AMC Update Friday 8/8/03

All My Children Update Friday 8/8/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is at home when Tad knocks on the door. It is Tad and Jack starts quizzing him about Greenlee's location. Tad admits that Greenlee hasn't been found. She may be with Juan Pablo, in which case she could be anywhere, Tad admits. Jack is angry that Greenlee hasn't been found, but calms down when Tad promises he will find her in time. Jack says Greenlee was in such pain and he may be the only person who can help her.

Greenlee, dressed in a sequined gold dress, marches into her Atlantic City hotel room with Juan Pablo. She is carrying a bucketful of chips and is gleeful with her winnings at the casino. She thanks Juan Pablo for buying her the dress but says she could have bought it herself. Juan Pablo says he didn't want her credit card to give away her location. Greenlee says no one will find her because he's going to kidnap her.

Michael, who has just been rammed with a suitcase rack, demands that the police officer watching him arrest Simone for assault. Simone claims that this was an accident. She asks Mia to defend her, but Mia says only that it appeared to be a deliberate act by Simone. Simone is appalled that her friend would turn on her like this. Michael asks why Mia is selling out her friend. The officer notices that Michael isn't injured and says this is not worthy of an arrest. He tells Simone to stay away from Michael. Michael says he'll file his own complaint. As he walks away Mia chases him, telling him that she has thought about his offer to help Fusion. She wants him to have a drink with her so they can talk about it. Michael asks what she and Simone are trying to pull. Why are they trying to keep him here? He tells them the deal is off and he walks out.

Ryan, on the phone with Kendall, asks again who is on the line. She hangs up without saying anything. Ryan tells himself that no, it can't be who he's thinking. Aidan looks at the caller ID and sees that the call came from Nevada. He gets Kendall to try to lift the safe but the phone rings again. She notices that it is Mia and Aidan takes the phone from her and answers. Mia tells Aidan that Michael is on his way home. Aidan and Kendall leave without the safe. Once outside, Kendall says she forgot something. She checks the number on the caller ID and writes it down. Once outside, Aidan notices that Michael is approaching. He grabs Kendall and pulls her into a kiss. Michael tells them to get a room and get away from his door. He walks inside and the phone rings again and Ryan is calling. Michael almost hangs up until Ryan says he has bad news. His father had a heart attack and is hospitalized in Las Vegas. "So the old man finally needs me," Michael says, asking Ryan where his father was when he needed him. Ryan says he's just the messenger and doesn't want to get involved in a family squabble. Ryan says he's not sure how long his father will live and asks Michael if there's anything he wants to tell him before he gets there. Michael says he's not going anywhere and leaves a message for his father the rest in peace.

Simone, still angry with Mia, says she's done working with her to try to win the contest. Now it's every girl for herself. She's going to win the bet with or without Mia's help. She walks out.

Marian and Stuart are at the gallery telling Carlos about the wedding fiasco. Marian goes on about Greenlee's antics at the wedding and Carlos is feeling bad for Greenlee, saying she must be coming apart. Stuart asks Marian for a moment alone with Carlos. After she excuses herself, Carlos asks him how Greenlee's mother could do this to her. He says he can't stand lies or liars. He says he should have been there for her. Stuart notes that Carlos still cares about Greenlee and Carlos admits he still cares a lot. Greenlee was able to trust him. Now she has no one. Stuart tells him that he has a big heart and Greenlee knows she can come to him. "That's what I'm hoping," says Mary, who has just walked in. Stuart leaves and Carlos tells Mary he has nothing to say to her. Mary says she regrets everything she's done but right now she needs to find Greenlee and she wants Carlos to help. Carlos tells her he wouldn't tell her where Greenlee was if he knew. Mary says she'll give him exactly what he wants. When he asks what that might be she says it's Greenlee. Carlos tells her he can't be bought and she should leave. Mary says he just blew an opportunity with Greenlee. Carlos tells Mary to let Greenlee go before she poisons what's left of her life. Adam, who has now entered the gallery, starts laughing.

Juan Pablo questions Greenlee's comment about him kidnapping her. Greenlee says she'll make it easy. He can just whisk her away to Argentina. Juan Pablo says it's not that easy. Greenlee persists, saying she doesn't want to go home now, and maybe not ever. Juan Pablo admits he is tempted but Greenlee sees that he won't go along with her plan. She asks if he has another reason to stick around here. She surmises that he too is lying to her.

Tad and Jack are now drinking a beer and Tad proposes a toast to Jack having a daughter. Jack laments about all the times Roger was with Greenlee when it should have been him. Roger didn't care about her and Greenlee deserved better. Tad tells Jack that they both got cheated, but now he can make it up to her. Jack tells him Greenlee made it clear that she's not interested in a relationship with him and doesn't view him as a father. Tad advises him to show up over and over again and that will change. Jack says he doesn't have a lot of hope. Just then Tad gets a call and learns that Juan Pablo is at an Atlantic City hotel. Jack wants to go there and asks Tad for the name of the hotel. Tad is reluctant to give it to him but relents. Jack is on his way.

Juan Pablo tells Greenlee that sometimes lying can be necessary. Greenlee asks him why everyone in her life has lied to her. Maybe she's just not worth telling the truth to, she says. She wants the truth just once. Is that asking too much? Juan Pablo says it's not, and he will tell her why he came to Pine Valley. He says he is interested in investing in Fusion but there is another reason he's in Pine Valley. It's because of his family. Greenlee tells him to stop. She doesn't want to hear another confession and his family doesn't involve her. She leaves, saying she wants to go for a walk. The sound of thunder indicates a storm is coming, but Greenlee isn't concerned about it.

Mary asks Adam if she can help him. He says seeing her being put in her place by Erica and now by a maintenance man is funny to him. He tells her she has the town buzzing with the news about Greenlee. Mary accuses him of poking fun at a private matter. Adam tells her he knows exactly what she's going through. She softens, saying it's been so hard to keep this secret all these years. So, Adam says, she sees herself as a victim in all this. Mary says that is true. Adam tells her she is self-centered, but he finds that alluring. He gives her his business card and tells her to call him if she needs anything. As he walks out, Simone walks in, nearly running into Mary. She tells her that she didn't sleep with Greenlee's father after all. "That doesn't make you any less of a whore," Mary tells her before walking out. Simone says to herself she hates Mary, then calls for Carlos. She tells him about the bet and asks if he'll fake being in love with her so she can win the contest. Carlos says that would be cheating but Simone says it's just strategy. Carlos won't go along with this, saying he can't do that to Greenlee. Carlos asks Simone about the new guy she was trying to find. Simone says he was just interested in the company. She tells Carlos the man's full name and something strikes a chord in his head.

At the Valley Inn, Aidan and Kendall tell Mia that they didn't get the money. Mia stews about a possible lawsuit if they find the sexist man but have no company for him to represent. Aidan notices Kendall is distracted and asks her if she's still thinking about that phone call. Kendall, partly talking to herself, says there was something about that voice. But there's no way it could be him. Aidan asks if he can buy Kendall a drink. She agrees but says she needs to make a quick call. She recalls the voice she heard and says "there's now way it's him." She dials the number and the phone rings in Ryan's room. He turns and looks at the phone.

Ryan tells Michael that his father is dying and why is he being so cold. He asks again if there's anything Michael wants him to tell his father. Michael tells Ryan that his father claimed he was dead to him. He hopes his version of hell is better than the hell he's left him in here. Michael hangs up.

Jack knocks on Juan Pablo's door and asks "where's my daughter." Juan Pablo says if he's talking about Greenlee, she's not here. Jack doesn't believe him and enters the room to look around. Greenlee is walking around outside as it begins to storm. She climbs on a rock and looks upward, shouting that she doesn't need anyone anymore.

Michael is at his computer making a wire transfer to Fusion. "They aren't going to know what hit them," he says.

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