is persistent and Maria tells her she can stay there. She excitedly retrieves a game, Gingerbread House, and they start playing. Soon Sammy hears the commotion and joins in the fun. He and Maddie excitedly jump on the bed and have a pillow fight as Maria and Edmund watch lovingly. Edmund gets some chocolate sundaes and tells Maria that there is nothing better than this.

At the beach outside an Atlantic City hotel, Greenlee is standing on some rocks barefoot and angrily looks skyward. She dares "just try and hurt me" and declares that she can't be hurt any more. She trips and her foot gets caught between rocks.

Meanwhile, Jack is at Juan Pablo's hotel room looking for Greenlee. He tells Juan Pablo that he's not leaving until he finds his daughter. He sees the red dress that Greenlee was wearing and asks for an explanation. Juan Pablo says he doesn't owe him one, but he explains how he found Greenlee despondent in her car and he took her here. He says she is calmer now but she's not ready to see Jack. Jack agrees to leave but asks Juan Pablo to tell Greenlee he was here.

At the beach, Greenlee sarcastically comments that if Jack is her father, he should come to rescue here. She calls out for "daddy." Suddenly she sees Jack, who says "here I am." She sees a vision of Jack interacting with her as a little girl. They're sharing tender father-daughter moments at the beach. Soon the vision is gone and Greenlee struggles to free herself. Soon Jack is there for real. He tells her he saw someone in distress at the beach and came to investigate. Greenlee tells him she doesn't need his help and orders him to stay away. Jack tells her to lose the outrage. He is going to move the rock whether she likes it or not. He takes a stick and moves the rock, enabling her to free herself. She is in pain and limping. She resists his help, saying she can take care of herself. Jack says this tough girl routine is not working. Greenlee tells him he's nothing to her. He says he's her father and she's not going to get rid of her. She falls and he picks her up. There is loud thunder and Greenlee screams and puts her arms around him.

Erica, anxious to find Bianca, calls Boyd to help locate her. Boyd tells her Bianca probably wants to be left alone for awhile. Is there something wrong? Erica says she hopes Bianca is not shutting down. She wants Bianca to come to her with anything and is afraid she's not doing that. Boyd tells her he'll look for her. He leaves and someone knocks at the door. Hoping it's Bianca, Erica rushes to the door only to find Mary. Mary tells her that they need to reconcile Jack and Greenlee. Erica is not happy to see Mary and tries to slam the door in her face. Mary stops her from doing so and asks if Erica and Jack have rescheduled their wedding. Erica tells her it will be rescheduled and is frustrated that Mary is even there. Mary tells her that she has to find Greenlee. Erica says that at least with Jack, Greenlee will have one decent parent. Mary says at least she doesn't have an anorexic lesbian and a tramp for daughters. Erica slams the door in her face.

Ryan stares at the ringing phone while Kendall is anxiously waiting on the other end for someone to pick up the line. Ryan walks to the phone but doesn't answer in time and the call is transferred to the front desk. Kendall asks if this is a hotel and asks if Ryan Lavery staying there. She is told there is no one there by that name. She hangs up, looking somewhat disappointed. Aidan approaches, and Kendall asks if he has ever thought about someone so much that you can hear their voice. As Maria comes to his mind, Aidan says that happens every day. Kendall figures he is thinking about Maria and says she thought he was past that. He says he occasionally has relapses. Kendall wonders if people can get past the past. Aidan asks why she is bringing this up. She starts to tell him something but stops, saying the past is buried. She asks him for a raincheck on the drink, deciding she must go see Erica because storms scare her.

Erica calls Bianca and leaves a message asking if she's coming home. She remembers David's words to her about Bianca and is very concerned. She is startled when Kendall approaches her from behind. Kendall tells Erica she seems so preoccupied. Erica says she's fine. She was just thinking about Bianca. Kendall says she's sure Bianca is fine. She knows how to come in from the rain. Kendall offers to make Erica some tea but Erica says she doesn't want any. Kendall says it's clear Erica doesn't want to talk to her so she'll leave. Erica tells her not to go and asks her more about how she found Bianca in the park the night of the last storm. Erica wants to know how Bianca was acting that night. Kendall repeats how she found Bianca with the match near the trash can and later found her blouse burned up. Erica asks Kendall why she didn't persist with Bianca to find out what was wrong. Kendall asks what the big deal is. Erica asks her why she let this whole thing go. "What kind of a sister are you? Don't you care about Bianca at all?" Kendall asks why Erica is getting angry with her. Of course she cares about Bianca. Erica tells Kendall that Bianca really needs them now. Kendall brings up Michael and mentions that Michael had spoken about Bianca. Erica wants to know what Michael said. Kendall says Michael told her that Bianca was sweeter than her. Kendall asks what she thinks Michael did. By the look on Erica's face, Kendall guesses what she is thinking. "No, no," Kendall says. She can't mean Michael did to Bianca what he tried to do to them. Erica tells Kendall what David said to her. Kendall says maybe Erica is letting her imagination get the best of her. Erica says Bianca hasn't been the same since that last storm. Bianca walks in the door and mentions that Boyd told her that Erica wanted to see her. Erica and Kendall stare at her.

Ryan goes to the hospital to see Alex Cambias. A nurse tells him that they don't know yet whether he will survive. Ryan goes into Alex's room and Alex immediately asks him if he has contacted Michael. Ryan says Michael was sorry to hear the news. Alex surmises that Michael isn't coming to see him and Ryan tells him that is the case. Alex tells Ryan that he is going to help him make sure Michael pays. Ryan says he needs to hit the road. Alex tells Ryan he doesn't want him to leave, not before ... he stops before finishing his comment.

Juan Pablo is still in his hotel room when there is a knock on the door. He opens it and finds Carlos.

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