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All My Children Update Thursday 8/7/03

By Shahla
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Simone, Kendall and Mia ask Michael why he thinks he can help them. Michael smugly asks them if they are capable of coming up with $500,000. Kendall realizes that Michael was the one who reported Fusion to the IRS and demands to know why he did it. When Michael just laughs, Mia tries to grab him. Simone holds Mia back and tells Michael to get out. Kendall picks up the phone and starts to dial. Michael tells her that calling the police won’t help. Kendall smiles and says she’s not calling the police – she’s calling his father.

Alexander is in a hotel room with the man who gave him a ride from the desert. He tells the man that he will pay him handsomely for all his help. When he hands the man a check, the man rips it up and says he wants cash. Alexander looks confused and asks the man if he knows who he is. The man shrugs and says he doesn’t care who he is.

Maggie is in her dorm room, cleaning up. When there’s a knock, she rushes to open the door. She’s surprised to see Lena and asks her what she’s doing at her place. Lena desperately asks Maggie if she knows what’s going on with Bianca.

Meanwhile, Bianca is still at Erica’s penthouse. Someone knocks and she goes to answer the door. It’s Anna. Anna asks Bianca if she could help her out with a case. Bianca makes a face and tells her that she doesn’t know anything about police business. Anna tells her that she just needs some advice. She says she knows a young woman who was recently assaulted, but is too afraid to press charges. Bianca realizes that Anna is talking about her. She shrugs and says that she doesn’t think she can help.

Erica barges into Jackson’s apartment and demands to know what Mary is doing there. When the two women start arguing, Jackson steps in between and firmly tells Mary to leave. After Mary leaves, Erica tells Jackson that she came over to talk about Bianca, not their postponed wedding. Jackson asks her why she’s so worried about Bianca. Erica desperately tells him that she has a hunch that there’s something wrong with Bianca. Jackson smiles and asks Erica if she’s using Bianca to get closer to him.

Maggie tells Lena that Bianca doesn’t need her help. Lena insists that Bianca shut her out completely for no reason. Maggie rolls her eyes and tells her that sleeping with Michael Cambias and plotting against Enchantment is reason enough. Lena insists that Bianca had already forgiven her for all those things. Maggie shakes her head and says Bianca needs someone that she can trust. She tells Lena that she’s not right for Bianca, and that perhaps Bianca doesn’t even love her anymore.

Anna continues fishing for clues. She tells Bianca that the woman who was assaulted is just not ready to talk. She asks Bianca what she would do in such a case. Bianca hesitates but then says that she would definitely report the crime to the police. Anna nods in agreement and tells Bianca that she’s being very mature. Bianca shrugs and says she has a whole lot of things to do. Anna says she understands and thanks Bianca for all her help. After Anna leaves, Bianca wonders how Anna found out about the rape.

Michael chases after Kendall and tries to get the phone away from her. The girls start screaming and Kendall tries to run him out. Just then, Aidan shows up and shoves Michael towards the elevator. Michael warns that he’s not done yet. After Michael leaves, Kendall tells Aidan about their IRS problems. Aidan looks worried and asks the girls how they’re going to come up with so much money. Kendall gets an idea and smiles. She says she’s going to get the money from the same trashy rich guy that just walked out. Simone and Mia look confused. Before they can even protest, Kendall grabs Aidan and leads him into the elevator. Aidan asks her where they’re going. Kendall smiles and tells him they’re not going anywhere, but he is. She pushes the elevator button and thanks Aidan for his services. After she gets rid of Aidan, Kendall rushes back to the girls and tells them she has a brilliant plan. She explains to the girls that Michael has a safe full of cash in his apartment. Mia asks her if she just happens to know the safe combination. Kendall smiles and takes out a piece of paper from her purse. She says that when she and Michael were together, she used to pay attention and was able to learn the safe code. The girls jump up with excitement and ask Kendall how they’re going to pull off such a stunt. Kendall tells them that they should go keep Michael busy while she goes to his apartment. Mia hesitates but Kendall tells her that they should call the apartment if they think Michael is going to go home. The girls agree to the plan and rush out.

Alexander hands the stranger his business card. He tells him that his name goes a long way in the business world. The man is not impressed and says that it still doesn’t prove that his check won’t bounce. Alexander picks up the phone and calls his accountant. He then passes the phone to the man and lets him speak to the accountant. The man finally agrees and says he’ll accept a check. Alexander laughs and goes back to his check book. Suddenly, he starts to feel dizzy and he grabs his chest. The man gets startled and rushes towards Alexander just as he falls to the ground.

Erica can’t believe what she’s hearing. She tells Jackson that if he can’t tell the difference between her and Mary, there’s no reason for them to get married. Jackson shakes his head and says he’s just tired because he’s had a rough night. He tells Erica that Greenlee doesn’t have anyone else in the world to turn to. Erica looks really furious. She tells Jackson that he can go back to caring for his new found daughter and just forget about Bianca. Jackson tries to reason with Erica, but she’s in no mood for excuses. Erica rushes out and Jackson curses his luck.

Maggie tells Lena that she shouldn’t be going around Bianca’s back, trying to get information on her. Lena insists that she’s just trying to understand what is making Bianca push her away. Maggie opens the door and tells Lena that she should leave. She says that even if she did know something, she wouldn’t betray Bianca’s trust. Just then, Bianca comes in and asks Lena what she’s doing. Lena’s eyes light up and she tells Bianca that she just wanted to make sure she was all right. Bianca looks furious and tells Lena that if she wants to know something about her, she should ask her, not her girlfriend Maggie. Lena looks confused and asks Bianca if Maggie really is her girlfriend. Bianca nods and says she’s moved on. Lena laughs and says she doesn’t believe it for a second. She tells Bianca that she’ll have to try a lot harder to get rid of her. Bianca just rolls her eyes. Lena’s eyes well up and she quickly rushes out. After Lena leaves, Maggie tells Bianca that she shouldn’t play games with Lena. Bianca accuses Maggie of being the one who’s playing games. Maggie says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Bianca asks Maggie why she told Anna and David about the rape. Maggie looks confused and promises she didn’t say anything to anyone. She says Anna and David are very smart and that they must have just put two and two together. Bianca finally calms down and apologizes to Maggie for jumping to conclusions.

The man kneels over Alexander and tells him to hang on. Alexander manages to tell the man to get his son’s number from the diary and then passes out. The man rushes to the phone and calls the paramedics.

Michael bumps into Adam at the Valley Inn lobby. Adam tells Michael that someone has been buying out Chandler stocks. He asks Michael to tell him who the mole in his company is. Michael realizes this could be his chance to get out. He offers to tell Adam who the mole is if he helps him get out of Pine Valley. Adam laughs and says he’s not going to help him jump bail. He points over to a man standing in the corner and tells Michael that he has a cop shadowing him 24 hours a day. Michael laughs and says he’s used to more security than that.

Kendall gets to Michael’s door and takes out the key he had given her. She quietly starts turning the lock, but just then someone puts a hand on her. Kendall gets startled and she whips around quickly. Fortunately, it’s just Aidan. Aidan smiles and says he would like to be her partner in crime again. Kendall sighs and thanks him for coming. The two quickly sneak inside.

Erica stands in her living room and looks up to the sky. She prays to her mother for help. Just then, there’s a knock and Erica goes to get the door. It’s Myrtle. Erica firmly tells Myrtle that she’s really busy and doesn’t have time to talk. Myrtle asks Erica what could be so important that she won’t even ask her to come in. Erica sighs and says she’s trying to talk to her mother and ask for help. Myrtle smiles and says she’s the answer to her prayer.

Reggie asks Jackson why he let Erica leave so easily. Jackson rolls his eyes and says he doesn’t need advice from a kid. Reggie says he’s not going to wait around and watch his friend crash and burn. Jackson sighs and tells Reggie that he really doesn’t need anyone’s help. Reggie looks furious and tells Jackson that he’s being a real jerk.

Myrtle tells Erica that she shouldn’t worry about Jackson. She says that Jackson is still in shock and that he will soon come around. Erica shakes her head and says she’s worried about Bianca, not Jackson. She says she should have seen all the signs, but now it’s too late. Myrtle looks confused and asks Erica what’s going on. Erica finally tells Myrtle that she thinks Bianca was raped by Michael Cambias.

Adam warns Michael to not double-cross him and says he’s going to be keeping an eye on him. Michael rolls his eyes and says he’s not afraid. After Adam leaves, Michael walks over to the phone. Simone and Mia keep an eye on him from behind the lobby doors. Simone panics and says they have to keep Michael busy.

Erica cries and tells Myrtle that she thinks her daughter is in a lot of trouble. Myrtle asks Erica if she talked to Bianca. Erica nods but says Bianca didn’t say anything to her. Myrtle hugs Erica and tells her she knows this must be really hard. Erica says she’s not strong enough to help her daughter face rape. Myrtle firmly tells Erica that she’s a lot stronger than she thinks. She encourages Erica to find out the facts and then confront Bianca. Erica takes a deep breath and realizes she has to be her daughter’s strength.

Maggie asks Bianca what Anna said to her. Bianca tells her that Anna was pretending to talk about some assault case. She says her mother tried to talk to her as well. Maggie looks shocked and asks Bianca if she told her mother anything. Bianca yells that she would never tell her mother what happened to her. She insists that her mother has had her share of worries. Maggie shakes her head and urges Bianca to confide in her mother.

Simone grabs Mia and tells her to go stall Michael. Mia finally gets the nerve and rushes towards him. She smiles brightly as she approaches Michael and tells him she needs to talk business with him. Michael scoffs and tells Mia that he’s not going to fall for her trap again.

Kendall punches in the combination, but the safe won’t open. She looks disappointed and tells Aidan that Michael must have changed the code. She hands Aidan the numbers and tells him she’s going to try to figure something else out. She soon comes back with a trolley and tells Aidan they can haul the safe out. Aidan agrees and says they can replace the safe with a dummy, and that way they’ll be able to spend more time trying to open the safe.

The paramedics wheel Alexander out of the hotel room. The man who was helping him thanks the doctors and tells them he’s going to call Alexander’s son. He dials the number and waits for someone to answer. When the phone rings at Michael’s place, Kendall gets alarmed. Aidan warns Kendall to not answer but she says it could be Simone or Mia. She rushes to get the phone. On the other end, the man asks to talk to Michael Cambias. Kendall wonders where she’s heard that voice before. She asks the man who he is. It’s RYAN!!

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