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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/6/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Erica lies asleep on her couch, still wearing her wedding gown. She dreams that she’s walking down the aisle towards Jackson. Suddenly, Jackson turns into Michael! Michael extends his hand to Erica and firmly tells her to not keep him waiting. “I’ve had both your daughters, and now I’m going to have you!” he says. Suddenly, Erica wakes up screaming. Bianca comes running to her side and tells her it’s all right.

Greenlee wakes up on the couch in the hotel room and realizes Juan is sitting next to her. Juan smiles and tells her that he ordered a grand breakfast for them. Greenlee doesn’t know what to say. She asks Juan why he’s acting so nice even though she acted like a jerk the night before. Juan tells her to not be ashamed of the way she acted. Greenlee smiles and tells him he’s being too nice. She asks him what he wants in return.

Simone had fallen asleep on her desk at Fusion. Mia and Kendall walk in and ask Simone why she spent all night in the office. Simone tells them that she was hoping Greenlee would show up at some point. She asks the girls if they had any luck finding Greenlee. Kendall says she didn’t even try looking because she knows Greenlee is probably with Juan Pablo. Simone and Mia look confused and ask Kendall why she’s taking things so lightly. When Kendall just shrugs, Simone asks her if she knew about Greenlee being Jackson’s daughter.

Bianca tells her mother that she was screaming in her sleep. Erica smiles and says sleeping on the couch can never be good for the nerves. She then asks Bianca when she came home. Bianca tells her she came in really late and didn’t want to wake anyone. Erica hugs Bianca and tells her she’s glad she’s safe. She then takes a long, hard look at her daughter. “Mom, why are you looking at me like that?” Bianca asks. Erica smiles and asks Bianca if she remembers how she used to have nightmares when she was a young girl. Bianca says she remembers that her mother would always make every thing all right. Erica nods and tells Bianca that she can still drive monsters away. She then asks Bianca what kind of nightmares she’s been having. Bianca looks defensive and tells her mother that she was the one who just woke up screaming. She tries to change the subject and asks Erica what happened with Jackson. Erica shrugs and says that Jackson discovered that Greenlee really is his daughter. She says she shouldn’t have lied to Jackson and she isn’t surprised that Jackson is angry at her. Bianca looks confused and tells her mother to stop making excuses.

At Jackson’s apartment, Reggie asks Jackson what happened with Erica and if Mary succeeded in breaking them up. Jackson firmly tells Reggie to stop blaming Mary. He says that Greenlee really is his daughter and that he has some responsibility towards her. Reggie can’t believe what he’s hearing. He reminds Jackson that Greenlee being his daughter has nothing to do with his marriage to Erica. Jackson says he realizes that but things have gotten really complicated now. He shakes his head and says he has looked in Greenlee’s eyes many times, but never realized she was his own blood. Reggie sits down next to Jackson and tells him that they’ll be able to make up for lost time. He tells Jackson that he’ll move out and Greenlee will be able to have his room. Jackson smiles and asks Reggie where he thinks he’s going.

Greenlee asks Juan why he was leading all her friends on. Juan smiles and says that the girls just misunderstood him. He explains that he’s already apologized to Mia and Simone. Greenlee looks skeptical and asks him why he came to Pine Valley. Juan tells her that he came into town to make a business deal with Fusion. Greenlee laughs and asks him how he even heard of little old Fusion. Juan tells her he saw the commercial – the one with Carlos in it. Juan asks Greenlee if Carlos was the one who dumped her. Greenlee shrugs and says that things just didn’t work out. She then asks Juan if he’s still interested in business. Juan nods and says he’s interested in other things as well. He asks Greenlee if she wants to know who he really is.

Kendall tries to change the subject but Mia and Simone keep pressing. Simone firmly asks Kendall if she knew Jackson was Greenlee’s father before Greenlee did. Kendall sighs and finally admits that she knew the truth. Simone and Mia shake their heads in disappointment. They tell Kendall that she has no loyalty. Kendall looks hurt and says she was just trying to be loyal to her mother. Just then, a delivery man comes in and says he has an envelope for Greenlee. Kendall accepts the delivery and takes a look at the envelope. She smiles and tells Mia and Simone that they shouldn’t be so sympathetic towards Greenlee anymore.

Juan tells Greenlee that he really is not a successful businessman. He says he’s a playboy who loves to have fun. Greenlee asks Juan how he makes a living. Juan shrugs and says he finds ways to make enough for his extravagant lifestyle. Greenlee smiles mischievously and tells Juan that she has a soft spot for bad boys. She dares Juan to unleash the playboy within him.

Jackson tells Reggie that he won’t give up his son for a daughter. Reggie says he just doesn’t want to get in the way. Jackson tells Reggie that he’s not in the way and that they’ll just make room for one more in the house. There’s a knock on the door just then and Reggie suggests that it could be Erica. Jackson shakes his head and says he hopes that it’s Greenlee. To their disappointment, it’s Mary.

Bianca firmly tells her mother to stop blaming herself. She tells Erica that she did nothing wrong by trying to preserve her love. Erica tells Bianca to calm down and to realize that sometimes life is unfair. She says that sometimes terrible things happen to good people. “No! Not to you…not again!” Bianca shouts. Erica looks confused and asks Bianca what she’s talking about. Bianca realizes that she’s overreacting, so she says she’s just talking about the wedding. Erica shakes her head and says she knows there’s something more going on. She tells Bianca that David came over and mentioned something about Michael Cambias. Bianca’s eyes start to well up and she says that she’s just scared of Michael because he attacked her mother and sister. Erica gently asks Bianca if Michael attacked her too. Bianca turns around and asks Erica where she got that ridiculous idea. Erica asks Bianca again if Michael harmed her. Bianca shakes her head and says that Michael is repulsive enough to scare anyone. She says she wishes people would just stop fussing over her. Erica explains that David meant well, but Bianca snaps and says David just needs to get over Leora’s death. She begs her mother to stop wasting her time and energy on her when she should be concentrating on her wedding. Someone knocks on the door and Bianca excitedly suggests that it could be Jackson. Erica quickly opens the door, but it’s just Opal. Bianca greets Opal warmly and tells her that she’s going to go get them all some coffee. After Bianca leaves the room, Erica quickly tells Opal that she needs to spend some alone time with Bianca. Opal gets confused and asks Erica what’s going on.

Reggie rolls his eyes and leaves the room. Mary asks Jackson if she can come in. Jackson sighs heavily and asks Mary if she came over for a victory dance. Mary looks confused and tells Jackson that she’s just been worried sick for him. Jackson laughs and accuses Mary of not caring about anyone but herself. He asks her if she cares that Greenlee has been missing all night. Mary defends herself and says she’s been trying to track down her daughter as well. Jackson gets furious and asks Mary what she was thinking when she kept him away from Greenlee for so many years. Mary shouts back and says things were really crazy when they were young. She begs Jackson to forget the past and to embrace the truth.

Mia reads through the delivered letter quickly. She shakes her head in disbelief and asks how Fusion could possibly owe $500,000 in taxes. Kendall sarcastically says that Greenlee probably just forgot to pay the IRS because she was too busy chasing her mystery guy. Mia wonders what they’re going to do. Simone looks at Mia suggestively, but Mia screams NO! She says she’s not going to call Liza to ask for financial help. Simone begs Mia to consider it but Mia tells her that Liza already left for her vacation. Kendall interrupts both of them and says that since Greenlee got them in the mess, she’ll have to get them out as well.

Greenlee asks Juan if she can be the new object of his desire. Juan gently tells her that he would rather just be her friends. Greenlee shakes her head and says that she’s not in the market for another friend. She sighs and gets up to leave. Juan asks Greenlee why she’s in such a rush to get back to Pine Valley. He reminds her that she has nothing there waiting for her.

Mary tells Jackson that they both have to help their daughter accept reality. Jackson laughs and asks Mary what she’s looking to get in return. Mary says she just wants to make sure her daughter and the father of her child are happy. She begs Jackson to work with her to make sure Greenlee is all right.

Erica opens the door and tells Opal she’ll tell her everything another time. Opal reluctantly leaves and Erica goes back towards the living room. Bianca comes in with coffee and asks Erica where Opal went. Erica tells her that Opal had to run, but they still have time for a nice mother-daughter breakfast. Bianca tells Erica that she has to run too because she’s looking at apartments all day. Erica holds Bianca’s hand and asks her if there’s anything she wants to talk about. Bianca takes a deep breath and insists that there’s nothing wrong. She promises her mother that they’ll get together soon and then leaves to get ready.

Juan apologizes to Greenlee for being so cruel. He says he means well and that he just wants to help a friend. He begs Greenlee to not go back to the people who have hurt her so much. Greenlee takes a deep breath and then finally shuts the door. She asks Juan if they can have their breakfast now. Juan leans in and whispers that they can do whatever she wants.

Simone, Mia and Kendall start calling around for Greenlee. Kendall worries that their company will sink because of Greenlee’s mistakes. She accuses Greenlee of taking off and leaving her friends to fight the government on their own. Mia tells her to stop pointing fingers and to figure out how they’re going to come up with so much money. Just then, Michael calls out for the girls from the front door. He smugly tells them that he can help them if they want.

Bianca comes back to the living room, all dressed up. She looks around and calls for her mother. She then sees a note on the couch addressed to her. It’s a letter from Erica telling her that she had to run out for a while. Bianca sits down and looks at the tray of food in front of her. She reluctantly picks up a muffin, but then puts it down quickly. She then clutches her stomach and runs to the bathroom.

Jackson firmly tells Mary that they’re done. He says he’s had it with lies and doesn’t want her in his life. Mary tries to protest but Jackson says he doesn’t want to hear it. When he opens the door to throw Mary out, he sees Erica standing in the hallway.

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